High Five Slam Down
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September 9th, 2009

High Five Slam Down

Hello everybody and welcome back to the Squash!

It’s been quite the hiatus, just shy of a year in fact. The reasons are plentiful for why we were away, but that’s all in the past so why bother. The time is now and we’re back for good! Rob and I have some grand plans for BNS which we plan to implement in the coming months before 2010 rolls around.

However, the most obvious change you may notice is BNS joining the ranks of the critically acclaimed webcomics collective Transmission-X, better known as TXcomics these days. I have been part of the group since it’s inception with KUKUBURI and it only felt right to bring the Squash over as well. Check out the other great comics TX has to offer when you have a moment.

In the near future we’re going to see the return of 聽‘ASK EVAN’ as the man himself is dying to share his wealth of useless knowledge, and ‘ROB’S RANT’ will also make it’s way back into the spotlight allowing out diminutive friend to verbally lash out at the world.

That’ll take us to 2010, whereupon we hope to do something a little extra special to take things to the next level… but I’ll have to hold off on telling you that for now 馃槈

For now, sit back and enjoy the ride as we get back into the groove…




  1. Secundus

    HUZZAH! Sweet bliss of caffeinated rhetoric, the soothing tones of color and panels! All is well in the world. Go forth! GO FORTH, I SAY, all ye who come after, and spread the word in your hamlet and village, to your family and kin, to your neighbors and cities, and let be in known from the rooftops of wherever thou art, that the great, the amazing, nay, the ALMIGHTY SQUASH hath returned!

  2. Secundus

    Of course, in my excitement, I temporarily forgot how to form sentences. Please excuse the grammatical errors above.

  3. Chris

    Welcome back!
    Kukuburi is excellent but Butternut will always have a warmer spot in my heart.

  4. stephen

    great to have this comic back, and i can relate to the bad time for a high five, i went for one with my friend when he had just been dumped by his girlfriend

  5. Antoine

    This is awesome to see you guys back 馃檪

    High Five to both of you!


  6. Adri

    horray! good to have you back!

  7. Arwen

    Men of BNS: you own. Third row of panels, seriously awesome! Great job on getting things accomplished lately, Ramon! It’s certainly motivating me to work harder. I hope things continue to work out for you and Rob on Butternut!

  8. Guillermo Salas Bracho

    At last!!, Hey great strip!!

  9. zolota

    Everything Secundus said and more! It’s been well worth the wait, and thanks for making my September!

  10. Paul

    When I was offered a chance to illustrate a webcomic, I thought I needed to do a little research. This was the first webcomic I ever read. Not expecting much from comics on the web, I was blown away by the art and writing. So I am more than a little happy to see this return–best of luck, guys!

  11. Matt Datchuk

    Oh man. I found BNS and Kukuburi right as you went on hiatus and I’ve been eagerly awaiting your return. Totally worth the wait because it’s such a well made and hilarious strip.

  12. LeGrande

    Yay!!! It is back!!! I can come out of my Rob-like catatonic state. Cod, it feels so good. 馃檪

  13. Chris

    Great job guys!

  14. Remillard

    So here I am, browsing through my usual assortment of web comics. I pull up the bookmarks in my browser and as I scroll down the list, my heart skips a beat…. Oh my, I recall that today is September 9th, the day that will go down in infamy as the return of the squash. Bliss. Welcome back guys.

  15. Irish

    Excellent. My thesis is submitted, my lease is approved alcohol is half price and the squash is back in action.

    This day is almost perfect.

  16. Smatthew

    Rock on! You’re back! This is as awesome as seeing an old friend again

  17. Kerri S

    *Ahhhhh…* All is right with world once more. Welcome back, boys!

  18. Roger

    Welcome back guys, and what a start! As Smatthew has already said, like seeing an old friend again, and while it has seemed almost too long it’s like you’ve never been away.
    For all the sporadic updates, and tales of your highs and lows of the last year, we’ve just waited for you to pop by again. Good to see you, and again, welcome back.

  19. Adam

    Hurray, now I might even use this as an excuse to go re-read the entire back catalogue again.

  20. Bruce

    What a way to make an entrance, or re-entrance. Classic stuff guys. It feels like the energy is back in the house. I agree with Adam, I may have to go back and re-read the whole shootin’ match from the beginning. The ‘Squash is back on my “daily” list again, life is good.

    Woohoo! High Five!…….come on……anyone?……..hehehehehe, I’ve been there too 馃榾

  21. Matt

    Great to see this comic back! I got hooked on it a few months back and read through the entire archive one afternoon only to find that it was on hold! Can’t wait to see what new adventures our friends will embark on!

  22. Samson

    Whoohoo! I’m glad to see BNS back. The first comment summed up what I wanted to say very poeticaly, so I’ll just leave it at that.

  23. Elizyann

    Wooohooo. Welcome back.
    Great to see you back and on fine form

  24. Tabitha Ann

    Welcome back! It’s so awesome to see you back, I’ve been missing you! 馃檪

  25. Jeff

    I just read your comic in one hour and twenty seven minutes.
    T’is the awesomeness that kept me going.

  26. Ivybaby

    There are no adjectives to describe how I feel at the return of BNS….welcome back guys…:)

  27. Ali

    Good call on transmission X, if I hadn’t been browsing around on there I would have never noticed you guys were updating again, yay! Glad to have BNS back!

  28. Mondo Kane

    Here’s one seriously tardy welcome back for you guys – hope everything’s rolling a mite smoother in the highly-overrated Real World 馃檪

    I guess that’s the end of the High-Five Hat… 馃檨

  29. AdamW13

    Love the comic, and glad to see you guys back!

  30. CapnGravy

    Welcome back boys! What a treat to have a double dose of Perez artistry in the webcomics. The Squash has been missed.

  31. usivius

    Ahhh effin amazing. And a huge opening return strip too! LOVE IT!
    And Trans X is great too! thanks for the link… got a couple of those strips on my faves section.

    Welcome back BNS!!!!!

  32. erica

    I love me some Butternut Squash! Just found you a few days ago, and am so glad I did. 馃檪

  33. Buddi

    veah love your site.
    like the most of tx. but you done a great work!

    maybe visit notfunnycartoons.com their aslo great funny toons drawn

  34. bill

    So glad to see you guys back!!!

    Great returning comic

  35. Shick

    “Ohhh God, its coiled around my nutsack”

    And that’s the part where my nuts fell off from laughing so hard. (“Whats that sound like??? HA HA HA Thunk Thunk”)

    Many happy returns!

  36. maddogtime

    CRUDSICLE! Missed the grand opening by a mile…oh well, you’re back.


  37. Lex

    “Oh God, it’s coiled around my nutsack” needs to be on a t-shirt.

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