Greetings all.

Both Rob and I are alive and healthy despite the lack of updates.

It’s been a long road with ButterNutSquash. We’ve missed many an update, disappeared for months and return. Some readers have stayed the journey others have fallen by the wayside whilst new readers have accumulated. It’s been a long and fun journey.

Sound like i’m writing an obituary doesn’t it? 

Well rest assured ButterNutSquash isn’t dead. Rob and I love it too much. Too many interesting things are happening for us to let go of our little baby. We have a collection in the works which we hope to bring out in the new year and as well we’ve been option for a cartoon! So we might be coming to you one day as late night toon tv!!

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

 It’s been a month with ridiculously long hours of work, other obligations and a nice cold that knocked me out for a week just to keep me on my toes. 

I feel a vast pang of disappointment in being unable to update. I love working on both my own little baby Kukuburi and ButterNutSquash. Both bring me great joy and satisfaction. However with the intermittent updates, mostly because of work, I’ve lost the momentum and in turn become disconnected. So while We have over 50 strips roughed out i just can’t find the necessary time to give them the love they deserve…

So, I’ve made a decision.

Now this might sound like a broken record, and i know people will say they’ve heard it all before, but I’m knuckling down and making some hard choices that I hope will have the best results for myself and for you the readers.

Time, and age, makes you look at things a little differently. So while my career is reaching new heights and traveling down new avenues my personal projects are suffering. So this time while away I want to rethink, rejig, plan and tackle things right.

So to give the Squash the strength, dedication and love it deserves and has not been getting we are going on a hiatus. I have taken on a series of corporate projects to help me get out of debt by hopefully mid-spring of next year. A debt that has been hanging over my head for numerous years. Aside from being debt free (which is a positive) my main reasoning for this is by clearing my debt (which resides in the form a credit line) I will be able to keep much more normal  work hours and focus on the things I love and, most importantly, use said credit line to publish Kukuburi and ButterNutSquash collections. Which is a dream I’m aspiring towards, and have been for some time.

I will try and update my BLOG with what is currently on my plate for those of you interested, one of which is a short Kukuburi story published in a anthology!

I haven’t decided how long this hiatus will take, I know it will be till the end of the year, which isn’t that far off and a little into the new year. After this month is up I will be better able to gauge my schedule and will update again shortly with an official relaunch date. 

You’ve all been extremely patient and fantastic. I hope you understand my decision and will be here when the Squash returns, which really shouldn’t be too far off.

All the best,



  1. Kajata

    Noooooo! I’ll miss the Squash, as infrequent as updates were!

    I hope to still be around when you guys start up again!

  2. Michael Cho

    This is gonna devastate Spork.

  3. Peter

    Hey, man. All things have priority: life, beer, then comic.

    Hope that the new year has a lot of them all for you. I’m sure that a number of us will stick around until you can come back.

  4. Jen Mathis

    When BNS returns, I will too! 🙂

  5. Gordon

    I have added your RSS feed. I look forward to the day that it blinks at me.

  6. danielle corsetto

    Just wanted to chime in with the rest 1) love for BNS and 2) love for you two. The words “get out of debt” are very near and dear to me right about now. 😉 Best of luck, darlin’!

  7. Andres

    Best wishes from Venezuela, I’ll keep reading whenever you return!

  8. Spork

    Sounds like the right call, and BNS belongs on Adult Swim…

  9. wcloner

    Best of luck, and hurry back! We’ll be waiting.

  10. Ponch

    gotta do what you gotta do. Strip will be missed, but can’t blame you for wanted to get your head above water. Good luck.

  11. Jijikit

    Though my weekly BNS is/will be missed, I can understand your to prioritize your life (I’m right there with you!). Good luck! I hope it works out as you planned (if not, better) and I’ll be waiting to see what the Squash brings up upon its return! :* to you and Rob!

  12. blaky

    No prob. We’ll be waiting when you come back. Gotta support our fellow canadians!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the piggy picture!

  13. Tom

    I have not skipped checking for updates since I discovered your site in ’05 – I’m not a comic guy at all – but I love your art and your writing. The two of you make a great comic team so don’t stop the squash! I have faith that the two of you will do what you have to and come back better than ever.

    Congrats on the option! The idea of the bns world in animated form…WOW!

  14. Samson

    No worries. I’ve stuck with reading the Squash through two previous hiatuses (hiatii?), a third isn’t going to make me stop now. I will patiently wait for the Squash to return like a flower blooms in the spring.

  15. opie353

    oooh a hiatus- we’ve never seen one of those before…. disappear for a month at a time and come back with a nothing strip.

  16. Chip Zdarsky

    I’m fucking tired of not getting content that I never paid for in the first place, assholes.

  17. Jerome

    You should make t-shirts, I’d buy ’em and I bet plenty of others would too. Or are there already shirts that I don’t know about.

  18. leslie

    you are far too kind and generous with the readers. all you needed to say was “dudes i’m busy, i’m not getting paid for this…DEAL” but you’ve always got to be the nice guy.

    are you interested in doing the guest strip/fanart/pinup thing? i’m about the go on break so i could totally try and hammer something out for you. i might even make it look half decent too (you know…for a girl)

  19. Shari

    I think I just died a little inside.

