no love in this jungle
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February 3rd, 2010

no love in this jungle

hey everybody,

apologies for disappearing last week, things got a little hectic as i prepped for a short trip to lovely montréal. but what was planned for last week i managed to get done for this week before i left on my sojourn.

we’re building to a bit of a crescendo as we wrap up storylines and bring our silliness to fruition, and it looks like it’s taking it’s toll on my web counterpart. poor fellow’s gonna essssplode 😛

till next week my friends…



  1. yLanaRae

    Awww! Lol! Poor guy!
    Coal heart?! No way!!

  2. Lilith

    Oh, I LOVE the expressions on this one!

  3. Kerri S

    Love the posture in the last frame – makes me laugh even just thinking about it! Perfect, wonderful, awesome!

  4. YemYem

    Yo, a lot of SAT words there!!!

  5. Wracky

    Hahahaha 😀 indeed… the expressions are brilliant here 😀

  6. Tobias Hoeft

    great art, especially the expressions!

  7. maddogtime

    Brilliant. 🙂 Would be more fun for me if it didn’t actually resemble my own life a bit too much. RECIPE: Be happily married. Then add two kids. Me go cry now.

  8. Antoine

    Lucky him! erm…

    Enjoy your trip here, in Montréal!!

  9. usivius

    LOL. great. Panel three expression and body posture is brilliant.
    And as for the marriage thingee … thumbs up for me! 9 years and loving it!

  10. scotticus fergisus

    Haha, sometimes we all just can’t be thrown into a cage with primate princesses… sigh

  11. West Palm Beach criminal attorney

    No one’s got timing like a good friend. Missed you but glad to see you now.

  12. Spoon

    Enough is enough! Ramon needs to get laid, I’m not offering up myself to help him out, but someone needs to step up to the plate and put him out of his misery

  13. danielle corsetto

    Hahaha, that last panel is perfect! Aaahhh I feel web-counterpart Ramon’s pain… !!

  14. maddogtime

    @usivius: Congrats! I am still happy and very privileged, going on 9 ears as well – but due to work and parental duties certain jungle-esque departments cannot have their agendas met…nudge, nudge – like I need to explain. 😉 Sorry for spam, Master Perez – dont get out much either. 😀

  15. maddogtime

    9 Y-ears in fact…sigh

  16. MightyStarGazer

    I soooo know the feeling. I’m myself one of those rare, almost extinct breeds known as “Virgin”, in an untouched territory waiting to be explored…

  17. Sean

    “Good for you!” indeed

  18. Reglan Side Effects Lawsuit

    Hilarious again. Well done Ramon.

  19. West

    Jealousy? There is an app for that 🙂

    What the comic didn’t show was Ramon taking a picture of his couilles and sending it to Rob. Fact.

  20. Puzuma

    Excellent work! There’s only one thing missing in panel 4. A fleck of spit as you’re yelling into the phone.

  21. usivius

    MORE BNS pleeeeease…

  22. mzRuby

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  23. BurnArt the Ravenbane

    You know what would be great? An update!

  24. Liz brizzi

    I need my BNS fix!!!

  25. baalgev

    So… Is this like a MONTHLY comic? What’s goin’ on??

  26. Clayton Richardson

    Hey, look! Weeks without a BNS! How completely unusual…

  27. john

    hey i know you get alot of guff about this but i keep checking back and theres no new bns. when a woman does this we call it leading someone on pretending to be attracted when really shes not. i follow several comics and sometimes the story is just over and you need to wrap it up, provide a little closer for your audience and move on to new things. iv noticed youve updated kukuburi more often which suggests that its not that you dont have time its that you genuinly dont have interest in these characters anymore. just callin it how i see it.
    im only bothering you about this because today i read a news post in questionable content where Jeph said he was sorry for having the comic up 20 minutes late. 20 minutes. the difference here isnt so much your attitude towards your audience (though i think thats a factor) its your attitude towards your comic. just my two cents. hope im wrong and bns gets goin and keeps goin. love your work. keep it up in whatever form it may take.

  28. baalgev

    My man john is right. I love this comic too! but you need to be true with us, brother Ramon…

  29. West Palm Beach criminal attorney

    Still love BNS whenever I get it.

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