libacious leap!
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April 14th, 2010

libacious leap!

sometimes i get a strange image in my head and have to jot it down. kinda like when i get the craving to do a strip starring rusty the narcoleptic dachshund and rob looks at me all cock-eyed. this is one of those times…

ps/ this weekend sees me attending the chicago comic & entertainment expo! swing by and say hello if you’re in the neighbourhood.


  1. inz_racinowski

    such a great way to start my day 馃檪 thank you guys 馃榾

  2. bon

    I guess the expression you’re trying to describe, is the same on the drawn Ramon has here 馃檪

  3. dick cheese

    I saw a guy today in the middle of a vacant lot, playing the bag pipes this morning. It was so surreal, so odd, like the fabric of time and space was warped.

  4. ivybaby

    Awesome! The return of the sugar plum fairy! lol

  5. dick cheesier

    god i sure do love filler art guys

  6. motorbikelkid

    god, I love my new avatar.
    oh, and rob never looked so good…

  7. inz_racinowski

    hey I just noticed the bottom of a page.. love it 馃榾

  8. Anarchclown

    Ah.. Such beauty. Such perfection!

  9. Kiriel

    Bah! I finally caught up ;C I started to read this a couple days ago, and just got through them well.. Also I don’t see why Ramon doesn’t get more.. he is extremely good lookin, even in drawn form ;3

  10. Zoob

    Whoo! More Butternut Squash! What a treat.

  11. Scott

    It needs a caption: “I feel pretty. Oh so pretty”
    Welcome back Master Perez. We look forward to more of your greatness.

  12. bethany

    If I had known this idea was kicking around your brain I could have borrowed a tutu from work and forced Rob to model it for you 馃槈

  13. Michaela.

    I really love Rusty. I actually watched that today and yes, it was as funny as I remembered.

  14. Marrock

    So it’s a circus sideshow production of Swan Lake?

  15. Lauren Dunbarr

    yay!fantisimo!i love it when you post new comics cuz it just makes my day sooooo much better…it gives me something to smile about.:D

  16. alwie

    i like your comic style!
    i’m in Medan Indonesia.
    did you also created a comic book bro?

  17. Ram贸n

    we do have a comic available at 馃檪

  18. BenPanced

    Rob looks good in pink!

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