jungle demon lover
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January 21st, 2010

jungle demon lover

i am ready for the watterson comparisons, but i don’t care!

truthfully though i should have called this strip “andy-vision™” as for all those who know my dear friend andy whom this character is based on can attest to his own self-defining reality… and i mean that in the nicest of ways 🙂 i wish i could live my life in andy-vision™.

andy-vision™ coming soon to a point of perspective near you!

till next time…

ps/ just a friendly reminder to post your world coffee girl contest 2010 submissions!


  1. Chris

    It’s great and all, but I clicked the back button after reading it so I could stare at last weeks some more.

    There’s a poster or Wallpaper or bedsheets in those images.

  2. Joel

    HAHAHA! Oh man. Belly laugh.

  3. Samuraiartguy

    Holy FRAK…. I nearly hurt myself laughing.
    The last panel is pure poetry in “AUUUUGH.”

  4. Samuraiartguy

    Oh yeah… and with love to Joe Kubert. Yep, Tarz’ be da Man!

  5. Secundus

    I must say, the third panel does indeed remind me of Watterson’s “serious” cartoons. To wit: Calvin and Susie playing ‘House.’
    Susie: “Honey, I brought home a surprise!”
    Calvin mutters, smoking a pipe of course: “Let’s hope it’s a divorce!”
    Amazing strips, sirs. I applaud your combined genius.

  6. Alan

    Oh man! That’s sick!…so funny! Who knew the zoo could be so hot?
    Q: Whats an Orangutans tongue taste like?
    A: Bananas!

  7. inz_racinowski

    one word… WICKED!!

  8. Adam Casalino

    you know the same thing happened to me once… ‘cept it was at an aquarium and it was an octopus.

    keep up the good work!

  9. Stew Miller

    AAaaannnnd… queue the nightmares. Guh. Funny, but Guh.

  10. Mondo Kane

    Bravo! If this won’t bring Andy’s mojo back, nothing will!

    Laughed my ass off at this, hats off to ye 😀

  11. ivybaby

    I love the kid’s reaction and the mom’s facial expression in the last panel…..hilarious!

  12. Mesothelioma

    Awesome, at this point anytime an artists opens with “something something comparisons to watterson” i get excited. I’m really looking forward to you trying to take this to a multiple a week base, thanks. Keep rocking it and we’ll all keep reading.

  13. maddogtime

    OOK, EEK, OOK!
    Mønkey Luuurve, baiby. 😀
    “I am the Jungle Man, I am the Jungle Man…”

  14. maddogtime

    With a nod to the Pugilist by any chance?

  15. Christopher

    Actually, my first thought was not Watterson, but Frank Cho, who may have borrowed from Bill himself. It’s a still a great technique. Awesome job.

  16. Machete

    I just hope that’s a chick `tan or he’s still got a slight problem ….

  17. theDUDE

    Siiiiiidneeeeeeey @.@ *drools spellbound* <3 gingers

  18. Markus

    The mums face on the last panel!! Perfect.

  19. as363

    The kids’ expression and comment in the last panel – Priceless !

  20. HP


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  21. Ramón

    much appreciated but no thanks… we prefer to keep all comics here for the most part 🙂

  22. Bruce

    Actually, my first thought was not Watterson, but Frank Cho, who may have borrowed from Bill himself. It’s a still a great technique. Awesome job.

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