Guest Strip by Cameron Stewart: Intervention
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January 10th, 2008

Guest Strip by Cameron Stewart: Intervention

You can tell the people who really know rob and i are coming up to bat now, the humour is getting that much more personal!

This weeks incredible instalment in the guest extravaganza is authored by the talented cameron stewart. his repertoire includes a lovely run on catwoman for dc and much acclaimed the other side for vertigo. however the gem to be perused is cameron’s own venture into webcomics with sin titulo under the transmission-x banner. click HERE and take a moment to peruse this great lynchian-noir tale!

regarding the much asked question as to the return of the squash. well to happily satiate the mob, the squash will be returning on valentine’s day. somewhat appropriate i’d say 🙂

please enjoy the guest comics in the meantime, we still have the talents of michael cho,  karl kerschl and danielle corsetto of the awesome girls with slingshots!  


  1. Bassem B.

    Cameron. Awesome. Love Sin Titulo.

    You’ve gotta
    maaaake your own kinda music,
    siiiing your own special song
    make your own kinda music
    even if nobody else sings along

  2. Bebarce

    I don’t care what anyone says, Rasputin is damn near the best song in creation!

  3. Ramon


  4. Michael Cho

    Oh those russians…

    Great strip — especially love the drawing of andy in the 3rd panel — for a quick, tiny little background drawing of him, Cameron’s strangely managed to capture a perfect likeness.

  5. David Riches

    Okay why hasn’t Ramon posted his play list for all of us to Perouse? I wasn’t thinking Rasputin I was thinking the Israelites for Boney M and now I have Fernando by Abba floating through the back of my skull which I just got to leave town with Mama-Mia. Well at least we didn’t get Rob and Ramon singing I Am Too Sexy by Right Said Fred or Ramon and Dean duet That’s Amore!

  6. Ramon

    david, most aren’t ready my playlist. i almost destroyed cameron through exposure at the studio we share. thankfully he has headphones where he can drown himself in his music and not my madness 😉

  7. Bill Angus

    Fantastic job, Cameron. I love the ‘incredibly shrinking Rob’.

    Oh, and David? Ramon’s just being modest. His playlist is wonderfully eclectic – all eras and musical styles are represented.

  8. Cameron Stewart

    All musical refererences in the strip are accurate at time of press. And David, it’s not even I’m Too Sexy, Ramon actually has songs from the REST OF THE ALBUM.

    My ribbing is affectionate of course (despite my cruelty to Ramon in real life), and the dialogue in panels 3 and 8 should hopefully be taken as the most sincere.

    Thanks everyone!

  9. Guy

    I wouldn’t listen to anything told to me by a midget that could fit in my hand… though does explain some of Rob’s cuteness… love the comic.

  10. Ramon

    heh heh, cameron is correct i own all the songs listed, plus another track of right said fred’s, what can i say he’s charming 🙂

    without good natured ribbing where would we be, eh cameron old boy?

    thanks again for an awesome strip!

  11. Krista

    Lets go out and cut the rug boyz!

  12. ursie

    lol do you srsly listen to right said fred & boney m? i’ve got them on the playlist that i’m listening to right now, & god i esp. looove “i’m too sexy for my shirt”! 😀

  13. BergenskGuru

    Wow…. always the guest strip is bad…. but not at this place…. is this heaven… …. …. …. …. …. …. …. grandfather … … … is that you? … … Arrrghhhh yhis is Hell!!!!!

  14. Ramon

    heheh, a hell of our own making 🙂

    ursie, when right said fred sings i can’t help but dance!

  15. Zen

    I really have to say, the part that made me laugh the most was Rob. He just looks so serious in every panel… The fact that I’ve had a few beers has nothing to do with it, I assure you. 😛

  16. j.bone

    Love Ramon’s ironic t-shirt and, as Bill Angus put it, the “incredibly shrinking Rob”. That should be a comic all on its own.

  17. manale!

    Man. Kimball looks ROUGH in panel 5.

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