Guest Strip by Steve Manale: THACØ
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January 31st, 2008

Guest Strip by Steve Manale: THACØ

this weeks poke at our sensitive and fragile egos comes from our good man steven charles manale, creator of the bizarre little comic SUPERSLACKERS. click the link and entertain yourselves! stat.

next week sees danielle corsetto taking a stab at us and then it’s a heart warming valentine’s day return of the squash!

see you all soon 🙂   


  1. Naomi

    I absolutely LOVE rob in the last panel. Such a Manale thing to draw!! love it long time.

  2. erin

    awwww that was such an adorible comic
    i love ramons belly in the second panel
    it reminded me of luigi
    and rob looked so cute in the last panel with those pink cheeks you just want to pinch

  3. Vins

    HO YEAH! D&D RULE but i prefert the ” If you want to hit me, roll your dice” t-shirt ^^

  4. kelly

    Even though I’m a chic, I’d totally wear that shirt! jeezus, that’s awesome! heh. I started hyperventilating oh my god’s, it was so funny.

  5. jjh

    where’s the rifts references? ramon com’on ya RIFTs for LIFE! YA!

  6. JayCee

    I’m loving the guest strips! such a huge variety of styles and humor.

    But OMG I can’t wait for Danielle Corsetto’s guest strip! I’m also a fan of GWS!

  7. David T.G.Riches

    What The? That’s a classic AD&D Monster Manual from 25 years ago. How can anyone think of Karate Chopping that? Other than Don Knotts that is. . . .

  8. krista

    OOOOHHHHH YEAAAHHHH !!!!!! This one just made my year! Robbie’s finally out of the d&d closet….. ! Its super to be D&D!

  9. Arilean

    This made my entire evening, especially since I have that edition of the monster manual… along with several other books of that era which i inherited from my father, along with a lot of dice……

  10. Kyle

    Man love the D&D manual….this comic kicks ass, my friends and I started reading a few weeks ago when I found it linked on another site…freaking fantastic, and it’s all that much better knowing it Canadian, like me…..cant wait for he next strip.

  11. Bianca

    Hehe, I still prefer one I saw for a girl that had a treasure chest on the chest area and below it said “Roll for lockpicking”

  12. ursie

    aww, ramon has a bellyyy.

  13. Effin' Bartlett

    What was this inked with, a 3″ house-painters’ brush?! Terrible. Just terrible.

  14. Manale

    What was it inked with?
    I twist my armpit hairs into one long, thick strand until it reaches a point, then I dip the braided tangle into FW acrylic ink.

    Then I get a Winsor and Newton sable #5 brush and ink my comics, trying desperately not to get my ink-soaked armpit hair onto the work.

    It keeps the work vital.

  15. Effin' Bartlett

    Manale, although your name reminds me of a veneral disease one gets from Quebec “folkdancers” from Club Super Sexe in Frenchy T.O. I must say your humour shines through. I laugh heartely at your…. no… I’m sorry. You bore me. You are the modern day “Marmaduke”. Shitty Brad Anderson courses through your veins. That is the cross you bare and no 3″ house painters brush shall cleans of you of your untallentedness.

  16. Ramon

    i think our beloved bartlett needs a hug. c’mere big boy and get your love…

  17. Effin' Bartlett

    I want to apologize. To Manale, to Ramon and Rob, and to everyone alse who reads this. I was a jerk. I was insulting and rude. I apologize for trying to pick fights with complete strangers and using this forum to do so. Even though I don’t know any of you, please accept my sincerest apologies.
    That’s all I want to say. Thank you.

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