that's amoré

a few words as to where things stand.

right now a lot is going on in the background on butternut. we have an option in the works with a local production company that we’re putting our love into, in hopes of getting bns on the air!

on the flipside a lot of folks think i dedicate more love to kuku than i do bns. i love them both, they’re my redheaded step children 🙂 but it is easier for me to focus on kuku as it is solely my own project whereas butternut is a collaboration. so for things to get rolling on the squash both rob and i have to find the time to get together and knock heads on the squash. easier said than done. rob is my best bud, but i’m lucky if i see the bloke one day a week… and sometimes that day comes and we’re both burned out.

but rest assured we are working towards a relaunch. when the day gets closer and more definitive we will let you know!

that said we will also be doing some conventions to bring the squash back into the public eye… so stay tuned for future con dates or just check out my art blog; cranial percolations.




  1. Errick

    Butternut Squash the TV show? I’d totally watch that.

  2. johnathan

    Damn it, Ramon! how can anyone be upset with you after reading these words!!
    and I was… a bit.
    a fan

  3. ariellym

    good lord.
    are you guys going to put anything else up?
    your killin me!

  4. ariellym


  5. Ramon

    we’re not gonna start updating till we have a good buffer of comics to avoid any future “hiatuses”…. so right now i’m not sure when that is going to be. it might be sooner or it might be later, but rob and i haven’t had a chance to escape our lives and schedules to sit down for a moment and figure it out… as soon as we do, we notify the masses.

  6. Mart

    if there is gonna be a BNS cartoon, will you be doing the character designs Ramon? will you be on the writing team Rob? DUDES! will you be voicing your respective squash characters? also, which company will be animating it? Blind Ferret? those guys seem to be the lynchpins of animating webcomics…

  7. Ramon

    rob and i are closely involved with the production company and would be potentially working as writers on the show should things happen, and yes, designs would be by me.

    right now we are still shopping the show around to networks via the production house. should a network bite we would then decide what animation house would be involved…

    keep your fingers crossed 🙂

  8. shortstop4313

    Hang in there bro. Nothing but love and we’ll wait for the crack. It’s always worth it.

    Oh and from a fellow Palladium fan and Detroiter, thanks for helping out Kev while his company was taking it in the face.

  9. Jersey Mama

    I have been caught by BNS hook, line and sinker since many years ago…LOL! Not only do I wish we had the ability to watch BNS on tv once it came out (we live in Alabama on a farmette with no TV…oh, that could be a comic!), but I want some BNS screensavers for my computer!!!

    Waiting for the day you guys return…

  10. seraph

    Whatever you do, Ramon, don’t let my favorite coffee shop comic buddies die. I love this comic, it inspires me to go and sit in coffee shops and do what have you. I read more than 25 webcomics (on average) a day, and BNS is the one I miss reading the most.

  11. Ramon

    bns is not dead. we are in extensive hibernation mode as we rework things and compose out plan of attack… but we ain’t dead.

    as of our last conversation i believe rob and i are looking at a mid summer relaunch. more when we have things pegged down!

  12. ariellym

    bummer… its like beginnin o’ spring right now.
    mid summer is a long ass wait.

  13. Ramon

    a bummer indeed. i wish we could make things happen sooner… but we’re trying to be realistic about things.

  14. Damon

    Ramon, just keep doin what yo doin. I love your work, and look forward to seeing more of it however and when you decide to publish it!

  15. Usivius

    Bring back BNS! In any form!
    i miss it so…..

  16. Ramon

    we are looking at a july relaunch. i know it’s far, but it’s the best we can do…. as the date becomes solidified on our end we will post the return date.

  17. Irish

    July! just in time for my deadlines!
    I’ll have procrastination material yet!

  18. Alyse Katherine Carter

    yeah the fact that my once shining, hope, and beacon for my days has become almost my loathed and hated webcomic, not because i hate you, i hope you never ever think that, but because that same picture has mocked me for weeks!… WEEKS i say!
    on a totally diffrent matter… actually i am a huge fan of yours! i cant wait until butternutsquash gets back on its feet! I have been reading since i started reading webcomics!

  19. Ramón

    don’t worry alyse. we’re hibernating but not dead.

    we wanna come back and bring the funny in a bad way. but we want to do it up right and be prepared.

    we’ll be making an official return date proclamation shortly….

  20. Tec

    Hmm be patient! heheh i miss my BNS too, but give da mastah´s some room and they will deliver!

  21. Parrot

    I’ll be in pastry school in July, all busy and stuff! D:
    You are far too funny, Ramon ;-;
    If I send you cakes, will I get comics? ;]

  22. ivybaby

    I miss u guys! I’m eagerly anticipating the return of BNS….come back soo!!!

  23. Usivius

    well I guess in my spare time I will start form the beginning again.
    come back soon!!!!

  24. Max

    Like a puppy in the rain…i’ll be waiting

  25. WabbitTwax

    Keep rockin’ guys!

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