the progression of ned
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September 23rd, 2009

the progression of ned

vince is a peculiar fellow. out of all my friends he was the last to get a cellphone and the last to get a computer, amongst many other things. being last is not always so bad though… you usually get the shiniest newest toys, and the last laugh. i think vinnie may be up to something…

oh, and before i go, a quick prod to our new forums! simply click the link in the header bar and banter away! hopefully rob and 聽i’ll see you there…


  1. no one

    Holy crap, i just had a similar experience calling a friend a Luddite. except he said jewish. at least vince has a reason to be proud.

  2. Cameron

    I’m amused by the idea that the internet is the place to WEED OUT the crazies.

  3. Ram贸n

    …now that’s where things will get interesting 馃檪

  4. Pastry Chimp

    HA! Ninja anti-semetic joke.

  5. Bill Angus

    the last of your friends to get a cellphone and a computer?

  6. Ram贸n

    okay… one of the last. i think you don’t count cause i can’t see you EVER getting one 馃槈

  7. Doug

    Thursday and another late comic. Sheesh!

  8. TheEFAF

    You’re complaining at 9:12am? Um?
    Besides which, Kukuburi is on hold so I wouldn’t be surprised if Butternut slows down too. Read the archives, hm? Maybe buy some of the licencsed comics Perez has worked on. Check out the She’s My Kinda Girl blog. Or perhaps just wander off to another section of the internet to satiate your webcomic needs.

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    I keep coming back through the archives every now and again, love all of it.

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