big man on campus
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February 28th, 2008

big man on campus

looks like lil’ rob just can’t shut up 🙂

god bless ‘im.

and for those of you who might be interested, this week saw the release of the first issue of my arc on jsa: classifieds starring wildcat and written by b. clay moore and colours by dave mccaig! [LINK]   


  1. Cherish

    Yeah, I wanna to kill ‘im too…


    Poor Rob, I’d brag too!

  3. Tantryx

    Go Rob!
    If you got it, flaunt it.
    Most especially to all your friends who don’t 😉

  4. Glabstake

    Hehe… good comic. Been a fan for a while now, Ramon. Love your style, dude. Keep up the good work! And also, your friends must hate you Tantryx 😉

  5. Soup13


    The JSA storyline looks like its gonna be a good one. Nice work! Oh and the retail staff at Steam Whistle Love the Strip. MORE VINCE! MORE VINCE!! ……..but good to see Rob getting some.

  6. Usivius

    6 times?!!! shee-oot! i’m marries and manage 6 times a month!

    great stuff!

  7. Dude

    Dude! It’s the guy from talk n’ tinkle, ahahahaha. Very nice touch dude, love how you never forget anything. Cheers

  8. Zolota

    To the above comment: wow, I didn’t even notice it was the same guy! (“Pee time is me time!”) Nice eye Dude, and nice touch Ramon and Rob!

  9. Mondo Kane

    Friendship sometimes has unspoken limits 🙂

  10. KFrosty

    Rob is such an asshole… and that’s what makes him awesome!

  11. Kikadper


    Just read through this entire series with my boyfriend. Nice to see comics actually come from Ontario.

    Yay ^_^

  12. Kyle

    I really would have done the same thing as rob…..also if I was in ramon’s position I’d have done the same thing to rob….ahhh good times!

  13. DT Butchino

    Ramon … JSA Classified was awesome! Loved what you did with the story and especially loved the flashback sequences 🙂 Man, I’d love to see you on a regular Wildcat series 🙂

  14. Gabrielle

    I absolutely love the facial expressions. And yeah, I’d brag too.

  15. John

    Haha I definitely don’t blame Rob here

  16. Em

    Ha! I so want to meet you guys in a coffeeshop sometime. Eavesdropping on your conversations would be hilarious.

  17. rick

    Hey Rob, Pee time is Me time!

  18. Puzuma


  19. Ramon

    having problems with my ftp. hope to rectify it and have today’s update up shortly.


  20. Matt

    Love this comic. Hilarious pacing.

  21. christina

    reminds me of this
    SIX times

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