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August 10th, 2008

Garden Variety Too!!!

Alright kiddies, I know it’s a few days late but as I’m on my own with this one and I’ve learned about deadlines from a bunch of artists I’m sure you’ll understand. I hope you like the second installment of Garden Variety© as I’ve had fun dreaming it up. Hopefully these creative endeavors will motivate me enough to finish my movie scripts as well ;).

So until next week when we have the good ol’ Squash back up to the plate make mine Marvel!

Excelsior!!! Whoah… where the hell did that come from?



  1. LexIcon

    Rob: now spontaneously channeling the ghost of Stan Lee?

    Wait, he’s not dead… how does that work?

  2. kristina

    ha, cute! I love your gnome guy!

  3. kayota0

    -eats Rob’s face- OMNOMNOMNOM >.>

  4. Angela

    This comic is just amazing. Pure and simple.
    I found it a while ago but then I lost the link D: I’m glad I found it again!

  5. Spork

    I really wish you’d stop flinging your feces onto my monitor like some kind of stupid digital monkey webcomic artist.

  6. Gerbil

    Hey Spork if you don’t like don’t come back! Quite whining about it. Can you do any better? I’ve read through a bunch of these posts and all you do is fill it up with Verbal diarea. Great comic Guys I even like the garden gnomes to. Ignore the Mom’s basement dwelling mouthbreathers like Spork. They only bitch cuz their have no life of their own

    For Realz

  7. David T.G. Riches

    Page 20 of the Now Toronto Weekly for August 21-27 has a picture of Ramon and his home and an article on the landlord tennant dispute.

  8. Rob

    Alright Gerbil, let’s tone it down now. As we’ve said always said everyone is entitled to their opinion even Spork. And now to Spork I will quote myself from a previous May 4th comic strip posting.

    “I would like to respond directly to you to tell you how you’ve put me in my place but every comment you leave is with a fake email address. If you would like to tell me directly about our chickens**tted-ness please feel free to contact me directly at That is a REAL email address. Or if you like you could poke fun at us in the classical news fashion in your up to date weekly webcomic. Your scathing wit could surely do a number on us I am sure.

    {If you aren’t going to say something directly to someone’s face, than don’t use online as an opportunity to say it. It is this sense of bravery that people get when they are anonymous that gives the blogosphere a bad reputation.}

    {-Mena Trott, Times Online, 12-06-06}

    Don’t use anonymity to splash our page with crass analogies constantly. If you don’t like what we have then quit reading. We really aren’t forcing you to do so, and this site is for OUR artistic expressions so we could literally post pictures of digital web monkey feces on our site and that is our prerogative.

    We aren’t here to amuse you, we are here period. You can come by and check it out or not but don’t feel we owe you anything directly. We do appreciate our fans for sure but if you want to criticize try and at least be constructive or at least man up and verbally debate your point with us instead of crawling back into obscurity every time we respond to your little quips.

    Wit is a weapon sir, is yours sharp or dull?

  9. Rob

    P.S. Gerbil don’t call Spork names like mouth-breather. You also have a fake contact email so you’re kind of in the same boat of bashing without taking responsibility.

    I do appreciate you standing up for us but try and be more pleasant about it. Thanks man.

  10. kingmonkey

    Hey Rob, I think I found your bike.

    Apparently some douchebag had 2,396 stolen bicycles. One of them may be your old one. (By the way, I donated to the Sonofabitch Stole Ma Bike fund and never got the promised loot. I hope you at least got my donation, and a new bike, brother.)

  11. Remillard


    Nicely put. Fortunately there are some here who appreciate the work that goes into BNS. Unfortunately, I was obviously operating under a gross misapprehension. I honestly thought you WERE here to amuse me.

    HOpefully see you at FanExpo this weekend.

  12. micsnap

    hey guys i’m a huge fan and i was wondering how you guys created this webcomic and website. Anyway good job with garden variety and great job with BNS.

  13. Jonboy

    So… Whens BNS back? 🙂

  14. Ramon


    i disappear under a psychotic workload and come back to monkey feces? not here to amuse you?

    this is all crazy talk.

    @micsnap, we use wordpress and comicpress manipulated to suit our desires. meander over to for all the necessary installations and instructions.

    @Jonboy, i’m aiming for this thursday.

    i just want to say thanks to everybody who swung by the convention this past weekend to say hello. it was great meeting you all!

    i love working on the squash with rob, unfortunately sometimes life gets in the way. i’ve made this statement from the beginning, and sometimes i have to step aside and take care of pertinent business, whether it be work, personal or current tenancy court battles.

    and, yes, we are here in an attempt to amuse you. i don’t know were rob came from with that one…

    see you all thursday!

  15. Rob

    Let me reiterate the point I was making. We are not here to specifically to amuse Spork. We put up what WE find amusing and hopefully YOU get a chuckle out of it as well. Whether you love it or not there is someone else that week who gets it or enjoys it. In those weeks we are here to amuse THEM. In that week YOU will just have to wait your turn to be amused later.


