eye of the tigers
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April 10th, 2008

eye of the tigers

greetings all!

took a bit of time this week as i was stumped with closer for the strip, ideas were bandied about between rob and myself, but the well was dry so i went to the source and called andy b himself and asked what might spew forth from his mouth after gazing lovingly into robs eyes. the man came back with what we have, it gave me a hearty GUFFAW so i went with it!

check out andy’s comic RAISING HELL when you get a chance!

speaking of other comics, rob and i will get a few links and from people here and there asking us to take a look at their strips or whatnot and i’ll be honest i’ll forget plug’em cause my brain is usually fried from being overworked.

so to support the good peeps that support us, take your time and peruse some good times…


THE CUT UPS, a few boys trying to get some laughs on youtube! 

…and lastly this weekend sees myself and rob sittin’ and looking pretty at toronto fan appreciation show this weekend. the show runs on saturday and sunday. i’m keeping my bakc pack light, so i don’t think i’ll be bringing much swag, but i will have my sketchpad in tow. so for all those who might be keen on a sketch or two, whether it be bns, kukuburi, wildcat or any other superhero for that matter.

headshots will be $5, full body shots will range from $20 – $40 depending on the complexity of the request.hope to see some of you there this weekend!

for more info click the link below;

TORONTO COMICON April 12-13    


  1. Shari

    LMAO…the singing in the bckgd really made me crack up still…siigh

  2. CyCo

    Will Rob and Andy be able to look at each other again? What will Hildy & Krista think about this when they hear about it? Will Ramon fall into the trap? Will coffee ever taste the same again!

    Is there any hope at all!!!


  3. Jerome

    Hahahahaha Andy’s eyes are the best

  4. Mars

    pfft. i’d still rather do rob.

  5. Grant


    so good!!!

  6. Lee

    still chuckling… 🙂

  7. Pete

    LMFAO first post here but just had too this strip left me cracked up. Superb sir superb 🙂

  8. Donovan

    Been enjoying BNS for a while now, but this is the hardest I’ve laughed at a comic. I kept *finding* new things to laugh at each time I read it. Hats off sir (also a big Kukuburi fan)

  9. Mondo Kane

    Don’t cross the streams 😀 Priceless Ramon 😀

  10. Sam

    Gotta love a Styx reference in a comic!

  11. Gin

    Hahahaha I haven’t laughed this hard since “panties!”

  12. Amethyst

    My kids are wondering why I spit coffee on the poor cat, who always lies in front of my monitor. Congratulations, Ramon, you have made my day! *goes to hose down the cat*

  13. Amethyst

    Also, Sam: Dreamweaver is by Gary Wright, not Styx.

  14. Amy

    I am going to be laughing ALL morning about this. My co-workers think I’m nuts, but kind of I am, so who cares?

  15. Jake

    Thanks for the Plug Ramon. I’ll be sure to plug you guys as well for monday’s comic. I figure only a few of your fans probably like MMA, but at least they’ll be able to tell what kind of influence you have on my artwork. BNS forever dude.

  16. Beansy

    Best. Ghostbusters. Reference. Ever.

  17. Jeph

    LMAO! OMG that was great!! LOL VERY creative use of Dreamweaver – great job!

  18. Jeff

    You’re getting a bill for my new keyboard.

    Nice work.

  19. Carlos


    A man could get lost, staring into those deep pools of the soul…

  20. Crista

    They should combine forces and use their powers for good, instead of eeeeeeevil.
    Funny stuff.

  21. ..::beep::..

    Hahahaha, damn that’s good. 😀

  22. ursie

    oh ramon, you just made me smile!

    & that’s quite an accomplishment for someone who was crying not long ago.

    thanks mr. p. (:

  23. Senksis

    These guys are wearing powerfull proton packs, I must say… 😉

  24. krista

    Robbie,…. Ramon?! where’s the code of friendship gone? how could one ever forgive another for such a betrayal…? only one way to save our friendship…I think robbie our head counter has just reset itself…wouldn’t you agree mr. blue eye’s?

  25. Snowpea

    That really really cracked me up. Love Andy’s eyes. Heeeee!

  26. Joe

    This might have been the funniest Butternut Squash comic ever.

  27. Salchemist

    This strip brought the “lulz.” Also, without his hat, Andy looks like a young Greg Graffin, lead singer of Bad Religion.

  28. Usivius

    LOL… curse Mike Myers for using Dreamweaver that way … now Ramon and Rob have just brought that horribly-funny moment back and twisted it into something horribly-twisted-funny…

  29. Zolota

    Wow. Hairline aside, Andy’s quite the looker. I think it’s the crazy eyebrows. Mmm.

    But man, Rob’s face in panel 6 weirds me out. Too cherubic for his own good!

    Love the Ghostbusters reference and the burst of song. Best strip since “And this little pinky”.

  30. k0r2n3h

    Well, at least it’s a better song than “Two Lovers Sailing” from The Road to El Dorado. Nothings better than skinny-dipping with your best convict/friend.

    Anyways, the eyes… the eyes – haha. Creeped me out for a second, I’m so used to the black dots.

    Btw, ever getting this comic published? Maybe through Lulu or something?

  31. Joel

    Hahaha, that was awesome. Two guys with irresistible eyes get caught in each others’ spell!

    I dunno what he’s talking about though, Andy’s hair looks pretty sweet to me.

  32. Chip

    Bloody hilarious!

  33. DhAkael

    -ahem kaf kaf-
    Jolley good, olde chap!

  34. BenPanced

    Holy crapsticks…green eyes…*melts*

  35. kristina

    Ah, so that’s why he wears the cap! GRRrrrr, Love them eyes!

  36. Patricia Ann Lewis-MacDougall

    Oh my God! Ramon and Rob- You guys are crack’n me up! I have been away from BNS for awhile. I’m now in the process of catching up and I must tell you guys that I feel my tear ducks let loose from laughing so hard!!!

    I need a tissue!

  37. Puck

    I actually like Rob’s eyes better.
    Dear Rob:
    Please work so that you have the same arms as your strip-counterpart and call me ;3

  38. Archer

    He’s got blue eyes? Oh well, I’m in love now. xD Very funny, I laughed out loud from the last panel.

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