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January 7th, 2010

now hiring

a HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!

after a couple wonderful months in europe i had a bit of a strange ending to 2009. the day before christmas i was told my tenancy case, that i had won but a month previous after a 2 year ordeal, was now being appealed (joy) and then an hour later i received a call where i was fired from a job. a first in my decade of freelancing as an artist. it was a blow to the ego, but at the end of the day i saw it as a blessing which will allow me more time to dedicate to the things i hold dear, like bns and kukuburi. as rob and i near 200 strips in the squash i would like to work towards a collection before the year is out – as well i have high hopes of taking the squash 3 times a week sometime this year. big dreams – hopefully i can make them all happen!

as we kick of this new year i would like to announce the WORLD COFFEE GIRL CONTEST 2010. the prize is becoming one with the BNS universe and a piece of original art – so for more information visit the TX FORUMS, join in the games, and help us declare a winner!

and now on a completely different note the BNS boys perform a little striptease…

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  1. Leslie

    oh lord, let the titty contest begin

  2. TobiasHoeft

    That video is so damn scary.

  3. inz_racinowski

    haha.. beadrd rocks!! don’t let it shave away ;]

  4. ryan s

    I was about to say ‘great strip’ but then realised that may be misconstrued… LOVE the comic guys, but that video was kinda creepy…

  5. october

    while it was funny, this video completely creeped me out

  6. DhAkael

    Boo and yay on end of 2009 (hated that year anyways :-|P ), and glad to see you back on the ‘squash. New coffee girl huh? Hmmm… I agree with your comic personas’ assertion and demands; “I expect a call!”
    Keep it surreal and catch you guys on the flip sydes.

  7. ivybaby

    I’m sorry 2009 ended on such a sour note for you Ramon; although, I must admit that the prospect of regular infusions of BNS sounds like heaven to me!! Best of luck in 2010!! 🙂

  8. danielle corsetto

    Oh god Ramon, your performance in that was umm… disturbingly convincing!

  9. Samuraiartguy

    WHufffff.. just shoveled through the archive in one long sniggering sitting. Wonderful stuff. As a fellow freelance creative, GOD so much of it rings frakkin’ spot ON… even if I’m a Yank. And that much laughing…

    My face hurts.

    Carry on!

  10. Philadelphia medical malpractice lawyer

    Not sure what to think about the video, but I enjoy the comic. Everytime someone new works at the coffee shop you have to wonder, will they be as good as the last.

  11. Scrotus Maximus

    Just did the whole archive over the space of a week, and as per Samuraiartguy my face hurts from excessive funnies! Great job guys, this is now my favourite webcomic!

  12. Stasha

    I’m sorry to hear that you had a bad end of year got fired, but if it’s any consolation the the guy was an idiot for doing so. Oh, and love the video. That was just hilarious 🙂

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