love is the key
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September 25th, 2008

love is the key

greeting all!

it’s great to be back with the squash, my life has felt too wholesome without it! and that’s just not right…

i’d also like to give a plug to a fellow fan who has grabbed the reins and created her own wonderfully peculiar comic. check out BEAR NUTS by ALISON ACTON if you have a moment or if you’d like to procrastinate from something more productive…

mosey on back next week to see what our good man evan’s been up to.




EDIT: FIXED! (though i noticed how once money became involved comments went down to zero, no one wants to pay 2¢ for their 2¢?)



  1. Paul

    Welcome back!

    A great return, love the coloring.

  2. Kristen

    I never noticed Sydeny’s awesome rack and those curves! WOW. First Nadia’s ass, now Sydney’s boobs. I’m not too sure what that says about me, but yeah, I notice other girls! Deal with it. 😛

    And are you not familiar with the crazyness of the US economy? Economic “bailout” is not a happy statement. Combined with gas prices and the election? That would explain the money issue. I wouldn’t take it personal.

    BNS and Kuku are back; my webcomic life is great again. Now I can start pimping you out again! 🙂

  3. Usivius

    Woo hoo!
    Glad to have BNS back! And great to see the comic portrayal of the single man’s life, which I have left behind for many years (thank god)
    I was getting all this female perspective from Girls w/ Slingshots for so long…!
    Glad to have you guys back!
    (and, yah, comic boobs are sweet…)

  4. mm1

    Glad you guys are back, I’m a big fan.

  5. Jack

    Glad to have BNS back!

  6. john

    a long expected party… good to see ya!

  7. Petitbatho

    Excellent, BNS is back ! I’ll be checking regularly 🙂

  8. Mart

    hurrah for The Squash!!
    I’ve missed the butternutty-ness and glad to see sydney on me browser again 😉

  9. Mondo Kane

    Welcome back, Ramon! Here’s to much more unwholesomeness in your life 🙂

  10. CyCo

    Woo!! The ‘squash is back in action! 8]

  11. funfluff

    ooh yah! the squash is back in action!!!

  12. Mars

    YESSS! :fistpump:

  13. Xavier

    Facebook updates win!

    Welcome back Ramon

  14. Paul

    Hey Awesome your back! Have to say that when my wife and I stumbled upon you at the Toronto Fan Expo, talking to you was one of our major highlights. It’s great to get new Squash…Keep it coming! BTW any luck finding an old copy of the Butternut Squash book, I’d still like to pick it up.

  15. Angela

    Yes! Welcome back 😀
    I really like her…I hope Rob gets the courage to talk to her, again.

  16. Evan

    You were at the Toronto fanexpo? Curses… I didn’t notice BNS there. Welcome back though! It’s been a little more dull on the web without you.

  17. dolgen

    Yippeee the squash is back and my life is once more complete.

  18. m1lmartin

    Great to have BNS back. I really missed it. *tear*

    BTW, can we expect Ramon to get an epiphany? or Brunhilda to really make a name for herself? Just asking.

  19. clarke

    i’m so glad this is back online… i never gave up hope that i’d see you guys again. i’ve been hooked since ‘rosebud’.

  20. Dan

    NOES! I finished it!?! :'( This comic is so oar-some. *waits patiently for next strip*

  21. Jonboy

    Awesome art, as usual. Kinda dissapointed by the tired joke used though. 🙁

  22. cpip

    Yay! It is back.

  23. Ashley

    This has to be the funniest comic I have ever read…..WOW… Just like KUKUBURI I LOVE the color, story line!! AMAZING WORK!! This story line is hilarious! Keep up the good work!


  24. cynnammon

    Hey, Ramon, thanx for being so entertaining! keep it up!

  25. Natasha

    XD I agree with Kristen about Sydney, I find this new strip adorable XD

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