Guest Strip by Brian McLachlan: Sellout?
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December 13th, 2007

Guest Strip by Brian McLachlan: Sellout?

this weeks flattering take on my morals come from BRIAN MCLACHLAN, creator of THE PRINCESS PLANET!


  1. Martha Sullivan

    Actually it’s not a comment on your morals. I know that at least one distributor of webcomix has encouraged at least one artist to add a character that would be marketable as a stuffed plushy toy to the lineup (I read this in said artist’s blog on the website). As it turns out, said character fits perfectly in the setup of the strip, and yes, I would buy the toy if it existed.

    Fluttery is quite vivid but not exactly cute. Guess I’ll have to check out The Princess Planet to see what sort of a mind would have concocted him!

  2. Adam

    You know, I was going to say that I was not quite feeling this one. That it was admittedly, just my opinion. I took another look at it and “got” it. So, I am feeling it more the second time around. If that makes any sense.

  3. David Riches

    Fluttery doesn’t have much of an attack or defense. I don’t buy it being a winner. 😉

  4. Old Bogus

    The Flutter would be more impressive if, in addition to fire-breathing, it could fly. Kind of like a fatal version of the thing in Star Wars that trained Luke in fighting blind.

  5. Ryan

    For a sec I thought ATT and DEF stood for ATTention DEFicit, what a hilarious misunderstanding.

  6. Tauhid

    I think BNS has their plush merch bases covered. Cola or this guy would make excellent stuffed dolls.

  7. Kristina

    I would buy a ROB doll!

  8. emerlee

    acornicorn! lmao awesome.

  9. dreaming pixels

    I wonder how difficult it would be to work out a trade mark deal that allows you to sell mahna mahna dolls… …minus the head?

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