  16. Michael Cho

    I am completely amused at this exchange!

  17. Remillard

    Okay; consider me amused.

    Thanks guys.

    (Most fun you can have without a new strip.)

  18. Spork

    Whatever. The Rob strips still lick a dead donkey’s nutsack in terms of art, coloring, humor and overall quality.

    Ramon, life is always getting in your way. You’d have to apologize a whole lot less if you either ditched any and all attempts at a schedule, did a shit pile of strips in advance, or bought yourself a day runner.

  19. Spork

    I can’t draw and write a web comic, And since I live at home and am unemployed, it is fully within my rights to shoot off my mouth. I’m self-entitled. I don’t have to respond in a witty manner if I don’t want to either cause I think donkey nut sacks are both funny and tasty.

  20. Kristen

    I think it’s sweet that Ramon apologizes for, oh no! actually having a life that doesn’t revolve around doing something he doesn’t get paid for. It shows he cares what his readers think. This should be fun and silly, but whoa, this is serious to you…and funny to me.

  21. Puzuma

    Hmm. After talking to some of my friends that do their own web comics it seems there was no notice sent out saying that all web comics must meet Spork’s standards.

    While you are entitled to your opinion Spork, based on your comments that I’ve bothered to read you seem to be the kind of idiot that would contract E.coli from a restaurant and continue to eat there simply to whine and moan about it. “There’s the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.”

    As for Rob and Garden Variety…. I’ve seen worse. At least it’s not stick men.

    Ramon- (insert favorite cheesy happiness cliche here). I’d like to say your in my prayers but I’d be lying, so I’ll just sacrifice a few goats and maybe a virgin (no, not you Rob) and hope your landlord crap gets sorted out soon and in a favorable manor. I look forward to seeing something new.

  22. PomPom

    I’ve been following this for the past week, I can see where Rob was coming from- this comic is here *peroid*. If you don’t like it, don’t caome back to whinge. If anything, at a guess, i suggest constructive criticism.
    PS- I for one like this comic and wish Ramon all the best in his challenges.
    PPS- Puzuma: stick figures are not all bad, check out ^.^

  23. distantvoices75

    Well, now, I gotta come out of the lurking.

    @spork: You are of course entitled to your opinion, but I for one ‘d rather you present it in a subtle, decent manner as befits responsible grown-ups without that awful cussing which might induce easily intimidated persons to produce a vast amount of sounds, from harmless coughing to really impressing retching. Be anonymous as wanna be, but your way is the honourless way. Mark: even if you do know, how it is not done, better stay silent about that around fella’s who do it exactly that way. In short, leave them alone, leave this place alone, if you don’t like it, and quit that cussing.

    @Ramon: Oh, I’d even go farther than PomPom – I’d get a pentagram tattooed on my forehead and my left buttock and then summon some really ugly demons outta kukuburi underworld to scare the bejeezes outta that landlord. How’s that business going anyway? I hope it works out in your favour. 🙂

    Besides – I like what you guys are putting up here. Garden Variety ‘s got a different knack of humour than BNS, so what; and the art is appropriate for a comic.

  24. selectiveapathy

    Hey guys, I’ve just recently stumbled upon you and am very impressed with the content, I was just wondering if there was gonna be an update of any sort sometime soon?

  25. sc

    @ distantvoices75: how do we know spork is a responsible grown-up? how do we even know he is an adult at all? for all we know, spork is but a sad, sad 13-year old, who has never seen the light of day.

    as much as I can’t wait for ramón to return, it’s nice to see some variety once and a while.

  26. PomPom

    Pom again!
    Distantvoices75- you have a few good points but i’m targeting this one: as much as i love the artwork in Ramon’s regular comics, Rob’s style is also appropriate for a comic- check out the comics in newspapers, they focus on the punch line and are good for a giggle! Hope we get to see more comics both of the guys and best wishes to you both in the meantime 🙂

  27. Rob

    Alright guys, let’s put the brakes on the Spork bashing. If you haven’t noticed, his comments are usually potty mouthed and childish but he also never seems to be able to defend himself against verbal combatants when we retaliate against him, so it is really unfair to continue picking on him this way.

    We really don’t take anything he has to say to heart and God knows I’ve tried to bring out some form of verbal jousting but it is all for naught. People will shoot off their mouths it’s just one of life’s little truths.

  28. Andre

    Unfortunatly, you’re right.

    Concerning the comic, i love it.

  29. Spork

    Oh, settle down, Rob. I can handle it just fine.

    What I think is really funny is how when I attack the work, people attack ME in response. THEN, have the audacity to call me childish.

    Critiquing the work, no matter how harshly, is just that. A commentary on the work. I didn’t call Rob names, I didn’t call Ramon names, I didn’t attack them personally at all.

    Yet, Rob, and Ramon to a much, much, lesser degree respond as if personally affronted and accosted. A very strange response from people maintaining an internet business based on begging for handouts for producing work to be enjoyed. Yet, when you don’t enjoy it, or you don’t get it according to the self-established schedule, don’t you dare criticize any of it! No, no, no. It’s free, you see?

