Un Joyeux Noël
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December 23rd, 2009

Un Joyeux Noël

it’s been a special kind of day.

i won’t get into the details, but i had hoped to have this up early today for all to enjoy, but i’ve been slammed by bad news, left, right, and centre today. but when i look at today’s comic it makes me smile, cause i’ve know i’ve got great friends out there to lean on if need be.

it’s been a long haul over the years with the squash. we’ve disappeared for months on end, and yet when we return we’ve been greeted with warmth and happiness. they say a laugh can go a long way. thank you all for sticking by us over the years. whether you’ve been here since day one or just arrived today i would like to extend a happy holiday to you and yours, full of joy and love, on behalf of rob and myself.




  1. Paul

    My Christmas is all the better now, thanks!

  2. yLanaRae

    Ramon, this is a beautiful strip. I hope all the best for you here in 2010. Your undying fans are truly appreciative of this. Way to represent Watterson! Take hold of your own toboggan, and slide the slippery slope of life. Whoo!

  3. charlon

    a merry x-moose to both you and Rob! xoxo

  4. Michael Cho

    I loved this one. It’s among your best strips, buddy, and the last panel is the clincher.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Matt Datchuk

    Best holiday strip this year.

  6. Secundus

    Bill Watterson would indeed be proud…as Hobbes, I think, would be proud of you, Ramon, in the strip. Hah, indeed.

  7. Bartimaeus

    Ah, just like the Calvin and Hobbes strips of old… thank you, and a very Merry Christmas to you.

  8. Lee

    C & H rule 🙂 Happy to see a long strip this week Ramon 🙂 Happy Xmas all!!

  9. usivius

    oh f-ck yah! I needed that! HILARIOUS! LOL!
    (and is that hill the one on broadview near the DonJail?… I love that hill…)

    merry christmas guys…

  10. BBHooper

    Meery Christmas Rob, Ramon and Squashies 😀

  11. Stew Miller

    My cockles are warmed! Kudos my friends, kudos… Merry Christmas!

  12. blaky

    Have a wonderful Christmas! Looking forward to more Squash and KuKu come the new year!

  13. SuperDave

    Glad to see another BNS. Keep it up! Also, good work on the C&H homage.

  14. Boots

    Getting to read my long-time favourite webcomic on Christmas eve – I doubt things could get any better than this. Really made my day today. Thank you!

    And a very happy Christmas to you all! 😀

  15. Leighton Maxwell Torrne

    Brilliant. This may be my favourite BNS strip yet, if only for the nostalgia factor. Keep it up you two. Yours is a rare and true gift.
    Merry Ho Ho.

  16. Joseph Wu

    As usual, you rock! Loved this one!

  17. Pouzou

    this is my first comment ever and i just got into your comics recently (including kukyburi) and i’d first like to say they brighten up my days when i read them. this comic is great and i love the calvin and hobbes reference (the first comic i ever read and my absolute favorite). just awesome

  18. Mondo Kane

    The merriest of the merrys to your good self, Ramon – you wee blackhearted Grinch you 😉 – Roberto, and to all your respective kith and kin. Wassail!

  19. coll1nb

    Way to come back with a vengeance! Love the C&H reference, you totally got it. Glad to see you back, better than ever!

  20. Dervert

    Happy Holidays you guys. And thank you.

  21. Puck

    Ramon, thank you for respecting Bill Watterson.
    May I also say you look amazing with beard and scarf. Like a young and sexy Captain Haddock.

  22. Chips

    This strip helped make my holiday! I’ve been slammed by bad news and bad timing, so cheers to this comic! Hopefully there will be more posts in the new year

  23. Rob

    Merry Christmas, Happy belated Hanukkah, Season’s Greeting, and have a happy and safe holiday. Which means if you are deep in the eggnog please maintain that position on the sofa.

  24. Shadowydreamer

    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Krazy Kwanza, Festivus for the Restivus, Sparkling Solstice, Rousing Ramadan, a good sleep in ’cause the Christians gave us a day off and an enjoyable have a pint ’cause it’s the middle of the bloody winter to one and all!

    This year seems to have treated you right sh!tty, Ramon.. thank goodness it’s almost over! Hope next year treats you as you deserve. (And I don’t mean that in the classic curse way!)

  25. Piper

    Merry Xmas u guys. Btw ramon, 6th panel, ‘you’re’, not ‘your’.

  26. Ramón

    thanks! on both counts 🙂

    (not sure how i missed that)

  27. endcycle

    That strip was beautiful. Absolutely touched me on a lot of levels. Thank you for doing BNS, and I look forward to more.

  28. ivybaby

    Calvin and Hobbes and the Grinch! How can it get any better than this!! Happy Holidays to you both!! 🙂

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    Good to have you back, and wonderful to see you in full swing.

  30. Phiip

    A great strip ! Loved the Hobbes impression.

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  32. ClubPenguinCheats

    I hope all the best for you here in 2010. Your undying fans are truly appreciative of this. Way to represent Watterson! Take hold of your own toboggan, and slide the slippery slope of life. Whoo!

  33. copyright Ukraine

    Wow, thanks for the insightful post. I look forward to reading more from you.

  34. WabiSabi42

    That’s awesome. The illustration in this comic has always kind of reminded me of Calvin and Hobbes (I first noticed it way back in that strip of Ramon dancing to P!nk) so this feels really appropriate.

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