Special bulletin…

Hey kids, Rob here.

So some of you may have noticed that you’ve clicked on your “favourites” tool bar and came up with a picture of little ol’ me.

“What is this!?” you curse. “Sure this picture is a stunning example of Rob’s adonis like good looks but where is the funny strip we crave so much?”

Alas it is not to be as I was busy this week and Ramon was away in New York. With such time and distance constraints we could not put our heads together to deliver the fine artistic masterpieces of comedy you’ve learned to know and love. On top of that Ramon (pronounced ‘RAH’ -‘MŌN’ for the uninitiated) has seen fit to contract some form of virus stateside. I keep telling him it’s avian bird flu. He keeps telling me to shut up.With such obstacles in our path we’ve been forced to reconvene next week with a fiesta of laughs and hilarity you are sure to enjoy. Accept our humble apologies as we now must prepare to see our good friend, and yours, Vince in a new documentary short called $4 dollar haircut. Playing now at the The HOTDOCS documentary festival here in Toronto.


Till next week (if Ramon survives the bird flu)



  1. Mars

    oh, balls.

    well, feel better.

  2. Puzuma

    “(pronounced ‘RAH’ -’MŌN’ for the uninitiated)”

    Dang. And here I’ve been saying Raman, like the noodles….

    I wonder if he has that “100 day flu”? My mother was diagnosed with it about 2 months ago and she still has flu like symptoms.

    Drink lots of OJ and spend some time in a nice hot sauna. You shuld be better in no time.

  3. George

    keeping those baby blues covered eh?

  4. Erin


    someone had to say it

  5. Jade

    Ramon, I hope you’re feeling better very soon, but dude, you seriously need to get yourself some Airborne (http://www.AirborneHealth.com)–between traveling, deadlines and trying your damnedest to feed us our Kuku and Squash fixes on time, you’re catching something all the time because your immune system is pulp. Put yourself first and get yourself healthy–it’ll pay off for you in the long run.

  6. Marla Singer

    Ramon – have you eaten expired food lately? Because that’ll do it. Jade’s right, airborne is magical, use it.



  7. Ian

    I heard Airborne was really a placebo and doesn’t really do anything. I’m not trying to start anything, just saying…

  8. Justin

    At least you’re representin’ good ol’ Tim Hortons. Sure, the coffee isn’t free trade, it has nicotine in it, and the company was built on lies and deceit…but man, there’s almost nothing better than getting a cup of their joe to brighten your day; satiate your craving…whatever

  9. David T.G.Riches

    That picture is from last years Paradise Comics Toronto Comic Con not the previous year I do believe. I am thinking either Sunday Morning or Saturday. BTW get well soon, get back on track soon, enjoy the movie and watch your step those sticky theatre floors can easily tip you up.

  10. Charlie

    Isn’t “$4 dollar haircut” a little redundant? It’s got the dollar sign AND the word “dollar”.

  11. Emylee

    I love timmies ♥

  12. Eight Track

    …not as short as I was expecting, and with slightly less hair too. Also you guys ever get those boxes of BooBerry?

  13. Natalie Cukrowski

    Awww, adorable.

    Rockin’ the pedophile glasses, too, dude.

  14. FarfellaDelFerro


    …that is all i have to say.

  15. ursie

    omg rob you’re more adorable than i imagined you to be!

    come to sydney. 😀

  16. Mondo Kane

    That boy is always ill… Rob, get him soup and vitamins and make him rest.

  17. Paul

    Ya got to love it. We get a picture of good old Rob and most of us are interested in the Timmies cup hes got….lol

  18. Trev

    It’s pronounced “RAH -MŌN”? Geez, and here I was saying it was “Rob”, or even “Rah-mone” (Kinda like “The Ramones”, only without the S or additional people.)

    Oh, and it’s pronounced “Tim-eez” for our southern / worldwide neighbours. Much like Starbucks, but it doesn’t suck or come in flavours, there’s no such thing as “Half-caf”, the decaf comes from the same pot (It’s our Canadian Voodoo!), it doesn’t have free wifi / newspapers, the people are “servers” not “barristas”, and people with a rude or pretentious attitude are typically smacked by someone resembling your grandmother.

    God bless it…

  19. Ed

    Love the Timmies cup…

    But you’re holding it like it’s going to explode…

  20. Usivius

    too much Timmees, Trev.

