an observation
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July 3rd, 2008

an observation

greetings all,聽i apologise for my absence, and that of the squash. thankfully rob has been ever present to entertain you all with his wit and charm.

as some of you may know, from either what rob has posted or what you may have read on my kukuburi comics blog, is that i am embroiled in a little bit of a legal battle with my landlord. it’s just not me, but myself and about 40 other tenants! i’m one of the pseudo ringleaders, and because of this it has been eating up my time to no end. so much so that i haven’t actually done paying work in over a month!

so my current orders of business are save my home and make some damn money.

i hope in the spare time i can squeeze in i’ll be able to, along with rob, bring you the squash. albeit the way things are going for the foreseeable future the squash is 聽probably going to fall into a bi-weekly schedule. it’s the best i can do considering the circumstances.

i’ll see if i can convince that rob fellow to do something on his own, perhaps ressurrect his rants, on the opposing weeks.

till next time my friends, wish me luck…聽


  1. Shari

    whoooooo finally ive been waitin for so long for this n it was sooo worth it….novice fister…heee

    And good luck to u Ramon hope evrythin works out

  2. Ryan

    Sir – good luck.

  3. luke racin

    …good to have you back 馃檪

  4. Rico

    Bwahahahahahaha… “for the novice fister”…LMAO.
    Cracking me up, guys.

  5. Brittany

    Good luck dude! I hope you get to keep your apartment!

  6. Max

    Good Luck

  7. Lee

    dude, if they’re this funny biweekly then no one will complain!!

  8. Gray

    I feel your pain Rob. When people taunt me I usually opt for the “Fist in Gut” approach.

  9. Pan


  10. Squash » an observation

    […] an observation […]

  11. Dude

    Hey, good luck dude, hope everything works out.

  12. Ramon

    thank you all for the support and it’s good to be back!

  13. ..::beep::..

    “Smooth Infiltrator”. Ah, gawds…. 馃榾

  14. Jeremy

    Here’s hoping you have much luck with the landlord situation, Ramon. It more than sucks when you get stuck there.


  15. kristina

    OH…MY…GOD!!! I truly LAUGHED MY ASS OFF reading this. My coworker looked at me funny. So funny! ahhh, thanks!

  16. Kale

    I hope everything works out well for you and the other tenants. May you overthrow his evil-ness, and make yourself some monies to eat every once in a while. Even if it goes bi-weekly or bi-monthly, I’ll still faithfully read the ‘squash, it’s too damn funny and well one to abandon in the cyber-gutter.

    and rants from Rob “The Tool” would be awesome.

  17. John Evans


    I just wanted to say:

    (1) Thank you for the strip, it’s one of my favourite things out there.

    (2) Don’t worry about it not being updated that regularly. My thoughts are with you during yr struggle with yr landlord!

    Peace, love & Jack Daniel’s,


  18. Matthew Witters

    Good luck Ramon, your loyal fans at Palladium will have your bank man! Whatever you need just ask!

  19. Matthew Witters

    err… back… lol

  20. Brown Suga'

    Just finished whatever you’d done for BNS until now. Hope the landlord issue gets sorted out — landlords everywhere are a pain, aren’t they?

    Good luck.

  21. Also Ryan

    I could only wish that my life had this much awesome crap in it

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