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May 4th, 2008


hey there one and all!



life got in the way.

but all is good 🙂 


  1. LexIcon

    Longtime reader, firsttime poster. Really looking forward to at least a few more years of BNS, so keep on trucking guys! Always a pleasure to see Ramon and the gang, especially after dealing with this hellish Florida summer heat all day.

  2. Laurel

    I too am a long time reader and a first time poster! =D
    Keep making awesome!

  3. In the Lurking...

    Hey, you should know that the link from the “full circle” still directs to the “Special bulletin… ” rather than the “attica!”

    I am love your work, Ramón e Rob!

  4. Spork

    You do realize you borked the navigation when you deleted that last post like the chickens**t you are, right?

  5. ltb

    Hey Ramon…I think my brother mailed you about using BNS characters in our last comic. Uh…I hope that was…okay?

  6. Samuel

    “I DO have a taser.”


  7. Ramon

    actually spork, thanks for bring that to my attention. it was just the word press cache that was screwing up. all fixed now.

    i wish i could be as big a man as you 🙂

    and ltb, he did email us, though it was after the comic was posted 😉 you did do up the proper copyright stuff with a link, so that’s awesome. we’ll reciprocate the love…

  8. Rob

    My, my Spork… you do seem angry. Don’t worry, your bold comments have wounded us deeply as I’m sure you’ve intended. I would like to respond directly to you to tell you how you’ve put me in my place but every comment you leave is with a fake email address. If you would like to tell me directly about our chickens**tted-ness please feel free to contact me directly at That is a REAL email address. Or if you like you could poke fun at us in the classical news fashion in your up to date weekly webcomic. Your scathing wit could surely do a number on us I am sure.

    “If you aren’t going to say something directly to someone’s face, than don’t use online as an opportunity to say it. It is this sense of bravery that people get when they are anonymous that gives the blogosphere a bad reputation.”
    -Mena Trott, Times Online, 12-06-06

  9. Jay

    What the heck does ‘Attica’ mean?

    To me it’s a prison or a city…

    I Googled it and I’m still missing the joke.

  10. Elena

    me thinks it pertains to this…

  11. Jay

    It’s from the movie “dog day afternoon”. Al Pacino says it because they are treating them like crap. It’s like telling unhappy inmates to “remember the alamo!”. Good movie.

  12. Mondo Kane

    Just glad to hear the birdflu didn’t claim you, Ramon. Stay healthy and keep drinking the lousy coffee… 🙂

  13. Lee

    had to google attica myself but still not sure what it was relating to in this context but from flicking through posts I’m guessing its riots 🙂

  14. DT Butchino

    Good strip Ramon 😉 Hey, I caught the last issue of Wildcat … AWESOME man!

  15. FarfellaDelFerro

    thank you for making me laugh every time.

    i think you are the only people who could use “attica!” and make it that frickin’ hilarious.

  16. Rob

    Jay and Lee are both on the right track. Attica was the location of a prison riot. In the movie “Dog Day Afternoon” there is a scene where a very young Al Pacino feels he is being treated unfairly by the police. He attempts to rise the crowd to his defense by chanting “Attica”.

    Here is a clip of that scene.

  17. ltb

    Hey just as a question…what did people think of our comic?

  18. tory

    rocking comic as always

    and rob… i find you so sexy right now…

  19. Rob

    What a coincidence! I find myself so sexy right now too!

  20. Tangerine Jones

    Two words for you:

    Strawberry Lemonade.

    Beats the everlovin’ shit out of overpriced coffee anyday.

    Also, I’ve surmised that the late posting is a part of a clever scheme to get us addicted to the comics on your “Friends” list so that we always stay within the grasp of the Squash. It’s a never ending circle of digital addiction.

  21. Shelby

    I was slightly confused until I realized that the bi-colored coin is a ‘toonie’.

    Damn me and my usa-centric ways. (Will they ever give up the dollar bill down here?)

  22. blaky

    ltb: uhm would love to look at said comic… but there is no link to it.

  23. blaky

    nm. forgot to click on your name. haven’t had my Timmies yet this morning.

  24. Serife

    *having just found out what Attica means and watching the YouTube link*

    Attica! Attica! Attica!

