… das boot!
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April 3rd, 2008

… das boot!

okay the morning update didn’t happen, but we’re working toward it 😉

and that’s all i got, nothin’ more to yammer on about.



  1. Tani

    oh wow, i get to be first!

    been waiting for this…

    hah, i would’ve kicked him out too.
    it’ll take all my strength to resist that butt cheek peek-a-boo, but i will endure!

    p.s. i’m a gurl.

  2. John

    You have to turn the boot!

  3. Dave

    The boat?

  4. Ryan

    pfff . . . . pants.

  5. cybermercy

    Good ta see a man with clear priorities in this day & age ;.

  6. Hackenwulf

    I would choose beer over pants anyday…

  7. Shawn

    Id take the pants..thats where all my money is..money can be exchanged for more beer.

  8. Matt K

    Oh man, that was sooo worth waiting 2 weeks for…
    It’s nice to see Andy and I share priorities. Although I’ve never been forced to choose between my pants and my beer, there is no doubt in my mind which I would choose.
    Kudos Ramon and Rob on a truly great strip. My your coffee cup be full and your pockets filled with bacon, respectively.

  9. JD

    Ah man Ramon you’re killing me…

  10. Scott Z

    Since the door opens out, all he has to do is pop the hinges and he can get inside and get his beer.

    Now, where did he hide the screwdriver?

  11. Senksis

    Hahaha! “Das Boot” … I love it!

  12. thomas b.

    typically woman… they never know what a man really needs..

  13. Mondo Kane

    Ha! So that’s what they mean by “cheaters never prosper” – they end up thirsty 😀

  14. atticus

    man! great comic.. but i think the comment ‘das boot’ is what did it for me!

  15. Roscoe

    Oh man, this in my Favorite Andy strip since T.C.B.
    Great work Ramon. Hillarious as always.

  16. kristina

    FREAKIN’ FUNNY! Love it. Beer before pants, definately!

  17. keyka

    my only concern is that I’m locked in with big mama luv….????

  18. Rob

    Krista are you kidding? For the next strip we’ve written the hottest lesbian love scene to ever grace a comic. However it can only be on our special uncensored comic book to be released in 2014.

  19. Mondo Kane

    You’re a bad man, Rob… can I put in a preorder for a copy? 😉

  20. HZS

    Love the comic Ramon.
    And Rob too 🙂

    Anyway, whenever i see Andy, with that hat he always wears, my brain always goes “ANDY + CAP + FUNNY COMIC = ANDY CAPP!”

    lol, just my thoughts…

    Lots of love

    P.S. Andy and Andy both seem to treat their women in the same way…

  21. Kyle

    Ah I love this comic.

    Because i’ve actualy seen that happen…not to me….but I have seen it before.

  22. k0r2n3h

    Yet again, hilarious work. Seriously this gave me a case of the epic lulz.

  23. Puck

    Second panel = hilarity.

  24. Vodka702

    hmm, I wonder what the ladies are doing inside

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