A Wee Interlude

As most of you probably already know, a great comedic mind passed away. George Carlin.

Though many comedians had some form of influence on me through the years this man always had it.

I grew up loving comedians like Bill Cosby, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jim Carrey, Jonathan Winters, Don Rickles, Dennis Leary, Billy Connely and so on and so on. These guys were great but I liked them in different phases of my life. The only constant was George. He always seemed to be right on the mark. If this name means nothing to you I suggest you google “Seven Dirty Words” and get enlightened now. His political and social humour was cutting, insightful and always hilarious. He was also the comedian that showed me how humour can be dark and still lift our spirits.

Life is a funny thing even at it’s worst.

We know that all good things come to an end but our icons sometimes make us forget that they won’t break the rule. So here’s to George Carlin. Thank you for the laughs, the lessons and the list.


previously on the update…

As you know Ramon is in the midst of many deadlines and the extremely disheartening landlord dispute. Luckily Ramon is tenacious and whatever the out come he will land on his feet. To pass the time I submit for your perusal a video link to a band called “Chattahoochee Payload”.

The band has a few guys from my hometown so send them some love by checking out their you tube link. Up their hits!



  1. Mangek

    Hope Ramon gets his landlord issue sorted.

    Catchy tune! :-]

  2. Spork

    Um, yeah. I’m really pulling for Ramon now, too. I don’t think (edited sorry Spork If you want to comment on the video please use the you tube side were you can leave both ratings and comments)(To all out there Spork thought the video wasn’t his cup of tea)

  3. Simon

    Hmm… Is this another comic entering the doldrums? I’ve seen several really good ones come to a standstill this year, and I’d hate for the ‘squash to be one of them.

    Sadly, after the whole guest-artist episode, I find myself checking the site more sporadically than I used to.

  4. Rob

    Hey it’s only been one week off… give it a chance.

  5. Usivius

    … mmm, i guess this is where we separate the BNS Army recruits from the window-shoppers….

    BNS forever!!!


  6. Ramon

    lookit rob, posting pretty pictures of himself!

    greetings all, as rob mentioned i, along with 30 other tenants, are about to embark on a legal dispute with our landlord. it’s not pretty and it’s eating into any spare time i have as well as my creative energies. things are especially coming to a head this week, it being the end of the month, and my landlord threatening to change the locks on me.

    so please keep your fingers crossed.

    i hope this is resolved positively for myself and my fellow tenants, it’s a great artistic community that i live in and i’d hate to see it succumb to the machinations of an evil landlord.

    i hope to be back soon so rob and i can get the squash up and running full tilt again as we have some great strips planned that we’ve been laying the groundwork for.

    if you wanna stay posted on what’s going on check up on my twitter status in the sidebar, otherwise i leave rob to handle the reigns on the squash!

  7. Bruce

    That picture of Rob is missing the crucial high-five helmet. . .

  8. Penned Paper

    Good luck you guys! :

  9. kristina

    good luck Ramon. We’ll still be here when things perk up for you, in the mean time we get to know Rob better. 馃檪

  10. Annie

    Oh dear god, Rob looks like a guy I briefly dated. I’m never going to read BNS quite the same way again.

    Rob: it’s not an insult to you; just very odd for me.

  11. Rob

    Ummm thanks?

  12. Mars

    You guys take your time, I’ll never stop checking up on BNS.

  13. Sihaya

    Not George! Party on, dude. Wherever you are, party on.

  14. Amras

    hope the legal dispute will work out at your advantage

    to bad that Carlin past away i first saw him on jay and silent bob strikes back and later on found more of his brilliant comedy work

    you shall be missed

  15. Lee

    patient is a virtue so I’m sure we’ll all wait till things are a go-go :)… (yep, that was meant to be cheesy folks!)

  16. Christopher

    Hey, I’m all with you on your feelings about George Carlin. His comedic genius helped to shift and shake up all I thought about comedy and how you can, if you try, make ANYTHING funny. He was a Wordsmith, a man of great character, and consistent in his life’s work all to the end. I had wanted to see him for 15 years, but as life gets moving, I was never able to. Just this March I made the trip out to see one of his shows, and was awed to sit in his presence, finally after such a long time hearing him from recordings. He was hilarious, and I was quote glad that I went. I have passed a letter on to his family with my condolences, and I would recommend anyone else that cared enough for this man’s humor and absolute take-no-bullshit attitude to do the same.

    Here’s to Carlin! A man that will be forever remembered as the Dirty Old Man! I wonder if he’s smiling down upon us, and grinning up at us? hehe.


  17. Matthew

    George was a genius whos wisdom and humor will long outlast his life.

  18. Brittany

    Hey, long time fan, first time posting. Thought I’d let you know that my prayers are with you Ramon! Hope everything works out okay!

    Thanks for uplifting my spirits every Thursday!

  19. Penned Paper

    7 words:

    shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker, tits.

    May this epic man RIP.


  20. Douglas

    I hope Carlin shows up in the strip a la Dean Martin.

  21. Iku

    Oh gods… Ramon looks like my current boyfriend. That’s somewhat creepy.

    No insult to you, mate, but that’s creepy. Espescially because, in my mind, my darling boyfriend is a moron. But I love that moron anyway.

    And ow, he just punched me for calling him a moron. Albeit, playfully…

    Beat him Ramon! I’m a lawyer, so yeah! I really hope I’m not involved… But, I don’t think I can be, living in California…

  22. sarah b.

    good luck, ram贸n!

    i found kukuburi about a week and a half ago and just read through all BNS’ archives today, and i am very impressed with your art. plus this is hilarious!! that never hurts. i’m looking forward to more.

  23. Alacrity

    And now a word from the American Apples growers association… “FUCK PEARS!”

    I love you george and miss you already

  24. Pascale

    I know him from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Farewell George!

  25. webchameleon

    I don’t miss him.

  26. Spork

    This interlude has now exceeded its ‘wee’ designation.

    That is all…

  27. Ramon

    mr. carlin you will most definitely be missed..

    thank you all for the kinda words and support.

    @iku, he must be a damned handsome fellow!

  28. Klappstuhl

    Cheers to the man; No one handled a heckler like him!

  29. Lauren Dunbarr

    I hope you find time to relax.:) U do to much work.:/

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