tiger or tabby?
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October 14th, 2009

tiger or tabby?

is andy’s hunt for the beast within a lost escapade or is there some hope for our brooding compatriot?

(once again, due to reasons explained a couple weeks ago, we’re doing bns in an old school “flats” style colouring. i also apologise for the lack of banter as my internet connections are intermittent.)

as well, if you live within europe or the uk i might be meandering into your neighbourhood for a an upcoming festival or convention. my show schedule and the adventures surrounding it can be found on my travel-blog.


  1. Adam Casalino

    i wish a tiger would like me… wait, did i just say that?

    great stuff, nonetheless!

  2. Hearing Aids

    I just came upon your comic, and it’s great. I’m going to be spending some time catching up.

  3. disastrum

    just made it through from the beginning, great stuff! I’ll be following this comic now! (as well as kukuburi)

  4. ryan scott

    Flats look Great Ramon… don’t feel bad!

  5. tom

    tigers =/= africa
    at least not originally

  6. Rob

    Tom you may have missed my post and hence do not understand why a Tiger is present so to reiterate… here is that information.

    Hey Stapler, Thanks for reading…

    It’s actually correct the way it’s shown in the comic.

    Since the comic and it’s lovely creators (Moi and Ramon) are based out of Toronto, the one place where one person might run into a tiger in a more open environment is at Toronto’s own “African Lion Safari” (http://www.lionsafari.com). That is what the full sign would read if it took up the entire panel. As we don’t want incur to the wrath of any theme parks we only have a partial title visible.

    Now news reports and court papers we can show you! Here is a lovely lawsuit against Toronto’s African Lion Safari for an accidental TIGER mauling in 1996 of a guy and his exotic dancer girlfriend.


    They are much safer at the African Lion Safari now I assure you. Aren’t facts fun?!

  7. Stig Hemmer

    The tiger is just a too awesome animal to leave out of any zooish environment.

  8. zack

    no new comic 🙁 hopefully tomorrow

  9. Desirae

    Hadn’t read your comic in a while and was doing some catching up. When I saw this one, I immediately thought of an article I’d read on Reuters:


    Its like it was perfectly timed with your comic!!

  10. Levinson Axelrod

    Thanks for that clarification, Rob.

  11. Dynamaso

    Is the ‘Ook’ a nod to Terry Pratchett’s character of the same name?

  12. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer

    This is a line that I can’t wait to pick back up. See you later today.

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