from cats to kittens
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May 29th, 2008

from cats to kittens

something a little nifty happened last month, little ol’ me and my cohort in crime rob coughler, were nominated for a shuster award (again!) for outstanding canadian webcomic creator / creative team for our team effort on butternutsquash and my own kukuburi. go figure!

wish us luck!

the awards will be presented in toronto at the sequential arts symposium on june 14th.

beyond that, have a lovely day!


  1. Chris

    For some reason the comics not showing up, but no doubt its excellent. And congratulations on the award, its much deserved, as is The Abominable Charles Christopher’s nominations

  2. jay

    does the commic have boobs or is it non existant? heh, pace out, good work by the way and congrats n stuff

  3. Ramon

    GAH, i know why it’s not showing up!

    i accidentally left it cmyk mode, the mode i use to colour it in. when i’m done i convert it to rgb for the web.

    most browsers can’t read cmyk files, if you’re using safari it will.

    damn damn damn.

    i’ll have to fix it tomorrow as i don’t have photoshop on my laptop…

  4. Rob

    Should be fixed now. Some one let me know if it’s good.

  5. Kris

    I can see it just fine.

  6. Em

    Man, Rob is just messing everybody up these days! Poor Andy.

  7. kristina

    Man, I’d fall for those “kittens” any day!

    ok, all hell is going to have to break loose upon Rob now, he’s messed up life’s balance. It’s no longer Ramon vs. Rob!!

    I’ve been cheering you on Rob but watch your back! 🙂

  8. kristina

    oh, and I keep forgetting to give you my congrats! You guys deserve this award! I’ll keep my fingers crossed and all that stuff! [Not that you need that really]

  9. Mondo Kane

    Only one way to fix ’em, and that’s to cross the streams again!

  10. Tek Rubio

    Hey, so Rob is making life a little different for everybody? thats good and only naturl, since Rob got the Red haired girl he seems to have a “good luck” run, hehehe way to go Rob!

    excelent strip, Andy should consider getting some kind of “Tigers insurance”.

  11. Rob

    Hey don’t be hatin’. Andy’s tigers are probably a result of Karma. He did just break the heart of two girls with his wanton ways. And Ramon never showed any happiness for my finding the sweet love… he’s been bitter the whole time. NOT MY FAULT! Now the credit card thing well…

  12. Zolota

    “Rob Says:
    May 29th, 2008 at 10:03 pm

    Should be fixed now. Some one let me know if it’s good.”

    Nope, not good… it’s awesome as always!

    Also: I’m hoping for an unholy alliance between Andy and Ramon. I don’t really have anything against Rob (that credit card thing though, geez!), but I’d just love to see the other two work together.

  13. ..::beep::..


  14. Na No Da

    Good to hear!
    Good luck, loves.
    Hope you guys win.

  15. Mars


    good luck, well deserved.

  16. Rufflesal

    You deserve that award. I love your comic. My mum walked in on my reading it once. (feel…so…dirty…)

  17. Roscoe

    Darn Rob, Hasn’t he seen Ghostbusters? Knows he not what can happen if the beams are crossed?
    I actually really like this Comic, I never expected to have Andy’s eyes come into play again…..And it’s hillarious.
    Genius as always Guys.

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