one of those days…
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April 22nd, 2010

one of those days…

or weeks.

i’d like to thank all that came out to visit me at c2e2 this past weekend in chicago. i had a great time meeting you all! you definitely made my first chicago convention amazing and memorable. i look forward to returning next year!

due to my travels and the last minute deadline of the marvel/dazzler contract i picked up before i left for chicago i am going to have to satiate any squash desires with a pinup. this piece was done a couple years ago for a calendar to raise money for breast cancer care. the theme was nude webcomic characters. butternut was appointed september, hence the back to school motif.

i felt this appropriate for now as school is ending, which holds no bearing for me, but i am feeling a bit caught unawares with my schedule. hence the feeling of nekkidness.

the remainder of this week sees me wrapping dazzler, of which i’ll share on my personal site as soon as i can, and catching up on my monthly commitment of max finder… and then i’ll be able to return to the squash.

see you all next week!


HEY ALL – apologies for the lack of update this week. it’s been so busy here at the studio i’ve barely managed to work in sleep. i will try and have a little something something up next week – and remember may 8th and 9th you can come hang with us a TCAF, the free toronto comic arts festival!!


  1. Adam Casalino

    So which one are the girls more impressed by?…. seems like Rob!

  2. Chris Boyd

    LOL!!! That caught me off guard this morning. But I needed that laugh.

  3. Nicole

    GAH! Wasn’t quite prepared for that. 😀 Love the tan lines.

  4. Guido

    Personally, I think it would have been funnier if one of them lacked tan lines.

  5. Salz

    My bet would have been on Rob in the case of missing panty tan lines. hehe ^_^

  6. Margatron

    lol The bus driver is creepy!

  7. Stasha

    I remember seeing this a few years ago, and even now, I still find myself chuckling at Rob’s little Canadian Flag lunch box ^^

  8. Lauren

    if thats what ur ass really looks like…..Woo!

  9. yLanaRae

    HA! @Lauren, echo that girl!
    Ramon, I love the lunch box!!!

  10. Dreaming Pixel

    *whistles* looking good boys! I wouldn’t have figured you two for the speedo kind, but the tan lines don’t lie.

  11. Dainty

    I want to be the bus driver.

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