spring cleaning
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July 17th, 2008

spring cleaning

apologies for the absence last week, things have been continuing down the crazy path in my life.

i want to give a shout out to a buddy of mine starting up his own comic, it’s JESUS THE AWKWARD YEARS by chris henderson (he’s the fellow i know), matt burke and (hell, i didn’t know there was a third guy)deann parker. click on the link when you have a moment…

i’ll see you in two! rob’s in charge of entertainment next week 🙂


as some of you may have noticed the site has been upgraded to a newer comicpress. this is something that i’ve been tweaking with in the background when i want to get away from the drawing table. the new site isn’t done by any means, but it was ready enough to go live. the main reason being i wanted to make it easier for rob to make his posts directly to the front page, as well as having them showcased there as the main comic continues.

to all those that have been around since the dawn of the squash you may remember “rob’s rants” they were a feature here back in 2003, and ended at the beginning of 2004. man’s that’s forever ago!

anyway. with rob’s new section, the rants have been re-uploaded with their original post dates of 2003/2004 intact. the man has a way with words so if you’re new and haven’t perused his observations click on the “rob’s rants” section under categories in the sidebar, or up top on the menu bar!

up next, is the return of “ask evan…”



  1. Brown Suga'

    Glad to see you popping in despite the offline-life madness! Hope you’re keeping your head above water…

  2. Laura

    Too funny, I never understood why guys thought that was effective…

  3. Spoonifur

    Did you change over to the new comicpress? Was reading through the archive when the page suddenly changed. ;__;

  4. Ramon

    heh, yep.

    wanted to bring in a secondary blog to make it easier for rob to post his rants and such…

    it’s a work in progress 🙂

  5. Speegon

    haha! Yeah… It didn’t work for me, either.

  6. Keltera

    Good luck on life, it can beat you up some times 😛

    Ran into Rob at my grocery store, how funny

  7. slkinsey

    Your friend’s Jesus, the Awkward Years site tried to unleash a shitstorm of malware onto my computer. Just FYI.

  8. Ramon


    i’m sorry to hear that. i have passed on your comment to him. he’s fairly new to the online comics, so maybe he funked something up.

  9. Jimbo

    Hehe, we’ve all tried it. Good luck on the flat situation, Ramon, give ’em hell!

  10. sunshinegetsmehigh

    Ha, love it. Good to hear that your still around and haven’t forgotten us little people.

  11. Jaz

    Yo! I saw Rob at the store, by the way! I was too preoccupied with bugging my fiance to let me get to iced tea to say hi though…


  12. snotty

    did you make that twitter widget yourself? i can’t find it anywhere else.

  13. Ramon

    @snotty, yep i did. to a degree, anyway.

  14. mxyzptlk

    *sigh* the key is not shaving it all… it’s trimming the foliage back. Then there’s something to build the illusion. Simply shaving it makes you look pre-pubescent. Silly Canuckleheads…

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