elephant in the room
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April 7th, 2010

elephant in the room

back on track after a long rollercoaster ride. i know it’s going to take a while to earn back some of our readers who left over the past couple of years, but rob and i are pretty stubborn so i think we can do it. i’d also like to welcome some of our new readers who have dropped in over our sporadic updates.

next week tx talents cameron stewart, scott hepburn, and myself, will be attending the chicago comics & entertainment expo. the expo (c2e2) is being held at mccormick place from the 16th to the 18th. we will be located in artist’s alley in row F tables 3 & 4 *. there will be sketching and a variety of swag – swing on by if you can!

also a new site to spruce things up… you can now buy a print of any favourite comic, and soon you’ll be able to purchase original art should you so desire. plus, if you have a hankerin’ visit the tx store and see what other bns or tx swag is available!


  1. qrjusz

    I like the new site design:) It’s nice and clean.

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  4. Alana B

    Crazy…. I picked up one of your books at free comic book day a few years back and was searching for a new webcomic and thought of you guys. So I just refound you today, so it’s awesome to hear you’re going to be putting out more!

  5. Lee Cherolis

    Excellent! New BNS to cap off my day.

  6. Adam Casalino

    Gosh I really need to get out to a con someday soon! I’m getting tired of hearing about all these great appearances I’m missing out on!

    Looking forward to new BNS!

  7. Ryan S

    You may be inconsistant and slack as all hell Ramon and Rob (Yeah right) but we still loves ya!

  8. loop

    Google Reader definitely helps track the less-frequently-updated comics. Looking forward to seeing more of you guys!

  9. KJF

    Oh, don’t worry about former readers who left ; the best of them will come back around !! ^^ And you’ll get new ones (as myself and everyone I’ll talk to about BNS).

  10. Lauren Dunbarr

    YAY!!!I’m so happy!Mah day was made!YES!THHANK YOU!Hey,add me on myspace!Look for:
    and also the scary pic with the funny faces!

  11. Nigel-63

    … ‘nice and clean’-schmean… what’s the good of nice and dainty if it can’t be visually read ’cause the image is now too small for the initial detail (which I quite like)…

    … nice to see you back by the way… some of us WILL–NEVER–LEAVE… (which could be a good thing or – – – )…

  12. JamesByrd

    I’ll stick around.

  13. Collin

    Like the bottom banner! Love your art.

  14. Omniszron

    Holy crap! New site’s awesome. Just noticed the footer. Great job with that. Plus, new BNS. Keep it up, you guys. This is one of the best comics on the interwebs today. Also, I want BNS t-shirts (preferably with pin-up ladies on them).

  15. wolfman10666

    Nice layout, I like the new look very clean. Keep up the good work and see you next week.

  16. James S

    I don’t post on, well, anything, but I just wanted to say that it’s great to see you guys back up and running. I’ve got you in my webcomics bookmarks and typically check every day, despite posted schedule.

    Thanks for the comic and once again, it’s great to see BNS back on it’s feet. To both Ramon and Rob, my kudos.

  17. Mina

    A good number of us are still around. I’ve been checking in every couple weeks or so, but when I got word last week that things were a changin’, I’m back. Advertising will probably gain most everyone else back who left :]

  18. Greth

    An RSS feed has been the saviour of many a sporadic updating comic – As long as you are makin’ ’em, I’m enjoyin’ ’em.

  19. Mark

    Gents, SOOOOO pleased you’re back and happy that all is well. You do such an awesome job, the wait is worth it.

  20. ivybaby

    All of us who love BNS will always come back! Welcome back guys!! 🙂

  21. Samuraiartguy

    New squash! EEEEEEEEE!!!!!

    * applause * My faith is rewarded.

  22. Nicole

    Yay, new squash! 🙂

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