And now for something… completely different.
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July 26th, 2008

And now for something… completely different.

So as Ramon mentioned I am in charge of this weeks offering. So here it is. The first episode of Garden Variety, A little strip I’ve created revolving around the mysterious lives of lawn ornaments. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more time to get subsequent strips up in the future. As well I may actually get someone to fill the art duties on my behalf… or not… I’m quite fickle that way. You’ll be able to meet other gnomes such as Gunther and his yet unnamed brother, the flamingos Gary and Lois, Duke the silhouette cowboy, Fitz the tweaked out Hummingbird and many more! Hope you enjoyed the tease. 

We should be back with our regular BNS strip next week.

Till next time…



  1. Pan


    Whenever I don’t want to disclose my address, I ALWAYS say 16 Blueberry Lane! Damn you for stealing my fictional alibi!

    I shall be interested to continue stalking and gain more precious knowledge 😛

  2. onefalsemove

    Way to go Rob!

  3. Old Bogus

    And I thought that was McSame!

  4. Usivius

    heheh .. nice one, Rob. I was kinda hoping we would see a BNS drawn by you..

  5. Puzuma

    That’s just twisted enough to pique my interest. How soon before Seamus beats the tar out of the Roaming Gnome?

  6. James

    How did you decide on his name? I mean, is there a particular Gnomenclature? *ducks flying projectiles*

  7. kristina

    I love it, can’t wait to see more!

  8. Usivius

    i’m curious about the fisherman …

  9. Tec Rubio

    that gnome looks really mean,

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