    Free is this magical shield against any and all complaints. American Idol is free, but it’s terrible shit. Drop a dog turd into a bowl of soup you hand out at the soup kitchen for homeless vets who hear voices from fire hydrants, and you’d better expect a complaint or two.

    But, if it’s a webcomic, watch out, buddy! You ain’t got no right, and the slavering hordes of crotch-sniffing webcomic zombie fans will thrash you a good one with baseless fucking personal insults, and high-minded, holier-than-though bashing, too!

    My anonymity. Well, I really don’t give a flying fuck up a cat’s asshole if you like it or not. I could easily make up a fake, but real-sounding, name and post under that. I could be David Davidson, Ryan Seabastian-Smythe, Penelope Christ, Ayn Pollack, or Suzie Perkins. Or, I could refuse to play your entirely fictitious internet-name-game and post under a pseudonym and be completely honest about desiring my anonymity. All you have to do, is fuck off.

    Let me boil down my criticism of this lousy fucking strip to its base elements:

    It really, really sucks. Do better.

    To boil down my criticism of Ramon’s ability to maintain a schedule:

    You can’t. Stop trying to do it, and you’ll stop apologizing.

  30. PomPom

    “really wish you’d stop flinging your feces onto my monitor like some kind of stupid digital monkey webcomic artist” – This is not “Critiquing the work”. You’re on the internet, go find some constructive tips on critiquing.
    “stupid digital monkey webcomic artist” is a personal insult.
    Also, in regards to your harsh commentary on the comic strip and not attacking them personally I ask this: do you get offended when people give you shit because you live at home and are unemployed??
    Find something useful to do and stop wasting your time acting like a turd.

  31. PomPom

    PS- this is not your webcomic, you are not the boss, you have no right to tell anyone involved with this site to “do better”

  32. Rob

    Well Spork if you feel this web comic is not to your high standards then really… quit reading it. I agree… I think most reality television including American Idol is a waste of my time. So what do I do? I don’t watch it. I don’t go back every episode and call in to complain or post on their website using fecal related analogies.

    And if you think making cracks at a person’s own artistic expression is not a personal attack then I guess there is no reason to even try debating with you.
    “Hey Picasso! Cubism sucks! No offense Eh?”

    If there is a story element, a use of colour or evening a way you find it could have been better then go ahead tell us we don’t mind criticism. If every time in school you did a project and your teacher just shouted out “It looks like dog crap!” and walked away.. that is the equivalent of how your “critiques” have gone every time.

    As well if I had ever seen you post a single comment that said you liked or enjoyed a strip I would take more of what you said with a grain of salt but what you do is more like a tantrum for a kid not getting it his way.

    We’ve carried on for over 5 years here. Aside from the time people were gracious and generous enough to aid me when my bike was stolen, we don’t get many hand-outs. We have a “tip jar” icon where people can donate if they wish as websites do cost money to maintain, but fans only used once in a blue moon. (Thanks to those that have in the past) so we pretty much cover all our costs and spends hours working to put a single strip up. No begging here pal. Begging is asking something for nothing.

    American Idol and soup kitchens get funding to do what they do (sadly American Idol gets way more talk about social injustice). We don’t, we slog away and do this on the side of our full time plus side jobs. As you so eloquently said in your rebuttal “Drop a dog turd into a bowl of soup you hand out at the soup kitchen for homeless vets who hear voices from fire hydrants, and you’d better expect a complaint or two.” We’ve heard more then a complaint or two from you. Even a crazy veteran would get out of the soup line by now.

    Give me some qualitative criticism instead of quantitative criticism and you would have my respect. What you’re doing right now is the curse of the internet, where even a child mashing keys can be posted for hundreds of thousands to see.

  33. forumpostar

    Here’s the link to the story:

  34. talkie

    @Rob “Hey Picasso! Cubism sucks! No offense Eh?”
    Can I get that on a tee shirt? I like the notion…

  35. Natasha

    O_O I think I love you O_O I love how you defend yourself, your work and your friends work against Spork <3 *sigh* and it’s true, cruelly criticizing an artists work is a personal attack, since artwork is almost entirely the persons heart and soul on paper/screen <3 Spork is …. rather strange to me… I’ve dealt with people like Spork before and a cowardly act it is to use anonymity on the internet so you can throw meaningless verbal assaults to whoever you please without the fear of physical/vocal reprisal, there is something… wrong with how Spork thinks… and you were so right when you typed “Even a crazy veteran would get out of the soup line by now” only a Mad cow would continue to batter an electric fence without learning to leave well enough alone, because it is sick in the head.

  36. Tim McCormack

    I don’t understand why you let abusive commenters continue to post. It’s detrimental to the community. At least use a disemvoweler or something.

  37. Ramón

    hey tim,

    at the end of the day i think these people make more fools of themselves than i ever could. by deleting or commenting on their hyperbole i am giving them what they want. recognition. i think bns readers who enjoy the strip and what we do are above what these individuals say.

    however, this disemvoweler thing sounds interesting…

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