Guest Strip by Danielle Corsetto: South Meets North
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February 7th, 2008

Guest Strip by Danielle Corsetto: South Meets North

danielle had this to me bright and early this morning but in my un-caffeinated daze i forgot to post it at said hour.

i could go on as to how awesome and super talented danielle is, but the ego on this girl is already quite unbelievable!

heh. just kidding.

click on tha’ link and go read GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS if you haven’t already! it’s too good for words, i just needs to be experienced.

and with this, danielle brings the butternut quest extravaganza to a fine fine close. next week sees rob and i back on top of the situation, or well at least rob… you’ll see…

EDIT: my apologies to danielle as i forgot to add the ling to GWS in the blog!! I feel like a schmuck. sorry danielle – all is fixed now…   


  1. Roscoe


  2. Kris

    Awww! You two totally should have hooked up.

  3. Jason Truong

    Rob meets the legendary breasts of Jamie! This strip is gold! BNS meets GWS. Two of my favourite webcomics!

  4. Jerome

    hahaha GWS and BNS should do crossovers more often.

  5. Josef

    Wow, this is great! I was reading the comic, and i saw the stud in the girls lower lip, and was like, is that gws? I’m like no… I move on and see the second half and laugh my ass off.

  6. Bulldog

    Perfect, simply perfect. Love that Rob used that classic pick up line from early on too.

  7. JayCee

    Totally agree with Jerome! BNS/GNS crossovers should be done more often!

    AWww I thought Ramon and Hazel were gonna heet it! even if it was one massive disaster afterwards.

    And yes, I knew it, Danielle, totally made Ramon beefier and… even more handsome? (is that even possible wtf?)

  8. Vins

    this strip is awsome…do american girls really are easy….just to that

  9. Zolota

    Aww, totally agreeing with the above comments: Ramon and Hazel would have made such a cute pair*, and definitely more BNS/GWS crossovers! Love it!

    *Okay, couldn’t picture the morning after, other than “quite entertaining.”

  10. GavMcD

    This totally blows away that lame-ass JLA/Avengers Crossover!

    I love the narrative reason for getting both pairs in the same place. Awesome. MORE BNS/GWS CROSSOVERS!

  11. Rico

    Funny…very funny.

  12. Lee Cherolis

    It’s fantastic to see two of my longest favorites strips get together. Quite possibly my favorite crossover ever.

  13. Kyle

    Wow that is scary….story of my life man….but funny none the less….but now I have to wait for next week.

  14. manale

    Am I the only one disappointed that next week we’re back to Ramon and Rob?


    sort of.

  15. Ramón

    steve, you realize the next time i see you i’m hoofing you in the balls.

  16. Sarah

    I just found BNS on the GWS website, and I’m thinking it’s one of my new favorite webcomics. I read through the archives while I was putting of a paper, and I wish there were a few hundred more strips.

    More GWS crossovers, please!

  17. Michelle

    I’m new to BNS too! which is weird because I’ve been reading kuku for a long time, and didn’t realize there was another comic!

    I was sent to BNS by GWS, and I learned of GWS from You’ll have that.

    tis a weeee yiddle world.

  18. KareBear

    Yay! Best crossover I’ve ever seen. The characters would be awesome together more often. (*hint hint hint*)

  19. Caroline

    Well you’ve got me hooked!!
    Followed the link from GWS and after reading the achives, I’ve now a total fan.

    love it!

  20. Rob

    Well thanks for dropping by and enjoying our work. All free all the time! And even on Time some of the time… err… but funny!

    Seriously though thanks for coming out! Love to reach new fans.

  21. Erin

    As with many others, I got here from GWS and love it! And I agree, there should be more crossovers.

  22. David T.G.Riches

    I liked this strip!
    Now about the question of will the GWS crew travel North to hit on the BNS or other crew, that’s if they can cross the border?

  23. eddie

    wow this was a shock! reading one webcomic and and then finding the next one on my list has teh same characters… i felt nuts for a few moments.

  24. manale

    My balls eagerly await their hoofing, Ramon!

    I don’t really have a follow-up ‘zinger’ joke to go with that.


  25. Kat

    I love GWS! I really think there should be an arc between Jamie, Hazel, Ramon, and Rob. It’d be hilarious! 😀

  26. Kate


  27. Paul Hovannes

    add me to the list of people led here by GWS. heh. just finished going through the archive. it’s fantastic, and I’ve already shared it with a few friends. now you can add me to the list of loyal readers as well. ^_^

  28. Matt

    Yep, this proves it. GWS and BNS are a great match.

  29. KFrosty

    Funny, this comic made me discover GWS and it is true, crossover with GWS would be pretty cool!

  30. evil scientist

    I’m in love with both BNS and GWS but I don’t think doing whole arcs of crossover (as demamnded by lot of readers) would be a good idea. It would take out the special feeling.

    I wouldn’t be against some sweet Ramón & Danielle collaboration, though.

  31. jundar

    Neat 🙂 Found BNS thru GWS (like many other too, obviously) – this strip just made my day (or night, depends…). Kudos!

  32. Brown Suga'

    Two of my fav comics in one! Webcomic gold, I say!

    Although Ramon looks a lot like Jameson… even his hair looks like Jameson’s bandanna! 😀

  33. usivius

    this was a great cross-over. I am a huge fan of GWS and would love to see Ramon do a guest shot on their strip!

  34. Shick

    I love both of these, and that last line had me HOWLING at work! The weird looks were worth the laugh!

  35. Bavette

    Now, THIS? This is awesome!

  36. susieq456


  37. Ramón

    Thanks for all the awesome comments – and great avatar btw 🙂

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