and this little pinky…
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February 14th, 2008

and this little pinky…

greetings boys and girls time to celebrate valentine’s with a little love, butternut style.

i would like to thank all our guest strip contributors for bringing their visions of the squash to our readers. you all hit it outta the park!

thank you 馃檪

and now on with the show!聽聽聽聽


  1. Katja

    Awwwwwww….they made up! Also, check it out, she’s got eyes!

  2. Kyle

    That’s fantastic, and I agree….holy crap she has eyes!

  3. Ram贸n

    you don’t know how long i deliberated about that eye shot…

  4. Kyle

    But it was worth the wait for the humor

  5. Bulldog

    Yes!! Rob you fox, you’ve finally done it! I raise my glass to you, Captain Rob.

  6. Fettbert

    too much metaphorically speaking for me 馃檨

  7. Gaikan

    Hey guys, nice to have you back. And what a return…nice one Rob.

  8. Ross

    Apparently, a sudden seriousness during a sexual encounter can cause one’s lipstick to suddenly disappear. 馃檪

  9. Mondo Kane

    The boys are officially back in town!

    Ramon’ll be about ready to stuff himself into a woodchipper if his “drought” continues much longer, but I think high-fives are due for Cap’n Rob. A grand return and no mistake 馃榾

    Just reminds us all us sailors that we should never attempt a southside docking procedure without prior invitation from the port authorities… Arrr, ain’t worth th’ grief, Cap’n 馃槈

  10. Fuel

    Hilarious back and forth…my wife will like this one

  11. Mike

    Best Strip Ever !!! =)

    Been in Rob’s shoes more than once…
    “I don’t know what you mean baby, it’s a little dark under the covers…” LOL

    Welcome back guys.

  12. Jay

    Is it me or does it look like Rob’s got the classic shocker position in the 7th panel?

    Oh Rob, you dog!

    Luv the strip guys!

  13. Rick

    It’s so good to have the Squash back!

    This is a really great strip with oh-so-funny dialogue. Yay, Rob’s doing something! Ooh, and drawn well, too. That first frame is a real eye-catcher.

    One point though, and how do I say say this… Um, does it seem to anyone else that our lovely coffee girl looks a mite bit… er, masculine in the last frame? Like one of those anorexic boy-models?
    Maybe it’s just me. I hope so.

  14. Senksis

    Think so, too – I guess that’s because of the short chin she makes…

  15. Zolota

    Whelp, I’ll never be able to look at Jacques Cousteau the same way now.

    Hallelujah, great to have you guys back!

  16. Ram贸n

    i’ll be honest, the last panel was buggin’ me too. sydney should never look bad. so i went in and tweaked it…

    and thanks for all the kind words, it’s great to be back!

  17. ZenKai

    You know, it’s funny: Whenever I DID think of Sydney as having eyes (she can successfully pour coffee, so it’s implied) they always struck me as green. Dunno why.

    Great to have the REAL Squash back (though I don’t know how I would have survived without the added support of Kukuburi). Kudos Ram贸n!

  18. Guy

    Never heard a better sailor refrence

  19. dcorsetto

    Rob, you STUD!! Great return strip!

  20. Aston

    LoL, robs still got the man o’ steel chest hairs i see. Hey, if it can happen to rob, maybe Ramon isn’t too far behind.

    Noooo…. that would unravel the very fabric of the universe. Next we’ll have dogs and cats living together…MASS HYSTERIA PEOPEL!!

  21. Sarah

    The heart-likeness of his chest hair is…well, kind of scary. A Valentine’s theme, perhaps?

    The last panel is my favorite. Very funny.

  22. Rob

    No it is in fact directly related to the fact that my chest hair naturally grows in a pattern that is almost perfectly the superman chest emblem. We can’t make some of this stuff up.

  23. David T.G.Riches

    Superman chesthair? I don’t think we want to know……
    That said at least she didn’t tell you to abandon ship….

  24. Paul

    Just found your website while stumbling (an evil add-on). Just read your whole archive….excellent work I am going to add it to my top ten web comics right away…..thanks for the small subtle Canadian content, not so much as to beat us over the head but enough to make me a proud cannuk

  25. Pixie

    This conversation is one I have had numerous times with my boyf, think this might have to be sent to him asap. Ha ha.

    Wicked comic Rob and Ramon, fankooo, you’re helping my continuing quest to be the world’s best procrastinator.

    London, UK


  26. RICO

    Wicked… not to mention tasty, very tasty 馃檪

    Welcome back!

  27. Adam

    HA! I always go for the “accident” though… hm….

  28. Ajay

    Man, it’s finally good to have BNS back. This new strip was a great way to kick it back off. Amazing, guys.

    Best web comic. No doubt.

  29. Tekkie

    Jay, I concur, Rob does seem to have that ring finger pulled back in the 7th panel. It’s also the one he was hiding under the covers… But I’m probably reading way too much into these things…

    I’m a huge fan of Girls with Slingshots, so the Danielle Corsetto guest strip did not go amiss, but it’s great to have the Squash back.

  30. Kyle

    I do love this comic, and I too am glad to see BNS is back in action!

  31. Hackenwulf

    Oh, how I missed you BNS…

  32. Tabitha

    so i just found BNS, and read all of it. and im in LOVE. 馃檪

  33. Matthew Messiah

    Same here, I read through it all and i just found it yesterday.

  34. Bob


    Triumphant return!

  35. Sarah

    I think we’re going to need photographic evidence of said chest hair…

  36. Paige

    I like to mess around on a little site called, and possessed by insomnia demons this morning, I did a rendition of the first panel. However, I either do not understand how to work artpad or it doesn’t like me, but it gave me a bad link to image and now I can’t find it on their site.
    Luckily, I snapped a screen picture of the thing, so here it is:
    I messed up on a few things, I know, but I am a philosophy major, so please be nice!

    Also, is there a place for fan-art that I’m just missing?

  37. Jake

    Am I the only one who thinks “a little love, butternut style” sounds a bit weird…yet kinky?

  38. Brad

    you silly Canadians and your silly “u’s”

    so silly!

    (nice work btw, kudos.)

  39. Chip

    Yay, you’re all back! Wonderfulness! Shear wonderfulness!

  40. kRISTINA

    I was surprised to find an actual strip, I forgot it was that time! YAY I’m glad!

    Is Rob’s chest hair really in a heart shape!? That’s what it looks like to me!

    I was kinda shocked to see that she has eyes, too! I think she looked hot with out them.

  41. Tangerine Jones

    What is up with men and their quest for the starfish? *shakes head*

    I second the request for a chest hair photo. You can’t put something like that out there and expect us not to be curious. Superman chest hair? Get. out.

  42. mehmet

    I do love this comic, and I too am glad to see BNS is back in action!

  43. Coyotelovely

    I came over from Kukuburi, and I have to say I just love Ramon’s art! I got a good giggle from BNS. Thanks for all you do!

  44. Soloman

    Holly cow this is the first time we get to see her face ! Sorta anyway…

    Kukuburi? lol dude same did I

  45. Soloman

    Holly cow this is the first time we get to see her face ! Sorta anyway…

    Kukuburi? lol dude same as I

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