dear abby, or…
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March 21st, 2008

dear abby, or…

i know, i know.

it’s been a long week, but the light is at the end of the tunnel! things are coming to a close early next week and my schedule will be returning to, ahem, normal… 


  1. Kris

    Dollars to donuts, that’s Hildy’s sister…

  2. Kris

    Or a character I’ve forgotten about and will be corrected on in the near future. Also, first post! Woo! Go me!

  3. Senksis

    That’s Kris(ta), Kris… ;o) The one with fear of birds and admiration for guitar heroes…


  4. Fremder

    You might not know this, but the word “Schnitzel” is slang for a butt-ugly person. x-)

  5. Mondo Kane

    Sorry Kris, I think Andy already ate a 9-course banquet today, though I can somehow imagine that bad lad might suddenly have a hankerin’ for a couple of burgers about now…

    And I think that’s about the most disgusting comment I’ve ever made here 😉

    Craking strip, Ramon 🙂

  6. Toe(knee)

    What on earth is all this about? Having looked at the archives I feel that one of the first things some of your contributors should learn is how to speak and write English properly.

  7. Senksis

    Ja, we do our very best, but it is schwierig since some of us aren’t Muttersprachler. We apologise für any inconvenience. 😉

  8. Skaboom

    Tres lawl

  9. Noah

    wow. I understood that.

  10. Usivius


  11. Bill M

    Senksis that was brililant!

  12. kristina

    ahh-mazing as usual.

  13. Fremder

    Very well gesprochen! 😀

  14. Emylee


  15. Sam

    Have you noticed that Brunhilde has started to become more attractive and less gorilla like in the comics? 😛

  16. Ramon

    it’s amazing what a few trips to the gym a week and some waxing can do…

    (i think i’m gonna get some bricks thrown at me for this)

  17. sunshinegetsmehigh

    DUDE, Sam, I was thinking the same!

  18. L

    Andy totally wears that hat in real life.

  19. keyka

    This one brought up some bad memories….but with the bad some good ones have resurfaced as well. I miss you guys.

  20. Bekah

    Good to see some of the big girls getting some love.

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