short and pudgy
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October 30th, 2008

short and pudgy

i think i have a strange fascination with short legged dogs.聽

a great webcomics links site that gave us a mention, so i thought i’d tip my hat in their direction as well… BOOKMARKEDIT.

looks like we’ve entered a biweekly schedule聽inadvertently. for my own mental health i’m gonna work with it 馃檪


  1. Brown Suga'

    Awww, it’s a corgi!

    Great to see you back.

  2. Lindz

    I <3 Corgis!

  3. Jerry

    Oh gosh, a welsh corgi, kinda reminds me of Ein from Cowboy Bebop. Love it.

  4. Usivius

    and I looooove dark-haired girls in skool-girl skirts!

  5. nonperdeventura

    the best part? your hula girl in the bkgd… 馃檪

  6. leslie

    corgi’s really do win.

  7. Tec Rubio

    its great to have BNS back 馃榾

  8. john

    thank goodness your back! no more slacking around, d’ya hear?
    some us are pathetic enough to miss this damn fine comic!

  9. Reuben

    The queens corgis are trained to attack the poor

  10. David T

    Congratulations. I miss my dogs now. Corgi’s are awesome.

  11. Kristen

    I feel so gullible now. Always, Always fall for the cute doggies.

  12. escorial

    Ram贸n, your comics crack me up. I didn’t know you had these ones, I was following Kukuburi.

    Man I am still in shock with your inking!!!

    By the way I linked your site from my blog, hope you don’t mind 馃檪

  13. Justin

    Rob! You can’t go for the chick! You got the red head! You gotta let Ramon have this one, man.

  14. Effin' Bartlett

    Holy Christ on the Cross!! What the F**k is this?! I googled ‘Tina Fey doin’ Sarah Palin’. What is this goddamn horrorshow!

  15. Chip

    Too funny…

  16. kristina

    hmmm, maybe this is a girl for Ramon!? He would like that. Great job guys. You are so talented, I get jealous every time I see your work. 馃檪

  17. Mondo Kane

    Bad form, Roberto! Come on… ain’t Red enough? Ya gotta let Ramon get his ashes hauled one of these days or he’ll… explode.

  18. Jen

    The hula girl, I totally sat there for a full five seconds while it registered…

  19. Kathleen

    okay, so. the last strip immediately reminded me of the fire and car crash in kukuburi, and this new girl has a slight resemblence to Nadia. Kuku on the brain? Or is it just mine…

  20. Irish

    Canada v Ireland tonight in rugby autumn internationals. Thought it worth a mention here. I’ll let ye know how yis do against us 馃槢

  21. Irish

    Well, I say tonight, it’s starting now…

  22. Irish

    55 – 0 to us…

  23. Kristen

    BNS came in the mail today!

    Roommate: (Regarding the way I was holding the book) Are you reading porn…comic book porn?!
    Me: (Sexy voice) Welllllllll, it is done by Ramon Perez. So, yes.

    I think the straw panel is my favorite.

  24. Martin Reed

    Go free comic day strip! Good to see all Squash fans can enjoy this one.

  25. NonPerdeVentura

    hope it’s okay to post this, couldn’t resist. Yell at me if it’s not, Ramon. 馃檪

  26. Ramon

    @kristen, what bns came in the mail? the actual comic from years past – you really are a fan!

    @evelyn, uhm… what exactly are you posting?

  27. Enzo

    I love the corgi, it’s adorable. : )

  28. Emmy

    because corgis and dachshunds are awesome! All 4 of my dachshunds are named after hot dogs <.<

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