  20. cmw

    Well just remember we will all be here ready for your return man.

  21. Katja

    I’ve been an avid reader of you guys since 2006. I keep checking for updates and even reread a few classics. Please don’t give up on us!!!!!!!

    PS. I’m not to be confused w/ Kajata up at the top

  22. jerms

    Its sad yes, but I also have to take a hiatus, so I feel for ya. Looking forward to what you have for the future though, good luck to you!

  23. bilbo Tea Baggins

    oh i look forward to seeing butternutsquash on adult swim. pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaseplease

  24. mori

    that sucks…
    well, the bookmarks gonna be deleted (as there a lot of good comics on the web that arent quite that dead), but hopefully, one day, you gonna be active again and then im here reading your awesome strips again. probably at least.
    hf gl

  25. Zannie

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. Doh. Oh well, thems da breaks. A cartoon would be awesome though.

  26. robinite

    smart move–get out of that debt!! then totally entertain us again pls 😀

  27. OneEye

    Well, as painful to the heart as this may be, I know its best for you guys.
    I haven’t posted many comments but i wish you all luck and a great new years
    I’ll be here waiting, along with my gang of friends who I have spread the addiction with. LLAP

  28. Natasha

    well, love, I have you favorited, you’re human too and we are all allowed to have a hiatus and/or sabbatical, just stay healthy with your physical and mental self <3 you and your boys! See you later!

  29. invetro

    Best of luck with all your future plans. I feel your pain so good vibes are on the way. See you when you return, and I don’t care how long that may be.

  30. Kittyn

    Aye.. I came to reading this comic via the “R & R” bar comic; which is my favorite and only a few have come to match it’s magic.
    I wish you luck and love and patience with your endeavors, and I can’t wait to see the comic when you’re in a better situation!
    Thank you~!

  31. mxyzptlk

    Ya know, I’m not a weekly reader. I’m one of those that let’s it accumulate over time, and then sits down with a few weeks worth of material, so, you do whatcha gotta do IRL, and get back when ya can. Heck, this method keeps me from going too crazy w/ Kukiburi. Get back when you can. If it goes too long however, expect torches n’ pitchforks.

  32. Lee

    Dudes, I hear ya on the debt thing…been pulling some serious overtime myself to clear some debts and bring order to this thing called life lol…do what ya got to do…I’ll be checking in now and again to see whats new….but not too long hey! 😉

    Do the t-shirt thing though…loads of us will buy ’em…look how well it works for the writer/artist of Questionable Content…

  33. Mars


  34. ..::beep::..


  35. GBeans

    Take care. I look forward to the revival. 😉 Which will be glorious.
    Gotta stay positive.

  36. Bruce

    Thanks for your honesty and the very best of luck to you. I’ve had comics that I loved that just “stopped”, no explaination or anything so I quit checking on them, and if they did come back I was usualy not as interested. Now I know to check in once a month or so, and move forward from there.
    Keep smilin

  37. Robin

    As long as BNS comes back every once in a while to bring a chuckle to the day, I don’t care how infrequent it is. Every single new comic is a new little treasure we only get because you found the time and mindset to sit down and draw it.

    Relax, real fans are patient fans.

  38. Eodred

    Alas, another great comic going on Hiatus… 🙁 it saddens me, I enjoy BNS a friggin lot. Maybe I’ll run through the archives again. that oughta keep me going for a few days.
    Well, best of luck and I’m going to check regularly 🙂

  39. mrplow

    It’s sad to hear that BNS is going on hiatus again, but at least you’re saying that you do. Most other webcomics just stop updating and sooner or later their domain is closed.
    But as you said, BNS will return and that’s awesome to hear 🙂 I can’t wait to see what happens next (and I hope there will be bacon involved)!

    PS: I’m running through the archives the fourth time at work by now :S

  40. Oskar

    Take all the time you need, guys. Good luck and thank you for everything so far. :]

  41. Kellthor

    BNS inspired me lots of times, I hope you guys can continue. Godspeed!

  42. Ramon


    things are progressing well. my plan seems to be working… knock on wood.

  43. Eric Arsenault

    Hey guys, great comic ! I just read trough the entire thing a few days ago and it was awesome, the only downside was perhaps the coma thing running too long but I would still buy a collection if it is published at some point, I love the interaction between the characters, very good job, keep it up !

  44. RedSnt

    I will miss you squash, RIP.

  45. Ivy

    Awesome comic!!! I’ll miss it, but I do wish you guys all the best in your future endeavours!


  46. Anthony

    Hey Ramon, hope all is well and work is good. We all here at MTM miss having you, and support the decision you made, regardless of reason. Hope everything turns out awsome for BNS and Kukuburi. The Resistance comic looked great too by the way.
    take it easy

  47. Ramon

    thanks anthony – i miss the inking crew as well. i hope things are getting back on track for you guys!

    and thanks for the kudos on resistance, it’s been a lot of fun.

  48. Ashory

    Just found you guys courtesy of GWS. I’ll keep you bookmarked and wait for your return.

  49. domo

    NOO i just found u guys – just finished reading all of the comics – i need closure or some horseshit like that
    thanks for the short time we had together
    domo from ireland

  50. Catherine

    Missing the squash horribly the last week, hope you can make it back soon!

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