lover's dance
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March 31st, 2010

lover's dance

i want to apologise to all the bns fans out there. the squash has been getting the shaft of late. there are many reasons for this, some personal, some professional, which i won’t bother you – regardless butternut should have been getting the love it’s always deserved. rob and i sat down for a coffee the other day to see how we could rectify the situation. it was our first coffee in a while, there was a little life catch-up banter – it’s sad how little i see my best friend anymore, we’re just so busy.

anyway it was a good coffee (accompanied by a slice of pie) and we were able to hash out what we need to do. a big change of dynasty spanning proportions is coming that will hopefully enable us to do what we want to do and bring back the squash to the place where it was always meant to be.

thank you all, again, for your patience…. expect us next week, on wednesday, and on time…

no, really.


  1. Adam Casalino

    looking forward to it!

    great picture, though. hilarious!

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  3. Chris Boyd

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store.
    Awesome image. Aaaaah love.

  4. bon

    Can’t wait for Wednesday then 🙂
    Great picture indeed, dare I say background screen material 🙂

  5. inz_racinowski

    sooooo sweet.. rob is the man!!! 😀

  6. Achtung verboten!

    Okay. WTF?!? You are apologizing for not doing a webcomic? That you have put on the internet, for everyone to read, for free? Come on, guys, you are doing us a favor every time you post something! You do not need to apologize, I mean, the update schedule you have here is a invention of yourself, meaning if you break it, it is no-ones business exept your own :).

    I love the comic, and do look forward for more, but if it takes time, so what.

    Best regards!

  7. usivius

    I agree with Achtung, however I cannot help but feel saddened when I don’t see a new BNS strip on Wed. You can’t help it! When you like something a lot, you get a littel down when it’s not up.
    luv ya guys…

  8. cali

    Yay! Can’t wait!

  9. coll1nb

    We’re with you guys!!

  10. Lee

    Dude, life gets in the way at times…don’t sweat it…we’ll be here waiting 🙂

  11. Nicole

    Yes, you get the whining and the crying because you’re TOO DAMN GOOD! 😉

    Do what you gotta do, gents. We’ll be here.

  12. Lauren

    I’m a noob.:D Lol…I friggin love ur comic though!I can’t wait for the next one!BTW….Rob:fave character!Lol…I hope u and Rob get to kick it more often.:p Good luck!

  13. lwsalinas

    Looking forward to it!

    This is both lovely and hilarious as sh*t!

  14. reinaldo

    Tranquilo Ramón, no es necesario que te disculpes. Tómense tooooodo el tiempo que necesitan… material de esta calidad bien vale la pena esperarlo.

  15. maddogtime

    What he said… 🙂

  16. Bob

    Why dont you just admit that your too busy doing that American Pickers TV show. I know its you 2. I can tell.

  17. Emily

    Tranquilo Ramón, no es necesario que te disculpes. Tómense tooooodo el tiempo que necesitan… material de esta calidad bien vale la pena esperarlo.

  18. sivern

    that is sooo cute!

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