Guest Strip by Ben Shannon: Shipwrecked
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December 6th, 2007

Guest Strip by Ben Shannon: Shipwrecked

i think this is the first time rob’s appeared with lipstick!i think we should keep this ravishing new look for him!this weeks denial of love is brought to you by the talented mister BEN SHANNON (click the name – it’s a link!), a super savvy and talented illustrator whose website you should peruse!  


  1. Matt

    Oh those two scamps! Nice work Ben 🙂 wordless panels work well for these guys – but can we have a linky-dinky to your website? The googles, they do nothing on my box.

  2. Vins


  3. Bassem B.

    Wahahahahat the fuck?!

  4. wayne

    lol they preferred a grisly death to the guys

  5. Ramon

    i have to change the colour on my links, but if you click on ben’s name up above it’ll take you to his site!

  6. Kelly

    Ben’s name takes you to a very cute page that is only a link to his email. Can we get a link to his actual page?

  7. Ramon

    changed up the link.

    i didn’t realize ben’s main site was down, i’ve put in a new link to his gallery site.

  8. dreaming pixels

    the…carnage… O_o
    I love the motion Rob is making in panel three.
    That and the last panel is absolutely PRICELESS.
    good guest stripping here.

  9. Matt

    Ty Ramon, kelly and Ramon again – i shoulda taken the effort and moved my mouse over his name in the first part, but hey, it seems like so much more work to move the mouse up than down. like climbing a mountain. A really big, cold mountain. With Yettis. And they aren’t the pleasant-intive-ya-to-tea yettis. No, they are the surly, let the wookie win type yettis.

    damn yettis.

  10. Matt

    well damn that is some fine work in the gallery section there. good to see he’s gotten some paying gigs too = hope he gets a cover at somepoint – really well done art.

  11. Lee

    I think I could see this happening to me in similar situation… 😉

  12. Jones

    Girls throwing themselves onto man eating sharks to get away from you, or putting lipstick on and being the catcher?

  13. invetro

    I’ve had to read this one like ten times over the past few days and I’m only now just getting what the last panel is all about. Excellent.

  14. David Riches

    Is it me or is it eerie the way that Ramon’s eye is drawn to Rob in that last pannel? Freaks me out a little.

  15. Julien Coquet

    Don’t forget to feed the sharks! 😀

  16. kRISTINA

    This is great! I’m still laughing!

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