have a very merry…

hello everyone,


i wanted to take a moment a thank you all for your patience in waiting for new kukuburi and take a moment to wish you all a happy holiday season.


life and career have been progressing very well here (knock on wood), which has been a welcome change of pace, however the side affect is that my time is being monopolized by wonderful opportunities. i am currently working on two books and have just signed on to a third for next year. the first two have been announced: Captain America And The First Thirteen written by Kathryn Immonen and Deadpool Team-up #883 written by Skottie Young. I will be handling art on both books, the third book is a much larger project of which i can’t say anything of yet – but it’s a doozy, of which i am very proud to be a part of.


this means things have been delayed on both kukuburi and butternutsquash more than i’d care to admit.


to be honest i don’t know when i will get back to butternut, it’s of a time and an era in my past and i feel i have outgrown it. it’s something i didn’t want to admit and for years dragged on – and as one reader said “we jumped the shark.” i laughed when i read said comment as it hit home. i’d like to bring butternut back in a different form, something more appropriate to the me of now… and i have some ideas, but time will only tell.


kukuburi on the other hand is still alive and well in my heart. despite lack of updates online i am constantly working, when time permits, on the story. whether it’s writing or art. but as i said before it is something i will not rush or pump out for the sake for an update – so hate me as much as you will – but it will be done as my schedule permits. though, i will try and keep you abreast of when new updates will come as best as i can. currently, with the way things are playing out, there will be nothing new posted till february – as at that point i will have a small window between projects that i can utilize. as i get a better grasp of my workload i will post a return date.


if are intrigued you can also keep track of my shenanigans via ramonperez.com or follow me on twitter or facebook.


thank you all again.


a merry christmas and prosperous new year to one and all 🙂


till next year my friends,




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  2. Nigel-63

    … as ever,
    I’m more than happy to follow the Chin of the North!

    … thanks for a lovely year, Ramón

    – cheers,

  3. KJF (It's Christmas Crisis !!)

    Well, you know what we all want for Christmas, right ? ^^ Merry Christmas to you too !! 🙂

  4. Clayton Richardson

    Utilize is an awkward English back formation meaning, simply, use. Whenever you use the word utilize, you sound like a stupid twat trying to sound smarter than you really are. Stop it.

  5. Tim McCormack

    @Clayton: There’s a difference between being right and being an ass about it.

  6. Brian Shea

    It was good while it lasted! Thanks man!

  7. Roger

    BNS has been so good while it lasted, and I am sure there will be more in some form or other, but life is leading you to bigger and better things.
    Go with it! I joined you near the start, and if this is to be the end, then so be it. It has been great.
    Have a great festive season, both of you, and we will see what the future holds for all of us.
    I will remain a BNS fan whatever happens.

  8. usivius

    Well, I guess I have to respect that. But now my favourite webcomic is now officially dead. I mourn, but will move on too.
    I certainly hope you can come up with a similar style comic.
    All the best.

  9. Ivybaby

    I’m so sad my beloved BNS is no more…but i do completely understand….for the record, i don’t think you got even remotely close to jumping the shark….

    love u guys!
    all the best,

  10. bon

    BNS was very fun while it lastet indeed

    Can we now hope for a humonguous hardcover complete BNS book? Can we? Can we? Can we?

  11. Ramón

    yes – there are plan for a squash collection!

  12. Wednesday

    I’ve just got to say how sad I am that this webcomic is no more. I started reading it years ago in high school, and I loved it. With the ending, BNS has officially become the webcomic equivalent of Serendipity and Firefly–much beloved, a cult classic, and gone before its time. I shall miss you, BNS.

  13. Ramón

    … hrm, never say never. i’ve had an itch.

  14. Toxic Delirium

    I just discovered this comic four days ago (how the hell did I miss this for so long?)and just finished reading the whole run. Nice work, and I’m glad to hear you’ve gotten some other opportunities to utilise your talents. Thanks, and I’ll be looking for your other stuff after I finish Kukuburi…

  15. Ramón

    thank you! i look forward to returning to my stories – and telling future ones as time permits!

  16. chris

    I started reading this at 11 pm last night. I have just finished. It is now 1:56 pm. Granted, I did take a break. But the point is, you’ve created something great here.

    p.s. I live in Aus.

  17. Ramón

    HAHA – awesome chris! i’m glad you’ve enjoyed. comments like yours make me wanna restart the squash!

  18. Mushi_Jones

    I just started reading this a couple hours ago and its already over? :'( Great Comic btw 😀 Wish it had lasted. . .

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