…an update of what’s going on.

i can’t believe its been almost three months since my last big post!

time flies, ridiculously so.

let it be known though that i have not been resting on my laurels. i would say i have been busy but that is an understatement. i could rhyme off what i’ve been working on and it would tally in at about 8-10 projects simultaneously. rather i’ll mention the ones that have been the most fun: currently i am illustrating a 8 page star wars tale for dark horse comics for their free comic book day offering, i am also wrapping up my tenure on inking marvel’s nyx with the series’ last issue and last but not least i am in the middle of the six issue resistance miniseries for wildstorm comics based on the ps3 video game! the remainder of my schedule was filled with a bit more dry corporate fare, though some were quite fun. of which i will post to my art blog, cranial percolations when i can.

everything came to a head last week with multiple contracts culminating and the nycc arriving. the con is now over (there was no table or swag so nothing was missed – i was there for networking alone) and i am back on home turf and taking today off. over the next week or so i shall assess my schedule, tigure things out, talk to rob and get down to business.

so once i get the ball rolling behind the scenes i wll figure out a relaunch date for the squash, cause we got some tales to tell and can’t wait to get back into it! right now i’m hoping on a return of mid to late march, but won’t say anything official just yet.

as well, later this spring at tcaf (toronto comic arts festival) i hope to unveil some swag, prints and possibly some other fun stuff.

more words to come…

thank you all for your support and patience!

for more information and updates as to what transpires feel free to peruse my blog at cranial percolations.




  1. David T

    If only you mentioned on Kukuburi or Butternut Squash that you were going to be at NYCC. I would have said, “Hello”. Otherwise, I hope it was good to you like it was for me.

  2. Ramon

    i didn’t mention as i was only wandering around. no table… most of my time was taken up with meetings.

    next time though i will have a table….

  3. Mark

    I’m happy to see a new post!
    I miss my weekly dose of butternutsquash!

  4. ZenKai

    Hey guys,

    How about a contact feed that will let us know when you do start to update again via email?

  5. Samson


    Glad to hear that things have finally calmed down (though despite the amount, it sounded like an awesome time). Still waiting patiently for the if/when notice of the BNS/Kukuburi return.

  6. bill

    Sounds like you have had a wonderful ride the last few weeks with all those awesome comics!!!

    Great to see a blog post and I will wait patiently for you and Rob to bust out the squash again!

  7. amuletts

    Wonderful to see a new post, I hope you start updating again soon.

  8. JT

    Yay, posted news and art! Take care, be well, etc.

  9. Sara

    It’s so good to hear from you! (I check this site almost every day with my hopeful lil’ heart)

    How wide spread is that Free comic’s day issue going to be, because I would LOVE to nab a copy.

  10. Jerome

    Does this swag involve T-shirts????

  11. Ramon

    yep, there will be t-shirts….

  12. Irish

    I would say that I can’t wait to hear the new stories, but that’s a lie.
    I can wait, and I will wait, cos this comic’s just too damn good not to follow.

  13. Spork

    Great news, Ramon. I look forward to the Squash’s return!

  14. opie353

    damnit… trickin me into thinkin you did something real…

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