    I love this strip ^_^

  25. Usivius


    (sorry, had a sudden urge. Have bought. Have drunk. Now sated.)

    Great stuff guys!

  26. ImaBitSporkish

    I just saw someone named Spork be an ass on here and it gave me a jolt–that’s the name I usually use! How very disappointing. =(

    I’m lovin’ the comic, guys…I’m a Kukuburi reader as well and the stark difference between the two comics is great. =D Butternut and Kukuburi are by far my favorite webcomics. ^_^

  27. The master

    I can’t wait to see the General. I gave him that name. Oh, yes BNS fans I know the General. Ask for the story of where the name comes from.

  28. Erin

    Shelby Says:

    May 7th, 2008 at 9:34 am
    I was slightly confused until I realized that the bi-colored coin is a ‘toonie’.

    Damn me and my usa-centric ways. (Will they ever give up the dollar bill down here?)

    i love our toonies and loonies but really it is much cheaper to make bills then it is to make coins
    and i think if anything america should get $2 bills and there money should be more colourful
    like canada’s 😀 its so much more easier to grab out of a wallet

  29. ltb

    heres the comic

  30. Steve

    We do actually have $2 bills, however they’re not really in circulation. Mostly we just get them from our grandparents in birthday cards. If I wanted to though, I could cash my paycheck entirely in 2’s (if they had enough on site). Me being American and foolish, initially thought the coin was a Sacajawea dollar. Ha.

    post script: I’m not sure about the bills being cheaper thing. In the short run yes, but coins last basically forever, and if memory serves, a dollar bill is in circulation for about a year on average (please correct me if I’m making crap up).

  31. Rob

    Now for another Rob’s educational moment!

    Steve you are right about the sustainability of coins, our bank notes here, according to the Bank of Canada last for the following periods:
    $5: 1 to 2 years
    $10: 1 to 2 years
    $20: 2 to 4 years
    $50: 4 to 6 years
    $100: 7 to 9 years

    I’m sure an actual U.S. american dollar bill last even less time then the five. Check your pocket and see how many coins you have passing the ten year mark. I’ve got three pennies in my hand issued from 1993-1996. And besides cost, imagine making $50 and $20 coins instead of bills? Like to see those get counterfeited using an imac and a quality laser printer. Of course dropping a mitt-full of change would turn from slightly annoying to potentially bankrupting 😉

    That being said here’s some nifty pictures for those interested in the current thread!

    The Front side of the US $2 bill
    The Back side of the US $2 bill

    A couple different versions of our Canadian two dollar bill…

    And our Good old Canadian $2 coin the “Toonie”

    And if you think that’s weird check out our $0.25 dollar bill from the “Dominion” of Canada that we nicknamed the “shinplaster”

    The thought up but never really circulated Canadian $3 coin

    And our weird $4 bill that we had kicking around until we finally felt we had enough scratch to go with a fiver!

    Yay links galore and Currency Craziness!! To check out more of our colourful fun money just go to this website!


  32. Pants


    I adore you. You are completely insane.


    I adore you too, for almost the exact same reason.

  33. Usivius

    LOL … Rob, that’s the same kind of thoroughness I have come to learn and appreciate in kung-fu…

  34. karl

    Where’s my new Bubbernutter strip?! I needses it!!

  35. Øystein

    Hey Rob & Ramon! it’s almost thursday again and no strip? i’m getting serious abstinence… btw love your strip 😉

  36. Carleena

    Wow, wouldn’t that be beautiful? A square coin? (Even if it is a useless 3 dollars) I’ve never seen anything like it, but it’s just what we need to make our money more interesting. Either that or a square hole in the middle of a round coin, or different sizes of money like the Euro. I am of the opinion that our monopoly-style money is kind of goofy, that is, the new design. The old design was colourful but still elegant and practical. I miss it so much that I have one of those 2 dollar bills on my cork board at home (they stopped printing them shortly after I was born), and I save any old fiver’s I come across for a rainy day ^_^
    Yes I am a loser, but that’s okay cause obviously so is Rob!

    Your fellow cachinnatory currency cadger, Carleena

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