love go boom
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October 18th, 2008

love go boom

sometimes things don’t go the way we’d like them to in life. but we roll with the punches and move on with our lives. this could be constituted as a brief summation… or the beginning there of.

(rest assured the real life adrienne is not dead.)




  1. Justin

    Most comical kill off yet.

  2. Mondo Kane

    Awww… 🙁

    Where was the Holy Danza when Evan needed him?

  3. J. Peaslee

    WHY did you kill poor Adrienne?! Can she come back to life?

  4. Stina

    Whoa!That was traumatic and unexpected! Poor Evan! And Adrienne!

  5. john


  6. Carlo Zottmann

    Hah, wonderful. I liked it very much. 🙂

  7. imnotemily

    you like killing people via cars flying through guardrails off cliffs… is this some big fear of yours, or something? how… fruedian?

  8. Irish

    This strip’s cautionary tale about the dangers of being *too* observant…
    Ignorance is bliss…and in this case it’s survival as well.

  9. Will

    this is the kind of ridiculous squash action i’ve been missing for so long, thanks!

  10. Tarotrob

    Woah! Totally unexpected…

  11. Natasha

    D: Oh my God the spider I just want to squish him right now, QUICK damn you, before he gets away or all will have been in vain D:!

  12. Ann

    I can’t stop thinking that Evan looks like that guy from Myth busters lol

  13. Kristen

    I remembering reading somewhere that at least 10 spiders crawl across your face while you’re sleeping each year. I think he’d like it if you told him that fact 😛

  14. Vermillion

    LOL He blamed the spider when he was the one whose fault it was.

  15. Lee Cherolis

    I heard it said you actually swallow 10 or so spiders a year in your sleep. I would have much preferred to hear Kristen’s version of the fun-fact before I developed a neurotic and obsessive hatred of arachnids.

  16. Adam

    It’s got to be great to have a graphic artist friend who can figuratively destroy things for you.

  17. Kylogram

    Ten bucks says she returns a year and a half later with amnesia

  18. Chameleon

    oh damn… that sucks

  19. Chip Zdarsky

    I heard at least ten spiders a year fuck you while you sleep.

  20. The (webcomics) Critic

    *mouth open wide*
    That’s in such HORRIBLE taste I think I need to go throw up.

  21. NateBBQ

    So is the spider on the gearshift metaphorical for cobwebs on the “nob”?

  22. James

    But the thing is, the spider in the car probably *is* dead, thanks to Evan sacrificing Adrienne. Evan just *thinks* its the same spider. Speaking of sacrificing, I hope the story arc with Ramon earning a biscotti for sacrificing his friendship with Rob starts up again soon.

  23. LesIsMore

    I have no choice but to do this since nobody else has.


  24. George

    LesIsMore. Thank you.

  25. Anthony

    I needed that.

  26. Puzuma

    LOL! I hate spiders. I would have had the car hit a tanker truck of RAID though, just for the irony.

  27. forumpostar

    I wish you’d put the time into BNS that you do into Kukuburi. Kuku isn’t quite my thing…Of course it isn’t up to me how you spend your time…I’m just sayin’…I’m sure that there are as many of us who eagerly anticipate updates here as there…Maybe only update one at a time but alternate between the two?

  28. Ramon

    @forumpostar, i put an equal amount of time into both comics. the difficult part with bns is that it is a collaborative effort between rob and myself. so we have to find the time in both our oddball schedules to hook up and knock heads, come up with ideas and work from there. the problem with that, is that after a long week your brain is just burned out and trying to think of some funny is an uphill battle.

    with kukuburi i can write and draw as inspiration strikes. it’s all mine. if i were to do the same with bns i would be shutting rob out of the creative loop.

    that said, rob and i got together the other day and wrote out another 10 or so strips. so now i have something to work from and as my schedule permits i will draw away…

    i love both bns and kuku, i wish i could devote all my days to them and other projects that i have percolating in my brain. but until they become financially self-sustaining they will suffer because of work obligations, which i wish wasn’t the case.

  29. forumpostar

    Thank you for your response, I appreciate it. Sending my donation, too! 🙂

  30. kristina

    spiders are icky. I probably would have done the same thing.


    that hit a little too close to home man. i just lost my wife in a car accident the day after we got married. i wish i was kidding about this.
    otherwise, your work is inspirational and as soon as my arm is usable, i will be joining the ranks of web comicers

  32. Tim McCormack

    Hey, I like the Kukuburi-like headlights you’ve got there. 🙂

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