BNS by Derek Power!
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November 25th, 2009

BNS by Derek Power!

this week’s bit of pretentious coffee comes from the twisted mind of derek power who has his own little corner of the internet at

… after seeing all these interpretations of me, i’m really beginning to wonder what people think of me!

thank you for the great guest strip derek! and btw, i drink my coffee black 😉



  1. Euman

    Hehe, nice!

    But, being a troll, i’ll have to point out that the only place you could get that kind of coffee in Paris would be starbucks. We don’t even know what carbs are here in yurop 😮

  2. Hearing Aids

    Love it, and I enjoy that it was even clarified that there are no topped with nutmeg drinkers here.

  3. okay

    so… you went on hiatus for a few months and now all you do is post the occasional guest comic?

  4. Ramón

    well, if you actually read the blog portions of the posts you’d be aware that i have been on a european convention tour for the past 2 months and while i tried to post while away the joy of traveling through other countries got the better part of me.

    fans of the squash were kind enough to step up and offer us some guest strips till i returned home. of which i will be back next week and the comic shall return with me.

  5. UgeeO

    please be dictating to me… !?

  6. blue.jester

    Hey Ramon,

    Ah ha, it made it up. I can sit back now and forgo the work day while I bask in this glorious moment 🙂

    Only found out you did your signings in Forbidden Planet in Dublin the one weekend I wasn’t in the country, will have to catch you next time.

    Looking forward to some more BNS goodness from the matermind.

    Also “twisted mind”? Too mean…or scarily accurate 😉

  7. Stinky

    “so… you went on hiatus for a few months and now all you do is post the occasional guest comic?”

    You’re starting to realize what the rest of us figured out a long time ago. BNS used to be one of my favorite webcomics. But now it’s just a big Excuse-o-Rama. Whether it’s because a side project is a priority, or because someone’s on vacation, it’s the same thing: You’re gonna get weeks of nothing, or guest strips, or half-ass sketchbook postings about 10 times as often as you do actual strips.

    If these guys spent even a THIRD as much effort actually creating content as they do making excuses for why they’re not, the problem would resolve itself.

  8. Myraani

    @ stinky

    And you my friend have to realize that webcomic artists do this in their free time for little to no profit, so if life comes at them, so be it. They’re not obligated to not have a life so you can enjoy their work.

    @Ramon I hope you enjoyed what few people ever get to do in life and know that I am entirely jealous ^^

  9. Squiz

    Hey Ramon, I just started reading yesterday, and I managed to read all the episodes of BNS so far! I love them they’re great. 🙂

  10. blue.jester


    Really? What’s your webcomic and we can all start the RSS feeds and complain when it doesn’t get updated when we want to. We are the Fans, that’s all, BNS can take us or leave us. And if you followed the other blogs of Ramon you realise the dude has a…oh what’s the thing…brings in money, helps pay the bills…a real job.


    Well said and seconded.

  11. Stinky


    I don’t have a webcomic. It’s not that I couldn’t…I’m a graphic artist, a stand-up comic and a professional copywriter at my day job. Plus, Paul Southworth published one of my guest strips once, so I know I’ve got the goods (and yes, it was a regular strip on his main page during a rare scheduled guest week when his wife was giving birth).

    But I don’t have one. Why? Because I have too much other crap going on, and I know that if I started one, it’d go for week or months without updates…Kinda like BNS. And I’m not interested in disappointing people that much.

    So, better not to start one in the first place than start one, build up solid characters and a good storyline, get a following, and then just say “screw it” and blow it off backpacking across Europe for a few months. If you can log in to make excuses for why there’s no strip, you can upload a strip. If not, then put it out of its misery, and hang it the hell up already.

    @ Myraani – “They’re not obligated to not have a life so you can enjoy their work.”

    Right you are. However, there is a happy medium. And I DO expect that dropping by once every month or so to check up on what’s supposed to be a “weekly” strip will yield fresh content on occasion. But I just went back and counted. Do you know how many original, in-continuity strips have appeared on BNS in the last year? Seven. That’s right…SEVEN. Dismal. And yet, the masthead still says “Wednesdays.” Give me a goddamned break.

    If you wanna go ahead and defend an output schedule like that, fine. But it’s indefensible. To take a hiatus that’s nearly a year long, then come back and post six strips (three of them with major corners cut on the art) before taking off again? Then slapping up the occasional half-assed guest comic? I’m sorry. These guys are LUCKY they have day jobs. For chrissakes, some people put up DAILIES, and still manage to go to work. I don’t do it because I know I wouldn’t be able to keep up even a WEEKLY schedule. These guys are averaging one strip every two months, and it’s STILL too much?

    Time to take BNS out behind the shed and do what needs to be done, already. Better that than this zombie of a strip, shambling around refusing to admit that it’s dead.

  12. TonyG.

    Got a point there Stinky, (and would you post a link to your guest comic? I loved Ugly Hill) it’s always disappointing when you enjoy a strip and then the updates become few and far between, in fact I think it’s worse than having a comic end. With a comic that’s finished, at least you know that the content will never update again and you can move onto the next thing.

    I don’t think Ramon (sorry that I can’t throw a squiggly over the o in your name, I don’t know the alt-code) wants to throw in the hat, but I also agree with the people complaining because well, sometimes you come to a great website and have to deal with the guest comic posted above.

    Blue Jester, sorry, but I’m gonna have to pull a Kanye West on you. While I’m happy that you got a guest comic posted on Butternutsquash, it really isn’t appropriate for a comic website of this quality. I want to encourage you to continue working on the comic craft (I need more comics to read), but I think there are better venues for you to advertise your work until you become better skilled.

  13. Stinky


    Sure thing. It was this one here:

    Greatest webcomic ever? Hardly. Fun lark, though.

  14. blue.jester

    TonyG: I’m a gonna let you finish but…I already know it needs a lot of work 😀
    As I said on my site I rushed this to get it submitted and didn’t spend nearly as much time as I should have (throw in the fact I was moving apartment and had a few comedy gigs to perform in at the same time and time was not my friend).

  15. Poco Channel

    Ramon seems to be getting some bashing here for the so called ‘lack of updates’. I say it is disgraceful you BNS followers are heaping on the abuse when Ramon is touring Europe meeting followers of the website and the comic!

    For those who feel the need to complain with the frequency of updates – join the eff’ing RSS feed and then you wont have the ‘hassle’ of having to type in the address to actually go to the site to see if something has been uploaded – it might make your obviously busy and important lives a bit easier. After all you do seem to have ‘too much other crap’ going on.

    As for the guest comics, I think its great to see the different styles and methods that other people have. If every single graphic novelist/comic writer had the same style, then the world of web comics and the likes would be a very dull place indeed! I enjoyed the submission from the Blue Jester and I enjoy the submissions from the guys at BNS.

    As for Tony G – I wait with baited breath to see your attempt at a guest strip as you obviously have the calibre and talent to offer advice to fledgling artists on how to sketch and where to advertise their work not to mention the expert advice given to professional artists on how to run their site.

    Guys as BNS – Keep up the very entertaining good work. See you when you get back from Europe!

  16. Mesothelioma

    Flame War over side project updating schedule. Ramon and Rob love the site, do it when you can and I’ll stand at attention waiting.

  17. Blacklung

    Lotsa flack flying around here Ramon, better gain altitude and execute evasive maneuvers. I hope you get to Germany, Der Haufbrauhaus auf Munchen ist die Shize!

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