the cookie or the compadre?
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May 22nd, 2008

the cookie or the compadre?

my good buddy karl (of THE ABOMINABLE CHARLES CHRISTOPHER) sent me a link this morning to a possible cola sighting at LIFE’S A BLUFF. i’m thinking that’s cola back there. damn that girl gets around…


  1. Carleena

    OMG hilarious. Good on you, fellow canuck. Thanks for an excellent comic.

  2. Bruce

    Do you really have to ask this question? WWCMD?

    (What Would Cookie Monster Do?)

  3. kristina

    oh no, something tells me Ramon’s going to regret his revenge…..

  4. Mondo Kane

    Revenge for taking liberties is one thing, but for cookies? Can’t be worth the heartache. Tread careful, Vengeance-Master Ramon!

    Who’s betting this special project is a gift for Ramon… what could it be though?

  5. onefalsemove


  6. Ramon

    oops! typo, will fix that tomorrow….

  7. Usivius

    LOL. great. I love how Rob wanders through everything, totally and blissfully unawares of the (oft’ negative) affect he has on people — ‘specially his buddy Ramon! tee hee

    And what kind of (yellow) credit card is that? At first I thought it might be a gold card of some sort … then I gots to thinking .. does ‘No Frills’ have a credit card …..?

  8. Lee

    brilliant… 🙂 this is one of the best web comics I’ve found!!

  9. dude

    Awsome stuff, guys.
    I send it to few fellas here in Poland and everybody, i mean EVERYBODY loved it.

  10. tek rubio

    LOL, what can i say? priceless :D,

  11. LexIcon

    I’m betting the Special Project turns out to be something for Coffee Girl, and that Ramon’s vengance makes it go bad/look wrong to her.

    Any way it falls, this comic is still awesome. Keep up the good work guys!

  12. Zolota

    Aww! In that Life’s a Bluff comic, there’s also a cameo of the little pug from, Oso. Cute stuff!

  13. Zolota

    Sigh– and I just realised that link won’t work because the comma was automatically included in the URL. Go check out (when you’re not enjoying the ever darling Butternut Squash, of course!).

  14. Zolota

    And I just noticed a possible Wapsi Square cameo as well? ( Cola’s not the only one who gets around!

  15. David T.G.Riches

    I predicte last week it had to be something like a double dip chocolate expresso almond biscotti to sell a bro out for. Anyone else notice the General looks a little like Rob with a Goatee?

  16. Snowpea

    Also in the Bluff comic, there’s Copper’s grumpy dog from

    And revenge will be sweet and possibly served cold. I’m thinking iced coffee.

  17. litchi

    Aaaahaha! good one. 🙂

  18. KT

    That is totally, confirmably Cola.

  19. Tangerine Jones

    I still think Ramon’s a hater. He’s totally pulling an Iago.

  20. Matt K

    What does a Gilbert Gottfried-voiced parrot have to do with anythi… oh wait….

  21. Kayota

    I see the makings of a high five helmet here…

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