on the hunt.
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October 2nd, 2009

on the hunt.

so, i’m in poland for the聽lodz festival as many of you know.

i had hoped to finish all the butternuts rob and i had jumped ahead on before i left. alas, with my crazy schedule that was not to be… so they sat inked, flatted and dialogued waiting for me to finish the colours. i had hoped to tackle colouring them on my macbook once in poland. well, i forgot my tablet and am definitely not dextrous enough to colour with a touch pad, and to boot my internet access has been very intermittent.

so, in an attempt to bring you the squash form afar i present you the unfinished squash in all it’s flat colour form…

once i return to canuckland i will render this and the next bunch of updates with tlc!

hope to see some of you wonderful folks at the lodz komiks festiwal!


  1. usivius

    whew, an update! … I dunno if I can go long without a BNS update so soon after the last hiatus!!!!

  2. Christian A. Dumais

    You’re in my neighborhood. Have a good time in Lodz.

  3. Adam Casalino

    Even without the rendering its still a pretty nice piece. It’s got a sort of ‘old school’ comic book feel as just flats.

    I like how he disregards his personal concerns for safety with a simple, ‘meh’!

  4. Collin

    Cool, I’m interested in the coloring process, so it’s good to see it in an almost finished stage. Thanks, CB

  5. Stapler

    Love ButterNutSquash, but the tiger is not found in Africa. Several million years ago, yes. Not now. Thank you.

  6. LeGrande

    That just makes it funnier … that he’s going into an African exhibit … I imagine a scenario where he doesn’t find the tiger but is chased by a rhino. 馃檪

  7. Rob

    Hey Stapler, Thanks for reading…

    It’s actually correct the way it’s shown in the comic. Since the comic and it’s lovely creators (Moi and Ramon) are based out of Toronto, the one place where one person might run into a tiger in a more open environment is at Toronto’s own “African Lion Safari” (http://www.lionsafari.com). That is what the full sign would read if it took up the entire panel. As we don’t want incur the wrath of any Theme parks we only have a partial title visible.

    Now news reports and court papers we can show you! Here is a lovely lawsuit against Toronto’s African Lion Safari for an accidental TIGER mauling in 1996 of a guy and his exotic dancer girlfriend.


    They are much safer at the African Lion Safari now I assure you. Aren’t facts fun?!

  8. Bruce

    I thought the African Lion Safari was near Guelph, around 45 minutes away! Then again, the Metro Toronto Zoo is also outside of Scarborough, so you still have to travel in order to find a zoo environment.

    I’ve often wondered what cafe in Toronto is the inspiration for the cafe scenes. Any one in particular Rob?

  9. Lee

    So glad to see BNS back 馃檪 Any news on tishirts?

  10. Rob

    Hey Bruce, the cafe we reference often is the Insomnia cafe in the Toronto’s Annex area.


    One bar we’ve never eluded to but I’ve kept in mind when making some colour choices is Kilgour’s Bar meets Grill also in the Annex area.


    And heck, since we’re at it here is the Adult Store I worked at back when they still had a Yonge and Bloor location.


  11. Rob

    Hey Lee, we are definitely thinking of another t-shirt run in the future. As we are trying to focus on keeping up to date with the squash, (aside from Ramon’s jaunt across Europe for two months) we are going to be letting some ideas simmer while we get the house in full order. After that though it will be full steam ahead on that and many other great ideas we have in the works!

  12. Rob

    Hey guys! Don’t forget to swing by our forums for the first ever Coffee Girl 2009 contest!


  13. Sean

    Just read the comic then checked the headlines, and realized how prophetic you guys are.


    Must be a missing mojo epidemic.

  14. Bill Angus

    Did you use a different font for this strip? The ‘J’s look different….

  15. brightshade

    Looks like our boy was in Calgary, not Toronto:


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