emerald pools of passion or narcissus 2
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November 14th, 2008

emerald pools of passion or narcissus 2

still on the bi-weekly train we arrive a few hours past the arrival, but here nonetheless. a long day but rob and i finally managed to hook up at 1am to finish of this weeks installment.

i want to banter more and say how sorry i am for the lack of weekly updates and say how awesome you cats are, but i’m tired and still have to finish up 4 illustrations for tomorrow… and the get up bright and early to teach… YAY.

g’night folks.


  1. Shari

    …mmmmm sexy drool lol

  2. escorial

    Awesome… now I know I’m not the only one drooling while looking at the mirror 馃檪

  3. Senksis

    He’s not going to be our next case of catatonia, is he? ;o)

  4. legrande

    BNS= Bi-weekly. ‘Nuff Said. If I had the money, I’d commission you folks to do this so you wouldn’t have to worry about anything but making quality comics. If I win the lotto, be prepared to draw! 馃檪

  5. Natasha


  6. mm1

    when are you guys going to do a collection in print, I’d buy that for a dollar! (just kidding I’d pay what ever you charge)

  7. Adam

    The bird is looking on the opposite side in the mirror.
    I’m obsessively observant.
    For this, I apologize.

  8. Adam

    Wait, no, I am wrong.
    I accept that I look like an ass right now.

  9. Dave

    Love it!

  10. Jack Diamond

    Hmm.. love your strip, but what have you been doing the rest of november?

  11. DhAkael

    Poor dude is doomed…the eyes are glitchin’.
    As to the delay of strip…
    We still have nuthin’ but luv 4-U, even if you ARE late :-)==).
    A teaching gig now too?
    yea-gods man! Do you ever get a chance to sleep?

  12. Kenbob

    Sleep is a crutch.

  13. Scott


  14. GBeans

    Hopefully when the sun goes down he can escape. 馃槢

  15. Trick

    More awesome strips, keep it up dudes.

  16. mau


  17. opie353

    yeah so you should just drop the claim to bi-weekly uh…ness. false advertisement really sucks.

  18. opie353

    dont get me wrong, i love your work but come on- it’s almost been a month and you still claim to be bi-weekly.

  19. Rioh

    I think more whine is called for here. Great work, but this is unacceptable. Yes I know this is free and I can watch it or get lost and all that. But you have a responsibility. If you don’t have time to make more or if something has happened I’m sure everyone will understand, but just leaving it with no newsposts or anything just seems disrespectful.

  20. Remillard

    Maybe overstepping my bounds here, but here is a copy of the post Ram贸n left on the Kukuburi site to explain the lack of updates both there and here.

    Ram贸n Perez wrote:

    Hello everybody.

    I am not dead as many of you have written and queried.

    I鈥檓 not sure where to start. It鈥檚 been a month with ridiculously long hours of work, other obligations and a nice cold that knocked me out for a week just to keep me on my toes.

    I feel a vast pang of disappointment in being unable to update. I love working on Kukuburi (and for that matter ButterNutSquash) it brings me great joy and satisfaction. However with the intermittent updates, mostly because of work, I鈥檝e lost the momentum of the story I鈥檓 trying to tell and have felt a bit lost and disconnected.

    So, I鈥檝e made a decision.

    Now this might sound like a broken record but I鈥檓 knuckling down and making some hard choices that I hope will have the best results for myself and for you the readers.

    To give the story the strength, dedication and love it deserves I am going on a hiatus. I have taken on a series of corporate projects to help me get out of debt by hopefully mid-spring of next year. A debt that has been hanging over my head for numerous years. Aside from being debt free (which is a positive) my main reasoning for this is by clearing my debt (which resides in the form a credit line) I will be able to keep much more normal work hours and focus on the things I love and, most importantly, use said credit line to publish Kukuburi (and ButterNutSquash) collections. Which is a dream I鈥檓 aspiring towards, and have been for some time.

    Many of you have donated towards Kukuburi to help fund the pursuit and ability to be able to do this full time. Rest assured your funds are resting in a paypal account and will not be touched for none other than to focus on Kukuburi. If you feel cheated by this hiatus I will gladly refund your money.

    I still plan on having the donation drive and am currently working on a few incentives, in the form of original art and gicl茅e prints, that I hope to launch in the new year.

    I will try and update my BLOG with what is currently on my plate for those of you interested, one of which is a short Kukuburi story published in a anthology!

    I haven鈥檛 decided how long this hiatus will take, I know it will be till the end of the year, which isn鈥檛 that far off and a little into the new year. After this month is up I will be better able to gauge my schedule and will update again shortly with an official relaunch date.

    You鈥檝e all been extremely patient and fantastic. I hope you understand my decision and will be here when Kukuburi returns, which really shouldn鈥檛 be too far off.

    All the best,


  21. jhorsley3

    Just found this comic and read through some of them. I rather like the artwork. I really dig the progression of the panels in this one. I hope for more updates soon!

  22. Kristen

    After I met Andy, I thought of this panel. He winked at me- I can’t remember the last time a guy winked at me…well, in a non-creepy, “I’ll catch you in a dark alley” kinda way.

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