Guest Strip By Chris Jones: There's Just No Excuse
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December 27th, 2007

Guest Strip By Chris Jones: There's Just No Excuse

first off a happy holiday to you all that are lounging about and reading the squash during this festive season!

this weeks guest strip comes from able hands and imagination of CHRIS JONES! chris’ work is an inspiration to behold, his work can be seen on his own strip GRUMPS, plus on collaborations such as CAPTAIN EXCELSIOR and WHISKEY SOURS! click on the aforementioned links and enjoy some quality comics!

Whoa not so fast.

Rob here, I just wanted some of you to think about the things that are important to you this Holiday Season.

My friend Brit recently started a little art project called “365 Ways to Love’. Everyday she posts a photograph of something that is special to her that she may have normally taken for granted. She has some great photographs and and excellent sense of whimsy.You can even comment and send your own photos for submission, so click the link and mosey on over to 365WAYSTOLOVE.


  1. ..::beep::..

    Somehow this cartoonists’ style reminds me of MAD mag… Neat strip. Keep ’em comin’ ( I can’t stand instant coffees either, what’s with Maxwell House instant? It smells like rotten peanuts :S ).

  2. kristina

    I went over to the Grumps comic, and one of it’s main characters [Mickey]reminds me of Rob and his love of bacon. Ha, good stuff!

  3. Song

    There Is Just No Excuse. The Wolverines have spoken and 96% of fans and alumni want Carr out. …. Who”s visiting our site?

  4. DhAkael

    There outa be a law!

  5. Padfoot

    The guest artist’s are entertaining, but when are Rob and Ramon coming back? I miss them.

  6. HJ

    I miss the real thing.

  7. Ramon

    greetings all,

    thanks for being patient with the absence of the squash! things have been hectic here, especially with the holidays, but don’t fret, we’ll be back soon! we have a few more guests to help keep you entertained (there’s a doozy of a guest strip coming up in fact, by madman chip zdarsky!) before our return.

    i’ll post the official date of our return on the next weekly update – have a great new years everyone, and we’ll see you all in 2008!!

  8. Grumps Blog » Update on things..

    […] recently did a guest strip over at Butternutsquash -Part 1 of my 2-part guest strip is now up over at Dorkboy Comics. I got to draw two of my favorite […]

  9. Taurin

    Wow. That was awful. Eleven boring panels to get to the punchline of a joke that’s already been done by the BNS crew and a thousand times better.

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