God of Thunder
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September 17th, 2009

God of Thunder

a day late, my apologies. not a good precedent to set as we begin butternut’s return. the funny thing though, is that what made us late was work on more butternut and secret butternut developments… it’s all very peculiar, but i’ll fill you in when i can.

two points of note today:

1. we have a BNS FORUM located within the TX community forums if you’d care to banter with us or folks of similar ilk.

2. i will be attending the KOMIKS FESTIWAL in ŁODZ, POLAND! i am ridiculously excited! the festival marks the beginning of an exciting little european tour, more as things develop…

Komiks Festiwal


  1. StrangeQuark

    When in Łódź, you MUST visit Łódź Kaliska! It’s the best pub in town.

  2. AndyB

    I actually have had correspondence with Zeus on a couple occasions. You do indeed to rock the thunder, it’s part of what I call the perfect storm. If you see the perfect storm and a pair of glowing eyes has cast their gaze upon you it’s better to surrender to them. Let the storm take you, it’s worth it! I wish real rob wore that helmet all the time, maybe I’ll make it for him.
    ” Flow like Water, strike like ICE”
    Andy B esquire of the Shoalin Mountain!

  3. JarasM

    Actually, Kaliska is the most… pretentious pub in Łódź in my opinion. I feel most people just sit there because it’s the Łódź Kaliska pub (plus it has one of the most ridiculous prices for a watered down pils in the city). De gustibus non est disputandum, but let’s just say I consider it overrated (to be fair though, I’d take a tourist there anyway…)

    As a self-titled beer connoisseur I advise Peron 6 Pub (Piotrkowska 6) or The Eclipse Inn (Piotrkowska 80). Some other nice places include the Biblioteka (Library) Pub (Struga 7) and Nostalgia Pub (Piotrkowska 86), just off the top of my head. There’s actually so many good places on the Piotrkowska street you might as well take a walk and pick a place that catches your eye. And don’t forget to visit Manufaktura!

    Yet again, personal opinion.

  4. maggie

    if the “little european tour” includes Germany I’m officially going crazy. I would SO be there. whereever “there” is.

  5. Anna K.

    Same here for Germany or Netherlands…

  6. Pastry Chimp

    I knew a Polish salesman named Jastrebsky. He was in Schindler’s List as an extra. He always sounded like he had a cold.

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