the general
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May 15th, 2008

the general

apologies for the sporadic updates of late.

our tardiness aside, i’d like to point you in the direction of two great webcomics:

gavin augthan’s BOYS WILL BE BOYS


MIGHTY MAU URBAN DEFENDER by mike garcia and tek rubio

if you have a moment lend these boys a bit of your attention.

and for all the canucks out there, HAVE A GREAT LONG WEEKEND!   


  1. Fettbert

    love it

  2. Kozy

    Great strip, as always Ramon. May I be so pedantic as to point out that it should be “Your co-conspirator”? Can’t help it. Still in paper grading mode.
    Carry on.

  3. Ramon

    noted and fixed. i don’t know what i was thinking, i blame fatigue 🙂

  4. Mondo Kane

    Selling a friend out for i) having a sex life and ii) free biscuits…

    Low, Ramon, low… I wouldn’t do it for any less than free coffee 😉

  5. Michael Cho

    This one cracked me up. “Mah wee amigo” got me. BTW, what’s in the glass case on the desk?

  6. Jason Truong

    Oh, this strip was full of awesomesauce!

  7. David T.G.Riches

    What kind of biscotti is worth selling a bro out for? I mean are we talking double dip chocolate expresso almond biscotti I would be tempted…
    BTW Happy Two Four aka Happy Victoria Day Weekend Everyone!

  8. Tek Rubio

    lol, very nice strip, that general guy seems to be a real hard cookie.

  9. LexIcon

    Hard cookie, Rubio? I mean, I love puns as much as the next guy, but ouch.

    LOL, anyway great strip as usual. Good to see the karmic balance shift back a little, Rob was enjoying quite the ride there.

  10. Rob

    Karmic Balance!? I was stuck in a coma for a year! I was tied to a wandering dog, left out in the rain and punched in the face. When someone finally found me again they used me as a LAMP! I was owed!!!

  11. kristina

    NOOOO, you can’t do it Ramon. How cruel, all lost for BISCOTTI!? :0

  12. Enjiru

    Free pastries are always a good enough reason.

    Also, I think there’s something messed up with the linking. There’s no forward link from attica to this one.

  13. redapples

    Your suggestions: Mighty Mau. The page layout is playful but with that crappy flash application its unreadable. Sorry.

  14. Chip

    Another hilarious strip.

  15. Bruce

    pure gold

  16. Crista

    Totally hysterical strip. I, however, would do it for free Biscotti for LIFE! Is that a hockey puck under glass?

  17. Usivius

    frik’n hilarious! I love that the General is wearing a Leaf’s jersey! LOL.
    And the hilarity of the notion that Rob must be consuming an insane amount of free coffee for there to be such a ripple in the “caffinated equilibrium”..
    frik’n LOL!
    love it!
    What will happen next? !! I can’t wait…!

    Happy Queen Victoria Day to all my fellow Canuks!

  18. Usivius

    Crista: yah, I do beLeaf it is a puck under glass.

    And waitaminute! Is it me or does The General look a bit like Rob?…..

  19. Tangerine Jones

    Ramon’s a hater.

    That being said, was it the chronic lack of continuous yum-yum that finally pushed him over to the dark side?

  20. BenPanced

    Wow, Ramon. Cheap date much?

  21. LexIcon

    @ Rob: I’ll give you the punch, but the coma didn’t seem to bad considering you were “absent” the whole time. Although burnt bacon IS a horrible reality to be trapped in.

    But be honest, which is worse? Paying for bad coffee and no sex, or burnt bacon and a black eye?


  22. Gray

    Ramon’s face at the end got me…ahahaha

  23. Cocodaye


    Seriously though, Im with Michael Cho, whats the thing in the glass case on the desk?

  24. Rob


    But I digress… what’s worse? Paying for bad coffee and no sex, or burnt bacon and a black eye and having the most amazing sex of your life and not remembering a single moment and thinking you’ve ruined any chance of even a taste of it again??

  25. dude

    Awsome stuff! One of the best in my humble opinion!
    Greets from Poland!

  26. LexIcon

    Alright, perhaps you did deserve some good compensation. But technically we had no proof that CoffeeGirl had sexcellent skills, merely that she is teh hotness.

    If she indeed possesses such skills, then I fully concede the point. That said, I can’t help but feel bad for Ramon some times. I’d swear you guys were following me and taking notes for him sometimes. 🙂

  27. Vins

    …mon chat s’appel mitaine 🙂

  28. Crista

    Since there are hockey undertones in this strip, let me just say (being a Pittsburgher)…GO PENS!!!

  29. Rob

    Go Leafs! Oh… really? Completely out hunh? That low hmm? Screw that GO LEAFS! NEXT YEAR!

  30. Tek Rubio

    he he no pun was intended, what i meant was that, The general made an offer Mr. Perez couldnt resist, just like the good old Godfather 😉 When we will see a BNS live action movie?

    great work as usual guys.

  31. Amoureux

    Oh my god.
    BNS Live action movie.
    I wonder who they would cast as our dashing leads? ^ ^

  32. Clyan

    It’s great!
    But why is “the General”‘s face always looking the same?

  33. James

    I figured it out! The General reminds me of Orson Welles!

  34. Secundus

    This is quite late, as I am rereading the archives (yet again). But am I mistaken, or is “mah wee amigo” a vague Girls With Slingshots reference? Or was it totally coincidental?

  35. Ramón

    i love danielle and we’ve partied many a time together…. but alas, this is complete coincidence.

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