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March 18th, 2010


andy’s adventure continues as he leaves the confines of his jungle prison… but not his mental one 😛


  1. Adam Casalino

    Yayy, new BNS! I like the adventurous style of andy’s fantasy. they remind me of the classic strips, like tarzan or prince caspian.

    so cigarettes give vita c? or is that a joke? i dunno, i don’t smoke =P

  2. Diziet

    I’m guessing it’s Vitamin Cigarette

  3. Meag

    Well of course! It’s vitamin ‘C’igarette! 🙂

  4. maddogtime

    Aah, ye ole Prince Valium, err Valiant comics were simply fantastic!
    Good point about the style of these strips.

    And I still think Andy looks like the Pugilist…

  5. qrjusz

    Great cigarette in the first pic. in real life it’s quite tricky.

  6. Bruce

    Perhaps vitamin ‘Cancer’?

  7. usivius

    hey, Ramon, I read in an interview with you (sorry, can’t recall the source) that in the upcoming BNS you will be bringing back some of the raunch of the earlier stuff?… sounds good to me! I would love to see the characters realize they have a porn studio in the building….

  8. as363

    Just keeps getting better and better . Who knows – we might click on one day and get a pop-up screen that says “NSFW” Now wouldn’t that be great .

    For those not aware – Not Suitable For Work !

  9. Emily

    I haven’t read since 2007, and just spent the afternoon catching up. What a superb comic. Would be that you had more time to update…

  10. JamesByrd

    I discovered the wonder of BNS on Monday… it is now Wednesday. My desk now sports two (count them 2) pictures of Rob slapping someone, and the first Narcoleptic Dog strip. I’m hooked.

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