deeper than you think
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October 7th, 2009

deeper than you think

this week we learn of ramon’s lack of feelings and evan’s ability to feel. stranger things have happened 馃檪

(once again, due to reasons explained in last week’s update, we’re doing bns in an old school “flats” style colouring.)

as well, if you live within europe i might be meandering into your neighbourhood for a an upcoming festival or convention. my show schedule and the adventures surrounding it can be found on my travel-blog.


  1. zenoscope

    Since you are doing it in flats anyway, can you go even olderschool and do it with newsprint dots? that would be sweet, and what I thought of when I saw the last comic.

  2. usivius

    “You’re out best man…” s/b “our” … just nit-piking… it’s funny, I like how a job is inferred but you have no idea what it is. LOL…
    how’s the Euopean tour?…

  3. Adam Casalino

    how do you get europeans to invite you to there party? its cuz your canadian right?

    oh well, i hope evan gets better. mayyyyyybe you can throw in a twist where his girlfriend survives! (i dunno, that might be nice!)

  4. Doug

    I like the flat look

  5. iAmSam

    You know the UK is actually part of Europe right? 馃槈

  6. Ram贸n

    well, this comes down to my ignorance. thanks for the correction iamsam, and thanks for the support irish 馃槈

  7. Irish

    @iAmSam – Maybe he was specifically refering to the continental mainland, rather than everything on the plate/in the Union.

  8. Naomi

    I love Ramon’s face in panel 3 — he looks like a superhero about to burst into action!

  9. rabidbadger

    Not to worry, It’s your line work and color choices I love most. The rest is just icing. Nice tasty icing. But still…

  10. Rob

    You’re welcome… I like my colour choices as well.

  11. Rob

    I also love when Ramon makes my colour choices even more awesome with slick shading and pizzazz!

  12. LeGrande

    Just curious about the font choice … is this a consequence of not being at the base computer and having to use whatever was available? Believe me, I’m not complaining: you’re not using Comic Sans or Apple’s Chalkboard font, so I’m cool with any font you choose. This typophile was just wondering … 馃檪 Oh, and the flat coloring is awesomely retro: it still looks professional and you can still see the work and amount of time it took. Just keep me in mind for the music and soundtrack if you ever make an animated feature of BNS.

  13. Ram贸n

    @legrande, you are correct. all i have with me is my macbook on my travels and i forgot to load up ‘anime ace’ which is what we use for the squash. luckily i did have another comic style font on my computer. if it wasn’t for that i probably would have refused to update using a non-comic font 馃槢

  14. David

    bding bding bding – is that a Sonic/Mario themed ringtone, as in collecting rings/coins? Even if not, that’s a brilliant idea.

  15. Bryony

    I am so so so glad BNS is back.

    If I can find peeps to come with, I hope to be in Leeds or London next month. Sadly my friends aren’t so interested in meeting the people who write my favourite webcomics. Boo!

  16. Adam Casalino

    I think you can download Anime Ace from blambot’s website. that is, if you have internet where you are (which i figure you do, or you couldn’t post at all!)

    that’s a good font, btw.

  17. Ram贸n

    @adam casalino, damn – you are right, i’ve been using anime ace for so long i had forgotten where i had acquired it from!

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    Love the yell bubble. One of the better ways I’ve seen it done.

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