mr. persnickety pants
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February 21st, 2008

mr. persnickety pants

apologies for the late update today, my week was kinda slowed down by a nasty cold, so a nice domino effect happened with my schedule…  


  1. Solabusca (D Jeremy Brown)

    Man, it’s like the “When Harry Met Sally” conversation about having stuff ‘on the side’.

    Although I’m inclined to send back stale coffee and bad eggs, too. Probably explains a lot.


  2. Chris C.

    ahaha runny eggs.

  3. Kris

    Greasy eggs and runny bacon is my favorite hangover cure. ^_^

    Ramon, you have every right to be “finicky.” I say, you come out to Edmonton, we’ll hit a couple of clubs, and spit game at the fine girls we meet. Or, y’know… Play video games or something.

  4. Bulldog

    Dude, he just needs to meet Nadia, she’s totally his type.

  5. Kris

    Nah, they’d never get along. Ramon would be all “Come back to my place and watch the hamster do backflips,” and she’d be like “My chameleon talks and I’ve taken a ride on an impossibly tall giraffe. Nothing impresses me anymore.”

  6. j

    a crazy man once told me that lobsters are finicky animals. was like, coo, i can deal with this fact of life. then i had to go look it up in the dictionary.
    aii colds are poo. hey hope you get better soon

  7. Lee

    egg’s are gross full stop…. Ramon should date this one 🙂

    get well soon, dude

  8. Kat

    I’m new around here, found you through GWS. Very funny, your comic is one of my new addictions. 😉

  9. Bassem B.

    Damn I want some eggs. Why does food in comics make me so hungry?

  10. Leslie

    aww poor ramon, can;t find a date so he’s bitching about runny eggs

  11. Mondo Kane

    Ramon needs to watch himself… that feisty lass will be dousing his family jewels in fresh coffee if he ain’t careful. I doubt though that Ramon has got to Joe Matt levels of finicky, so there’s hope yet.

    I’d send ya chicken soup, but it’d be green and furry by the time the mail got it there from Engerlond. Get well 🙂

  12. Bulldog

    Yeah, you’re right about Nadia, and he already got shot down by Hazel. Poor guy. And Rosebud is long gone. When will Ramon find love?

  13. DhAkael

    Alas, our swarth Spaniard left to his own devices on account of Rob doing ‘naked monkey snuggles’ with the red-head from..well.. heaven? Hell?
    Not sure how to call that one.

    Regardless; when all else fails…coffee.

  14. Joe

    I don’t feel to bad for Ramon, he still has his Mac and the internet. Although I feel for the aparent lack of bacon for brunch. Didn’t realize you did Kukuburi as well great stuff.

  15. Jay Rey

    Shamefully, I just discovered your collected works this morning. On the, ahhhh… D&D forum I frequent , someone linked to the Manale “Thac0” guest strip, and I have been reading all the archived strips all morning…. Fantastic work! Your style and content are right up my alley. And I mean “alley” in the figurative sense of “my interest” and not any kind of orifice or anything. Yeah. So, anyways, great work and keep it up! Again, figuratively.

  16. Tangerine Jones

    I’ve been in bed for the past two weeks with the flu. SuckyMcYuckerton. On the bright side, I can catch up with all of the BNS/Kukiburi goodness.

    Feel better, man.

  17. kristina

    Hey…it’s good to know wheat you like!

  18. kristina

    *I meant IT’S GOOD TO KNOW WHAT YOU LIKE… oops!

  19. Usivius

    hey, give the man a break … I’ve been there … a “mr. persnikety pants” ..
    it took a trip to Ecuador (originally meant for Peru) to accidentally meet the woman of my dreams…
    so, to friend Ramon, take your swarthy canuk butt to another country … ever seen “Love Actuually”…? well there is a bit in there about blokes going overseas … and it’s true! … nerd in Canada = hot property in foreign lands ..
    LOL …
    (sorry, all of this is in very bad taste .. i realize..)

  20. Cutup

    Hahaha I hope this is a foreshadowing of Ramon and the other coffee girl hooking up??

    Please check this:

  21. ted

    I cannot remember the girl’s name in this comic, however, you colored her REALLY WELL. the skin tone is great, and the lip color is spot on.
    good job!

  22. Effin' Bartlett

    Oh Ted. “Oooh, the skin tone is great, and the lip color is spot on.”

    ….fuckin’ rice king.

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