Guest Strip by Chip Zdarsky: Chipsquash
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January 3rd, 2008

Guest Strip by Chip Zdarsky: Chipsquash

this just arrived in my inbox from friend, former studio mate and now enemy chip zdarsky! aw, i can’t hate chip, this had me on the floor howling!this man is pure genius.AND now in chip’s own words…

Chip posts photos here ( and you can keep up with his activites here ( and you can see his National Post advice column as “Steve Murray” here (extremely bad advice), but really, all of that just goes here (chipzdarsky/livejournal), duh. Chip also would like you to check out his uncle Melvin’s blog (uncle melvin’s blog) and friend him on Facebook (

AND as for the return of our regular scheduled programming. there are a handful more guest strips and then, we’re forecasting early february, we shall return. we’d love to return sooner, but there’s real life work that needs to get done… our apologies, but please hold tight as we do have some fun shite planned for 2008!  

Rob here, let it be known that never would a pair of crocs actually find their way to adorn my beloved feet. EVER.


  1. Roscoe

    ……………What the hell just happaned? That was the oddest thing I have ever seen in my life.

    On a side note:
    I’m a subscriber to Anachronistic Male Magazine.

  2. Naomi

    Mel Gibson said it best: Sugar tit.

  3. Cameron Stewart

    Great Butternut strip? Or GREATEST Butternut strip?

  4. Onefalsemove


  5. Bill Angus




    Absolutely hilarious, Chip!

    BTW… where can I get a subsciption to Anachronistic Male Magazine, anyway? That’s the magazine I’ve been looking for my whole life, and never even knew before today…

  6. Effin' Bartlett

    Ummm. I was looking for “Beetle Bailey”.

  7. Kathleen

    LOL! That’s so silly!
    Ramon your so damn sexy. Too bad I don’t drink coffee.

  8. comics212 - never safe for work. » Blog Archive » ButternutSquash Guest Strip

    […] thing that Internet Provocateur Chip Zdarsky loves, it’s an opening. A moist, warm opening. He got his opening today, in a ‘guest strip’. If you’ve read Chipper’s stuff before you might have the barest inkling of what […]

  9. ..::beep::..

    Strange…. oh-so strange. I love it X~)

  10. Huss Flic Flac

    Nice Mac OS X Leopard backgrounds! Oh, the comic was bizarre, in a nice surrealist way…

  11. Fuel

    That was absolutely FANTASTIC!

    Although, I’ve gotta say, the footlong nipple is slightly disturbing. I had to avert my eyes. Where can I get a subscription to Anachronistic Male Magazine?

  12. Jason Marcy

    I love Rob’s pink “Crocs”.

  13. Happy Cow

    tha, wha- jus….buh? wha?
    I can’t even form a coherent sentence now.

  14. Sean

    Dave Sim joke… frickin’ brilliant!

  15. David Riches

    Another short long winded post from moi.
    1) to paraphrase Bill Murray film titles “What about Rob?” the strip works so much better when they interact not intertwine….
    2) LSD makes it so surreal…………. . . . . . . . .
    3) “friend him on Facebook” friend whom Mel or Chip or Rob or Ramon?
    4) Seth, Chris Ware, and Dave Sim all in the same cover and it’s not a Canadian Comic Con must make it extra “Special”.
    That’s it this week how long the countdown to the return of regular control by the regular aliens.

  16. Karl

    Mother of God.

    It’s like I’ve seen the other side. I haven’t felt this way since I first played Katamari Damacy…

  17. Chip Zdarsky

    Hey all! Chip here!
    Thanks for the enthusiastically confused reaction to my guest strip!
    It just felt so good to get to draw Rob in the crocs that he loves to wear so much!

  18. bethany

    Rob – I concur about the crocs, seriously.

  19. Karl Ruben

    Aside from having a kick-ass name, Karl three slots above there is absolutely spot-on. Zdarsky for godhood!

  20. Usivius

    best guest stirp ever.
    Although I am looking forward (lovingly) to the return of Ramon and Rob, I founf this one very good, disturbing, thought-provoking, funny, and most of all, bagoojimah.
    Nice work Chip.

  21. Lee

    Butternut trippyness….

  22. michael cho



  23. koji

    I feel disturbed. That’s awesome. 😀

  24. mikehardez

    This strip is amazing. If this guy doesn’t have his own comic he needs one.

  25. erin

    i actually had tears in my eyes i was so mortified from robs foot long nip and ramons acne.
    but i still liked it
    but loveable

  26. lidja

    crocs are the beauty of the future. fact.

  27. John

    Um, weeeeiiiirrrddd…

    I think I prefer the standard-issue BNS.

  28. Liana K

    You guys rule! Chip rules! Long live Butternut Squash!

    We should get you guys on the show in the tub or something

  29. Chip Zdarsky


    I will get in any hot tub, wearing any type of facial hair, with anyone:

  30. Ramon

    that you will!

    move over and we’ll make it a three-and-a-half-some, in tha’ tub that is.

  31. dcorsetto

    I hid my eyes like a little girl at a horror flick at this guest comic! GROOOOOOOOOOSS, CHIP!!

    Suddenly I don’t feel pressured to make the guys look TOO handsome in my own guest comic. Nice chompers, Ramon!

  32. CaseyBugCreations

    Oh my…
    I think I just shit my pants from laughing.

    Or at least I would have,
    had I been wearing pants.

    I think I just shit my chair from laughing.


  33. Krista

    wow… this one gave me the same feeling i got when i watched the last buffy episode…. I’m gonna go hug my teddy bear now.


    I miss you guy’s.

  34. Vicks

    I must say, I’m very disappointed… I love this comic, but that was the worst piece of shit I have seen on any online comic strip… EVER.

  35. Chip Zdarsky

    “If it ain’t the worst piece of shit you’ve ever seen, it ain’t a ZDARSKY!”

  36. biddy

    love. it. the hidden threads.

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