  21. Trev

    it’s now 2:40.
    By 12, I had 2.
    I’ve now had 4.

    I’m now pumping out code at a rate that can only best be described as “Absurd”. If I were a three legged prostitute, I swear that right now I could fight both a clown AND a shark at the same time. I can smell the colour plaid. It is a heavenly experience, strangely reminding me that I, too, am not immune to the ill effects caused by narcoleptic pole-dancing swedish transvestites.

  22. Kristin

    I love you Canadians. I really, really do. And I certainly do agree that you are terrifically dashing in real life, Rob.

    Ramón better not have bird flu. But if he does, we should all chip in and buy him wanking sleeves so that his bedrest can at least be somewhat enjoyable.

    …what? It made sense to me three seconds ago.

  23. Merton Sussex

    I just can’t help but think that if you guys spent even half as much time actually…y’know…WORKING ON THE COMIC as opposed to making constant excuses as to why it’s late AGAIN, you might be able to get up more than 17 strips a year.

    But maybe that’s just me.

  24. Katz0rz

    Rob looks suspiciously like an altered version of Johnny Depp in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

  25. Spork

    Another week, another delay, another set of elaborate excuses for not having three or four in the hopper in advance.

    The more things change…

  26. Masamundane

    Hey Spork, how’s your web comic coming along?

  27. Rob

    Easy now kids… everyone is entitled to their thoughts. I know it is hard being without the BNS at times, and unfortunately the strip is a collaborative entity. That means more disagreements, more nitpicking over fine details, harder to get coinciding scheduled times to meet and discuss, and sadly if one goes down to illness we are delayed. We hit double the setbacks on all accounts due to the fact that we both lead busy personal and professional lives as well as other creative endeavors.

    BNS is about the love and we love making it. We must however take the bumps in the road to get where we want to go. We’ll see you all next week. And Spork, if you do have a webcomic I’d love to see it. The more the Merrier!

  28. Mysti

    No love for the states, eh? S’okay… I don’t like being here much either.

  29. danielle

    HEY! I know that photo. You were making coffee for the cutest girl at the convention, as I recall…

  30. Mothra in NYC

    Actually, I rather like the elaborate excuses. They’re entertaining in their own way. Carry on, boys; I’ll still enjoy reading the strip, whenever the heck it comes out!

  31. Angelique

    So uh… Rob *cough*… you mind if I .. uh… make love to your vernacular… a bit??…. Just a bit though. Like, I wouldn’t want to … you know… creep you out or anything… Just wondering.

  32. Ms. Sdhesive

    I, too, am enjoying a nice cup of Tim’s regular with a cream and an ice cube. The ice cube will prevent the “omg-the-cup-is-about-to-explode” face. 😉
    Thank goodness you Northern Neighbors have opened Tim’s down here in Buffalo, NY. I was getting sick of the traffic on the bridge for my once weekly cup of joe.

  33. sunshinegetsmehigh

    Rob….the cartoon does you no justice….you are a hottie. 🙂

  34. ravidizh

    Rob so cute!♥
    hope you feel better soon, Ramon!
    …better not that soon, it wouldn’t bother me to see some more pics of Rob 😀

  35. Kathleen

    I must agree Rob is extremely cute!
    Those glasses are way hot too! 😉

  36. Branwen

    Ramon needs OJ, bed rest and Airborne. Provide, Rob, provide… ^_^

  37. Kat

    You are a total hottie.

    Call me sometime.

  38. pete

    even tho there isnt a stip this is still a funny or prob better than one..
    and the bird flu comment just makes it all the much better

  39. Andre

    I swear i can see poker hands in your glasses. xD

    Nice pic.

    Hope Ramon gets better quick. I need my fix.

  40. Shari

    awww hope Ramon gets better…he always seem to come down with something.
    And Rob whenever u jus happen to be in Jamaica… 😉

  41. amy

    i guess the bird flu must have gotten ramon. alas, there is no new strip (or excuse) this week. how sad. =(

  42. Usivius

    this is hilarious, yet oh so real…
    the only two things that cause more talk in Canada are the weather and hockey.

    let the cliches continue..

  43. Dudewithwings

    Do not fear for this picture has filled us with enough delight and laughter that he have not the slightest bit of discouragement of having you on our favs.
    Vince looks much more charming in person =)

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