the high five helmet
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June 13th, 2008

the high five helmet

rob = pure genius or a desperate man?

a day late, but that seems to be the theme of late. this tenancy thing is draining my creative impulses, but we’re persevering to keep the squash coming to ya!

for those who are in the toronto area this weekend, i will be at the SEQUENTIAL ARTS SYMPOSIUM. it is FREE ADMISSION, so please stop by. i’ll be doing sketches and will have original art for sale. for more info, swing by my art blog: CRANIAL PERCOLATIONS


  1. Usivius

    LOL… so Rob’s “high-five” denial from way back was taken on a madness-inspired idea …
    “life affirming” he said … how “life affirming” can it be to ‘high-five’ a mannequin hand?…
    tee hee

  2. Matthew Gallant

    ‘fraid it’s not displaying for me in Firefox, I believe you had a similar problem not too long ago. Based on the title alone it sounds great though 😛

  3. indeeme

    Not displaying for me either. I’m using FF too.

  4. Dean

    Not displaying for me either, using IE. GACK! Need my BNS fix!

  5. Ramon

    fixed 🙂

  6. Laurel

    what’s the picture in the background?
    it’s neat, and reminds me of Egon Schiele

  7. deABREU

    is that egon schielle on wall?

  8. Ramon

    egon schiele it is. one of my favourite artists…

  9. Chris


  10. Max

    You ever coming state side? like near Savannah/Atlanta Georgia?

  11. Mike P

    Top work as always Ramon, I was just randomly clicking through the archives and realised we haven’t seen Rusty for a while.

    Is he OK?

  12. LexIcon

    Good stuff once again. One day either you all are going to come down to Florida, or I’m going to win the lottery and spin up there in my new private jet to visit you guys.

    I’ll even buy the first round of coffee.

  13. Ratgirl

    Awsome! I want a hat like that!

    I have a friend who would give me that exact response too.

  14. Annie

    I read that as “final five helmet”. Too much BSG on the brain.

  15. Don

    I think Rob needs some protective eye gear if he’s going to be walking around like that. God knows I’ve seen some disastrous high fives in my time when the face was not aligned directly below the hand.

  16. soggyfritter

    Re: Annie

    Zomg, me too!

  17. MJ

    Ramon is that an Egon Schiele painting in the background?

  18. MJ

    OK so maybe I didn’t read the comments prior sorry for the waste of space 🙁

  19. JKPS613

    This…this…this is a FANTASTIC webcomic. I just read the entirety of it in one go, and it really is great. And the art! Heads and shoulders above other webcomics!

    Keep it up, for sure.

  20. Steve

    What can I say? One of the first comics I read in the morning & this one made me laugh so hard! Keep up the awesome work Ramon, and I hope the living situation works in your favor.

  21. Justin

    So that’s what was in the box a few pages back. BTW, love your work guys.


    Is it just me or is Ramon rocking an india jones look in this strip?

  23. Puzuma

    When does the High-five Helmet go on sale? I’ll take 2.

  24. kristina


  25. Penned Paper

    I want that helmet.

  26. Zolota

    Mmm, Ramon looks pretty damn cute in that hat and shirt. 😉 I also like the way he holds his coffee– same way I drink my tea!

  27. Spork

    Awesome strip. I really want a helmet like that.

  28. james brown

    lol funny

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