words of wisdom
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July 31st, 2008

words of wisdom

well this woulda been up sooner today, but my server was down. but as you fine folks are waiting two weeks between updates i doubt a few hours really matters! 

the bi-weekly schedule continues for the near future as i drown in work and prepare for my case hearing regarding my landlord next week. the landlord of which is now playing hardball trying to slap me with fines and take me to a higher court. ah, what a quality individual.

send me your good vibes my fine feather friends, i’m gonna need it!

and as for next week, i think we should harass mr coughler for another ‘garden variety’ moment! if you missed it, simply click on the back button to take you to rob’s lil’ pet project…






  1. Danny Truong

    Good luck Ramon! Keep fighting for what you believe in!

  2. Kristen

    Everyone can use a little more lawn gnomes in their lives! Good luck with the legal stuff. I’m sure it’s draining your soul, but it’s very honorable of you.

    Ramon, you missed a good time at SDCC. I stopped by Cameron’s booth on Friday and Saturday. I never realized how hard you exhibitors work! I wish I wasn’t such a poor college student and could buy more. Cameron and I tried to get together for drinks later, but we were both busy. Oh well, there’s always next year!

  3. kristina

    Keep your chin up! Love the comic!

  4. Mondo Kane

    Never thought I’d see the day Andy would say something I’ve been saying for years 😀

    Best of luck Ramon – I is sendin’ da positive vibes.

  5. Brown Suga'

    Good luck!

  6. Usivius

    OK, good vibes coming…~~~~~~~~

  7. LexIcon

    Beware: incoming good vibes!

    Good luck on your current and upcoming tribulations.

  8. Timothy G.

    Good luck man, don’t take no guff from those swine!

  9. Ratgirl

    Great, now I’ll never trust a guy who tells me the size of his junk… lol

    Good luck with the legal stuff.

  10. roxshouldbedoingsomethingelse

    I’ve got a friend who’s spent years applying this technique.. and it actually works, too!

  11. kori


  12. bethany

    Treading on thin ice with this one boys…some women may walk away thinking it to be less valuable than their time deserves. If you keep her guessing until the “deal has been sealed” you are more likely to receive repeat business.

  13. bill

    All for the best Ramon, take it to em!!

  14. A-Dawg

    Good luck Ramon on your legalities. Ontario housing laws can be tough, not to mention the frequent changes constantly being made to them. Excellent artwork and story; keep up the good work!

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