brother to brother
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March 6th, 2008

brother to brother

hey everybody!my apologies for the delay in todays post. my ftp couldn’t connect to the server for the better part of today. all come back online a short while ago and, well, better late than never 🙂

on a related note of updates, i know many of you have asked why we don’t update more. essentially it’s the workload of doing one strip, the collaboration process and my freelance career which pays the bills. i would love to bring butternut to you the readers more often, as more is always better and it would allow rob and i to tell more cohesive stories.

so i am toying with a couple ideas.

if we were to do 3 times per week, say, but in b&w would that be cool, or do you prefer the colour to stay?

another option would be akin to what danielle of GWS has done, by taking the initiative by actively soliciting donations to reach a particular monetary goal to help meet her financial needs in order to provide GWS daily. so, for all intents and purposes i could set a goal to cover BNS, in order to bring it to you the readers more often. would this be an option that seems viable?

lemme know what you all think 🙂

till next week,



  1. Sam

    I think that the colour does add something to the mix, but that it’s incredibly hard to judge what the comic would look like without colour without seeing it like that. I think maybe give us an example of how an uncoloured comic would look, next to the same one coloured normally (more work, I know! :P)#
    As for the cash incentives, sounds good to me!
    I don’t really agree with the idea of doing 3 black and whites and 1 week colour, since that’s going to create a problem of when people expect updates. I know that it’ll be a relatively logical schedule, but people just get used to seeing certain comics come out as and when *shrugs* or maybe that’s just me!

  2. kristina

    WOW…so many comments on this one. I haven’t even finished reading them all yet.

    BUT, here’s my two cents…. Do what ever is easier for you guys, we’ll love it all the same. But I have to agree with the other peeps, that your COLOUR is part of what drew me into reading your comic in the first place. Your colour and drawing abilities combined made it stand out from the rest.

    I am a Ramon and Rob junkie, so B&W or COLOUR, I’ll still be coming back for more. 🙂

  3. ElJefe

    I’d say keep the colour, and if it only happens once a week, then it only happens once a week. Though I’d support this comic if there was an entreaty anyway.

  4. Skitch

    This strip is in COLOUR?!?!?


    Time for me to ditch this old monochrome monitor…

  5. Mike

    I’d read it once a week in black and white. It’d still be worth it.

  6. Michelle

    Oh please keep the color. I’d rather look forward to a color strip once a week than a B&W one 3x a week.

    As far as the donation drive goes – I say go for it! Randy of Something*Positive was the first to do it (so far as I know), and he’s been able to maintain a daily strip for quite a while. … which is a treat for his twisted little readers like me.

  7. murray


  8. Aveline

    The color is lovely, Ramon, don’t get me wrong, and as a monochromatic artist myself I grovel at the feet of your fantastic coloring skills. Buuut … B+W is still pretty cool, especially the shades of grey that Danielle executes so well. Her donation system seems to work pretty well so far too. Although I feel like a jackass for reading the stuff since I haven’t actually donated yet … either way works for me, but I don’t think you need to worry about losing the color.

  9. Ark

    As cool as the color is, the writing makes this comic pop. It’s got all the right kinds of crass that make me chuckle in the office despite myself.

    I’d rather laugh more times per week than not.

  10. Mothra in NYC

    Basically, I think the majority of your readers want color however long they have to wait, but there are also those who want more strips per week, even if it has to be in b/w. (I’m with the latter, but I know I’m in the minority.)

    So, go with what will make you the most happy and the least crazy.

    And, yes, the store idea is great. What better fashion statement could there be than a BNS tee shirt? Or messenger bag? Or thong?

  11. Sage

    I think the color is too good to pass up. I’m happy with the schedule now, infrequent though it may be. I’m also a Kukuburi fan, and I loved your work in D20 Apocalypse.

    That’s my 2 cents.

  12. Lisa H

    Stop stressing man! I read about a dozen online strips and BNS and Kukuburi are the most regular updaters BY FAR. Please just leave things as they are if that’s what makes you happy and the pissers and moaners can take a walk!

  13. Streetsy

    Ooh I thought of a good reason to keep the colour. Your Redheads wont be Redheads anymore. Redheads are hot. Blackheads are not.

  14. Mimi

    I say, keep the colour! I am also willing to wait between updates, each strip has that much more of an effect that way.

    I love both Butternut Squash and Kukuburi! I’ll keep reading no matter what you decide to do.

  15. Xander

    BNS should stay in colour, personally. It makes it what it is. What does it matter that it takes more time? It’s only that way so a higher quality product is produced.

  16. Usivius

    yah, I put my vote in for once a week in colour. I don’t mind waiting for a great product. And I will never be a whiner if your post is a day late. Do your thing, guy…
    I will always be here to read and smile.


  17. Mortron

    I like the colour, but if you’ve just got too much story to tell, I guess it makes sense to switch it up. I like some of the suggestions for jumping back and forth week to week. Or maybe just colour all the female characters… that would work for me. 😉

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